Book Promotion Deals and Affordable Editing Services for Authors!

Hi, all. First of all I apologize for not being here lately. Life has just been too hectic but slowly and steadily I’m taking out time to enjoy writing and reading. Anyway I decided to make this post in order to help fellow authors with promotion. There are many websites that offer promotional packages for indie authors, but the truth of being an indie author is that most of us don’t actually have the funds to spend on promoting their works on various websites.

So, why such a post? Well, here I’m going to talk to you about some interesting promotional packages that being offered by an influential website by the name Some of you might have already worked with them as they do have a very impressive track record with indie authors ranging from interviews, book reviews, etc. which you can check out here…

TheGeekairy is proud to stand behind authors, especially indie ones, and they are offering these promotional packages you might find interesting to try out and get your book out there to thousands of potential readers.

Package 1: $2

Author interview posted on the main website.

Permanent inclusion of your book in the site’s astore…

All above content will be promoted on site’s FB, Twitter and Tumblr pages.

Package 2: $10

Author interview posted on the main website.

Permanent inclusion of your book in the site’s astore…

A unbiased book review posted on the main site, Amazon US, UK and Goodreads.

All above content will be promoted on site’s FB, Twitter, and Tumblr pages.

Package 3: $15

Includes all of Package 2.

Your book will be advertised as a banner ad on the main website for ONE MONTH and be promoted in front of thousands of daily visitors.

All of the above packages are open to negotiation if you feel you aren’t able to come up with the funds mentioned above. Like I said, the site is all about promoting works by indie authors.

So, if you are interested then feel free to shoot an email at: tempest071990 at Let’s get your unique work in front of more people ^^

If you happen to be looking for beta-readers and/or editors for your book at very affordable prices…I’m talking as less as just $200 for a 50k worded novel :)…even less depending on what you can afford. Editing will include punctuation, grammar correction, and suggestions to make the story even more great than it already is.

Feel free to contact about editing etc. services as well.

For all queries Email at:

tempest071990 at gmail

Hope to hear from you all soon 🙂


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