20th Cannes American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase Announces Lineup

The American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase

Today, The American Pavilion proudly announced its 2017 lineup for the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase.

The impressive program features 25 short documentary and narrative films by up-and-coming filmmakers from the U.S. and around the world, all of which will screen at The American Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival. More information about the showcase and links to view the films’ trailers are available at:
The showcase encompasses five sections, including: Student Short Films, Student Documentaries, Emerging Filmmaker Short Films, Emerging Filmmaker Documentaries, and Emerging Filmmaker LGBTQ Showcase films.
In a new partnership with KCETLink Media Group, a leading national independent nonprofit public broadcast and digital network, three of the films featured in the Showcase are winners of FINE CUT Festival of Films. A flagship program for Los Angeles’ KCET public television since the late ‘90s, the festival was founded by actor Jack Larson, best known for his portrayal of photographer/reporter Jimmy Olsen in the 1952-1958 television series “Adventures of Superman,” on the idea that public television was an excellent platform for providing critical visibility to student and emerging filmmakers. Winners in three categories will receive five-night accommodations through The American Pavilion plus $500 cash to go toward air travel.
Selected from over 3,000 entries from around the world, with the finalists determined by nine award-winning and notable industry experts, this year’s FINE CUT Festival of Films winners include DOOR TO FREEDOM (TUR ZUR FREIHEIT), directed by Jeremias Bayerl; THE OUTCAST, directed by Bucher Almzain; and HIDE AND SEEK, directed by Camille Fleury. In addition, three of the films from the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase will be featured in the FINE CUT broadcast television series, which will begin airing June 14 at 9pm on KCET independent public television in Southern California and Link TV nationwide 9PM EST/PST (DirecTV channel 375 and Dish Network channel 9410).
The films in this year’s Emerging Filmmaker Showcase focus on themes as diverse as the refugee crisis, terrorism, climate change, bullying, and online dating. A variety of stars are featured, including: Valerie Harper (Rhoda, The Mary Tyler Moore Show), Liz Torres (The John Larroquette Show, Gilmore Girls), and Harmony Santana (Gun Hill Road) in MY MOM AND THE GIRL; Fawzia Mirza and Laura Zak (both from the Emmy nominated web series Her Story) in SPUNKLE; Elizabeth Banks served as Executive Producer and narrator for YOURS SINCERELY, LOIS WEBER; and the Spike Lee produced $15 KICKS, about former NBA star Stephon Marbury and his low-cost sneakers, Starbury.
Female directors are once again well represented in The Showcase, with more than half of the films directed by women.
Student filmmakers hail from schools across the United States, including: School of Visual Arts, Santa Monica College, Chapman University, UCLA, USC, AFI, Hunter College, Wake Forest University, Florida State University, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Columbia College Chicago, and Young Actors Theatre Group.
“This year’s showcase promotes cultural diversity amongst the films and filmmakers and I’m excited that more than half of the finalist films are directed by women,” said Monika Skerbelis, Programming Director.
Emerging showcase winners will be chosen by a jury that includes agents, managers, producers, and festival programmers and will be announced at The American Pavilion during this year’s Cannes Film Festival.
Prize packages are sponsored by: KCETLink Media Group’s FINE CUT Festival of Films, Final Draft, Write Brothers Movie Magic Screenwriter, Jungle Software,International Documentary Association,Screening Services Group, Michael Wiese Productions Books, andESE Film Workshops Online.
About The Emerging Filmmaker Showcase
Since 1989, The American Pavilion has offered opportunities in Cannes to film students from around the world. The 2017 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase will provide an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to have their works seen by Cannes Festival and Film Market attendees. Prizes will be awarded to filmmakers and the top twenty-five films will be screened in a special “Emerging Filmmaker” showcase at The American Pavilion in Cannes.
