Dream Journal 10/1/15

Joe Manganiello came out as gay even though he’s engaged to actress Sofia Vergara. Every news outlet was trying to make sense of what actually happened.

Had a lot of food on the table but couldn’t eat so gave it to my siblings instead.

Was carrying a little baby on my rooftop. He seemed to be intelligent beyond his years. He pointed at a flock of birds and said ‘birds’ then a black bull came to the roof and sat down against a wall. The baby wanted to excite it with a red cloth.

Waited in a very rich home to talk to the female owner, the mother of a person I used to tutor. We sat on the floor of the sitting room. She offered me a cold drink and started to ask me questions about psychology. A group of some very rich business looking men came to the room and asked something, I couldn’t understand. We seemed to ignore them and continued our conversation about psychotic disorders and medication like anti depressants and anti suppressants.


About TempestRaven

I'm a contender in the weird game they call 'Life' and i am trying to find my way without getting into too much trouble....
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