The Diary of “A”: #2 ‘Don’t let Amazon Sales Rank get to you”

Post by A.J Raven

There’s no doubt that when it comes to selling books all over the world, Amazon plays a very important role. A lot of authors have self-published their work through Amazon and tweet and share the links to promote sales. Now, it you are someone who uses Amazon and you’ve made a sale, you will notice a Bestseller’s Rank. What is that? Are you loosing sleep checking your product page every hour? Well, let me tell you a thing. Let it go!!!! Let it go!!!

You might have spent hours upon hours Googling how Amazon ranking system worked but what did you find? I’m betting you really didn’t understand a lot of it, right?

Truth be told even I don’t know how the ranking system really works. The only thing I can do is make a guess. The numbers keep fluctuating every hour, even faster if you’ve reached a higher ranking. Who knows how many copies you actually sold if you hit a 60,000 ranking.

Amazon ranking seems to be determined by how much a product has sold in a given amount of time. Even if your product has reached the 1,000,000 ranking it can shoot up with a couple of sales, made in an hour. The ranking in mostly the number allotted to your product compared to sales of other products on the site.

Amazon has millions of books so, a ranking of 50,000 isn’t really that bad. And even then it depends on the market. Breaking into the YA book market can be tougher than let’s say, adult fiction.

Anyway, the point of this post is to remember to give yourself a chill pill. No one’s going to share the secret behind the Amazon ranking system (good for you if someone from the inside does) so, there’s no point in loosing sleep over it and making yourself stressed.

It’s better if you devote your time to promoting your work and pray to the ‘Purchasing’ Gods to urge someone to buy your book 😉

Now, take a deep breath and say it with me: “I will not check the sales rank of my book after I’m done reading this post”.


Where are you going?

Don’t go to that Amazon Link! Stop it right there!

Good for you 🙂


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