About The American Pavilion
The American Pavilion, celebrating its 29th year as the epicenter of American hospitality and communication at the Cannes International Film Festival, brings together both professional and emerging filmmakers along with industry executives from across the globe. A sought after destination for information, orientation, and recreation, it accommodates the needs of its members, guests and sponsors in a dynamic business environment. With its impressive array of amenities and services, AmPav provides an opportunity to relax in very comfortable surroundings.
The American Pavilion boasts the Roger Ebert Conference Series which offers insightful and provocative panel discussions and in-conversations with filmmakers, talent and top leaders; a restaurant and bar that provide fast service with a smile throughout the day and is open to all festival badge holders after 6:00pm most evenings; a coffee bar; free WiFi and charging stations; a media terrace with a panoramic view of the Riviera; the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase; the Culinary Program featuring chefs from across the US and Canada; The American Pavilion Worldwide Student Program; and public and private rental for parties and receptions.
For more information, please visit:
Website: www.ampav.com
Twitter: @AmPav
Instagram: The_American_Pavilion
KCETLink Media Group is a national independent, nonprofit, digital and broadcast network that provides high-quality, culturally diverse programming designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining and transformative ways. With a commitment to independent perspectives, smart global entertainment, local communities, and opportunities for engagement and social action, KCETLink depicts people and the world through a lens unavailable elsewhere in U.S. media. A viewer-supported 501(c)(3) organization, KCETLink content is distributed nationally via satellite on Link TV DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410 and on KCET in Southern and Central California via broadcast and cable, as well as through various digital delivery systems. For additional information about KCET and Link TV productions, web-exclusive content, programming schedules and community events, please visit kcet.org or linktv.org. Select programming from KCET and Link TV is also available for streaming on Hulu, Apple TV, and Roku platforms.
2017, 17:09 min., USA/Vanuatu, Documentary, Wake Forest University
Producer/Writer/Director: Scott E. Schimmel
The people of Vanuatu, a country once dubbed the happiest place on earth, struggle to maintain their culture and traditions as climate change takes hold.
2016, 7:30 min., USA, Documentary, Florida State University
Producer/Director: Robert Bevis
Cast: Trace Bundy
In this portrait of fingerstyle guitarist Trace Bundy, we explore his desire to strike the perfect balance between life on tour and life at home.
2016, 20 min., Austria, Drama, Subtitles, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (KCETLink’s Fine Cut Film Festival Winner)
Writer/Director: Jeremias Bayerl
Producer: Bianca Weber
Cast: David Luis Burgart, Sandro Di Stefano, Alan Hasso, Anton Noori
What if the deepest issue of the refugee crisis is packed into the moral of a bedtime story? A drama, in which a boy has to escape from war and overcome several barriers in order to reach his goal, a wooden door, his only chance to freedom. A paradox world that is truly sad, finally revealing a bizarre surprise.
2015, 16:33 min., USA, Drama, Subtitles, Columbia College Chicago(KCETLink’s Fine Cut Film Festival Winner)
Director: Bucher Almzain
Producer: Bucher Almzain, Olayinka Hassan
Writer: J. Scott Sibley, Bucher Almzain
Cast: Mariam Sobh, Adham Murched, Robert Hope, Shaker Zaibak, KC Matthews, August Gallagher-Alex, Francesca Santoro, Dom Coviello
After escaping a war torn country, a young woman is now torn herself when her husband is denied entry into the U.S. Alone and with little money, she struggles to get him in before he is deported. Surrounded by a foreign culture, she must learn to quickly adapt while feeling like a true outcast.
2016, 2 min., USA, Animation, School of Visual Arts
Writer/Director: Karis Seungyoun Oh
Producer: John McIntosh
Cast: Stephen Knight
The Moment is a story about an artist who learns about the importance of the things unseen as she gets to draw a stranger’s portrait.
2016, 20 min., USA, Drama, American Film Institute
Writer/Director: Malcolm Washington
Writer: Jory Anast, Malcolm Washington
Producer: Joenique Rose
Cast: Lantha Richardson, Jihad Reeves, Tammi Mac
When Naomi, a young autopsy assistant at the LA County Coroner’s office, realizes her brother has gone missing on the night of a police shooting, she is forced to confront her worst fear, that his body may be in the morgue.
