The Diary of “A”: #1 “Marketing your book is tough!”

Post by A. J. Raven

One of the toughest challenges I’ve experienced is the marketing of one’s book especially when you are an Indie author or work with a small-publishing press. I mean, even books by big traditional publishing houses find it hard to reach their intended audience. So, what is one to do?

If you ask me, my answer is to shamelessly self-promote: A trait that all Indie authors should possess. There are millions upon millions of books out there, and new ones are released daily. Amazon is probably the biggest money-maker for published authors and even it has millions of books. You can’t just self-publish a book and then wait for your readers to find it….sigh! If only it were that easy!

So, let’s go over some things that all authors should do in the age of the World Wide Web. You don’t even have to be a full-time computer nerd to do these things.

Have a Twitter account!

I think Twitter is the best social media platform for you to reach potential readers and create a ‘following’. Even before you publish your book try to follow people like other authors, fans of the same books you like, or even fans of TV shows you like, etc. Strike a conversation. Being active on Twitter can really help with increasing your followers. I never trusted those ‘buy followers’ thing. I don’t even know if they are real people. You don’t have to have thousands of followers. Even hundreds of followers you can directly interact with is good!

Once you get used to things start promoting your work. You can directly contact other authors on Twitter and ask for a ‘review’ swap!

Keep in mind that no one likes their timeline to be swamped with ‘Buy my book’ Tweets. So, pace your promotional tweets, and use appropriate ‘#’s like #mystery #kindle #bestseller etc!

Follow me on Twitter: @tempest071990

Have a Goodreads account!

A Goodreads account is what every author should have. It’s one of the best book related social media sites to be on. You get to create an ‘Author Page’ and upload all your works. You can make friends, and even attract fans.

You can also do ‘Giveaways’ and rate other books. It’s a good place to find like minded people and targeting the reading audience you want.

Come say hi to me on Goodreads: A. J. Raven

Start a Blog!

I mean it’s free so why not make one? You don’t have to blog everyday or even every week. Just login and write whenever you feel like it. Do you read a lot of books? Why not create a ‘Book review’ Blog or one where you interview other Indie Authors?

A blog is also a good place to post excerpts of your books or releasing a few chapters before initial release of your novel to generate a buzz. Also try and follow other related blogs and see if you can get them to interview you.

If you like a post feel free to reblog it and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Paid Advertising? 

Hmmm, this is a tricky one. Paid advertisements do help reach a huge number of people if the website is famous enough. If you have the money to spare then who am I to stop you! But try and see if the website offering the paid advertisement spot attracts visitors that might be interested in your book. You don’t want to promote a YA mystery novel on a car-repairing website now do you?

A site called “TheGeekiary” has paid advertising spots starting at $25/month. It’s the perfect place for you to put up an ad if you are targeting people who can be described as geeks and/or nerds. If you have book that can be placed under Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, YA, Teen, Crime, or all of the above, then do check that website out. They will be more than happy to work up a deal if you feel $25 is cutting into your wallet.

I know there are a lot of other social media websites out there as well, but I don’t want anyone to spread themselves too thin and neglect a lot of the outlets they decide to use. Even doing a little can help in the long run if you stick to it.

So, what are the ways you’ve used to promote your book?


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