Author A. J. Raven Free Book Giveaway! Check it out!

I’m a huge fan of books by author A. J. Raven. He has a way with words and his stories are real page-turners. He currently has two series: “The Colville” series which is paranormal/mystery, and “Somerville” series which is crime/mystery. So, if you are interested in reading these Amazon kindle bestsellers you have come to the right place because I’m doing a giveaway!


The books I’m giving away for free are!

Arousing the Legacy – The Colville Mysteries” by A. J. Raven is a collection of four paranormal/mystery books. A group of high school teenagers have to face evil vampires, werewolves, swamp monsters, zombies, witches, curses and whatnot to survive!

Read my review of Arousing the Legacy!


Missing in Somerville” is the first in the crime/mystery series by A. J. Raven. It follows a teenage boy and his friends as they set out to solve the answer to why a rich woman has gone missing from town. Read my review of the entertaining story!

The Game Master of Somerville” is the second in the series. It shows the teenagers dealing with the consequences of their actions from their previous mystery and how they try to survive their second case before time runs out. Read my review of the page-turning mystery!

So, are you interested in reading any or perhaps all of these books by the talented young author? Well, then just leave a comment below and I’ll send you an eBook of your choice (pdf. or word. formats).

What are you waiting for! First come, first serve! Grab your copy before they are all taken away and introduce yourself to a new mystery, paranormal writer!

You can check out the 5* reviews the books have received on B&N and Amazon.


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