2016, 5 min., USA, Animation, School of Visual Arts
Writer/Director: Nicole Morciniec
A small sparrow falls in love with a beautiful bird, and paints himself to be colorful in order to catch her attention.
2016, 14 min., USA, Drama, UCLA
Producer/Writer/Director: Kelly Pike
Cast: Casey Kramer, Owen the Golden Retriever, Courtney Stewart
Hellen lives on the streets with her aging dog, Owen, as her only companion. An opportunity for housing comes her way, but Owen is not allowed to join her. She has one day to make a series of hard decisions that leave both of their futures hanging in the balance.
2016, 9 min., USA, Comedy/Drama/Romance, Chapman University
Writer/Director: Kendall Goldberg
Producer: Kendall Goldberg, Amber Berck
Cast: Cameron Kelly, Jimmy Seargeant, Maile Flanagan, Ryan Stiffelman, Tom Teller, Trevor Stevens
After being stood up by her Tinder date, Katie’s impromptu bar hookup goes horribly wrong.
 2017, 6 min., USA, Drama, Young Actors Theatre Camp
Director: Olivia Ingram, Shawn Ryan
Writer: Shawn Ryan
Producer: John Ainsworth
Cast: Alexia Hermann, Naomi Grossman, Hope Raymond
Jenny arrives at show and tell with her pet goldfish and an unusual request. A journey into the mind of a child being dragged through her parent’s messy divorce, “Drifting” is the tale of finding one’s place in an ever-changing world.
2017, 22 min., USA/France, Documentary
Producer/Director: Stephanie Meurer
From the front lines of the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, France, stories from those who lived and worked there.
2016, 11 min., USA, Documentary
Director: Jenn Shaw
Producers: Spike Lee, John Dahl, Danielle Dormer, Marquis Daisy
Cast: Stephon Marbury
In 2006, former NBA star Stephon Marbury endorsed a revolutionary low-cost sneaker called the Starbury. $15 Kicks revisits the Starbury sneaker’s altruistic mission and media frenzy. The film highlights proponents and skeptics of the brand’s humble gross margin and its tumultuous discontinuation in 2009.
2017, 6 min., USA, Documentary
Director: Svetlana Cvetko
Writer: Lisa DiTrolio, David Scott Smith
Producer: David Scott Smith
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Banks, Benjamin Alfonsi
Cast: Elizabeth Banks, Anne Brochet, Cristina Rambaldi, Stina Nielsen, Carol Monda “Yours Sincerely, Lois Weber” examines the achievements of the highest paid silent film director at Universal in 1916, a woman by the name of Lois Weber. It is told through the fictionalized character of a young magazine photographer who hopes to impress her.
2015, 23:48 min., Drama, Subtitles, France( KCETLink’s Fine Cut Film Festival Winner)
Writer/Director: Camille Fleury
Producer: Joanna Sitowska
Cast: Elise Lhomeau, Sandrine Dumas, Suzanne Rault-Balet
Alice is in the hospital. Here, she does not invite: she gets visitors.
2016, 5:30 min., USA, Family Drama
Writer/Director: Carlos Alberto Hurtado
Producer: Carlos Alberto Hurtado, Terence Lee
A thank you letter from a cancer survivor to his father whose words and life lessons taught him the value of never giving up.
2016, 10 min., USA, Drama/Action, AFI Women’s Directing Workshop
Writer/Director: Manjari Makijany
Producer: Manjari Makijany, Emmanuel Pappas
Cast: Anya Inger, Raegan Revord, Shahaub Roudbari.
A man on a terrorist mission struggles with his decision on a crowded subway after he meets an innocent child on board but he’s a ticking time bomb with no safe place to go. A déjà vu moment connects him to his haunting past and urges him to question the complex notion of the enemy. When the ‘enemy’ is humanized there’s a shift in perspective.
