Gay Character in Mortal Kombat X…Kung Jin!

A new gay character has entered the gaming world thanks to Mortal Kombat X and the bow wielding Kung Jin!


From TheGeekiary:

“It seems the Mortal Kombat game series has introduced the franchise’s first gay character namedKung Jin — who also happens to be the younger cousin of Kung Lao. Having played the game, I appreciate the series taking a baby-step to be queer inclusive, but I wish they had done more with regards to Kung Jin’s sexuality.

I’m not much of a Mortal Kombat fan. I prefer playing the Tekken game series, and Jin Kazamaand Lin Xiaoyu are my OTP. I played the newest installment in the MK series titled Mortal Kombat X because a friend lent me his copy.

Being someone who likes characters that carry bows during battle, I selected Kung Jin and started playing his campaign. Is he a good character to play with? I don’t know. For me his attacks felt a bit weak, and his fighting style wasn’t all that impressive, but still I was determined to end the game.

Ending my fight with Ferra & Torr (with Ferra being one of the most brutal yet funny-sounding warriors in the game) I was served a flashback that took place five years ago. In it Kung Jin had to fight Master Raiden. After the two battled it out, they had a very interesting conversation that made a ping on my gaydar. When Raiden started to convince Kung Jin to join the Shao Lin he answered that they’d never accept him. That’s when Raiden said to him, and I quote, “They care only about what is in your heart. Not whom your heart desires.”

Read the full article here.


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