2017, 13 min., USA, Drama
Director: Joe Boothe
Writer: Alexa Alemanni, Joe Boothe
Producer: Michael Scott Allen, Mindy Cohn, Gretchen Landau
Cast: Alexa Alemanni, Michael Scott Allen, Layne Kula
Logline: Out of town for a wedding, a young married couple face a pregnancy scare and must walk miles to find a pharmacy. Their long journey forces them to face tough questions about their relationship that threaten to tear them apart.
2015, 7 min., Australia, Drama
Writer/Director: Michael Raso
Producer: Michael Raso, JD Cohen
Cast: Maggie Blinco
Margaret is an 80-year-old widow who spends each day visiting her local train station. She pleasantly sits on a bench absorbing the surroundings which give her a lot of bliss. The staff are aware of her presence and give her something significant in an envelope, hoping she’ll no longer return. What’s in the envelope?
2016, 11:43 min., Spain, Subtitles, Comedy
Producer/Writer/Director: Ignacio Redondo
Cast: Ignacio Redondo, Pedro Freijeiro, Paula Sancho, Pep McCoy, Maria Jesus Garrido, Tatiana Ruiz
It’s the most important day in David’s life. He has a $10.000.000 deal with a Japanese Holding and it’s all or nothing today. Everything seems to turn out perfectly well, until…
2017, 10:43 min., USA/Italy, Comedy/LGBTQ, Santa Monica College
Producer/Writer/Director: Carrie Finklea
Cast: Ronja Jansz, Aurora Deiana, Vincenza Zichichi
Set in Sicily, Abby meets her girlfriend’s conservative mother for the first time. When the encounter goes awry, she decides to take matters into her own hands –Italian style.
2017, 25 min., USA/China, Family Drama/LGBTQ, Subtitles, University Southern California
Director: Liying Mei
Writer: Liying Mei, Xu Zhang
Producer: Liying Mei
Cast: Jinger Li, Yuan Xu, Jing Yang
China, 1997. A little girl finds out about her mom’s affair with another woman. She has to make a decision of whether keeping this secret or not.
2016, 12 min., USA, Drama/LGBTQ/Documentary
Producer/Writer/Director: Jonathan Wysocki
Cast: Jonathan Wysocki, Gabriel Bennett
Haunted by the film ‘Jaws’ since childhood, a filmmaker discovers why the movie affected him so deeply.
2016, 11 min., USA, Comedy/Drama/LGBTQ
Director: Lisa Donato
Writer: Fawzia Mirza, Lisa Donato, Ryan Logan
Producer: Fawzia Mirza, Lisa Donato, Steven Hudosh, Nabeela Rasheed
Cast: Fawzia Mirza, Jake Matthews, Laura Zak
Tensions rise when a woman and her wife ask her brother to be the sperm donor of their baby… or the uncle… or…the spunkle?!
2016, 6:47 min., USA, LGBTQ/Documentary, Hunter College
Producer/Director: Megan Rossman
Cast: Deborah Edel
“Our history was disappearing as quickly as we were making it.” With that realization, Deborah Edel and Joan Nestle co-founded the Lesbian Herstory Archives, the world’s largest collection of materials by and about lesbians. More than 40 years later, Deb must consider the future of the collection.
2016, 19:45 min., USA, Comedy/Drama/LGBTQ
Writer/Director: Susie Singer Carter
Producer: Susie Singer Carter, Donald Priess, Romell Foster-Owens, Tony Cacciotti
Executive Producer: Mark Heller
Cast: Valerie Harper, Liz Torres, Harmony Santana, Emilka Kasprowicz
MY MOM AND THE GIRL is a true story based on an odd encounter that an East Coast woman with Alzheimer’s (Valerie Harper) has one night on the capricious streets of East L.A. An unusual chance meeting that proves to have a profoundly positive effect on three very disparate – desperate – women.
(via Press Release)

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