Book Review: “The Game Master of Somerville” by A. J. Raven

You all know about my love for A. J. Raven’s mystery book “Missing in Somerville“. I raved about it in my review. So, it was expected that I started reading the sequel “The Game Master of Somerville” with much excitement. And I have to say, A. J didn’t disappoint.


The best part is that he didn’t forget what Jerry and his friends went through during their first mystery. A lot of times authors forget to write about the emotional implications of the ordeals their characters have experienced, however, A. J. didn’t that made reading the sequel quite a treat. Jerry was still going through his relationship problems with Kevin. I liked how he acted like a teenager. He didn’t want to put his friends in danger again but kidnappings around town lead them into a new mystery.

There were a lot of twists and turns in the story. There was a lot of talk about James Pritchett, who murdered the Watts family. I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out if James was responsible for the kidnappings.

The style remained the same. A. J. really likes building things up and though there were cliffhangers in every chapter, it wasn’t until the last three chapters that the story really caught speed. The final chapters really had me holding my breath. It’s tough to review mysteries without giving too much away.

The relationship between Kevin and Jerry was also talked about. Poor Kevin doesn’t seem to be doing too well. There’s a lot of chemistry between Jerry and Jason and I wish A. J. gives them more scenes together. There’s also Vivienne and I can’t help but think we will be seeing more of her. Maybe as a possible love interest for Jerry? That’s what I’m enjoying in the story that has a strong bisexual male lead. Jerry could end up with any of the three characters I’ve mentioned.

It’s amazing how the author is able to give readers an engaging mystery along with handling the problems a teenage lead, one who is trying to make sense of his sexuality, has to deal with.

You all need to check out “The Game Master of Somerville” by A. J. Raven and see why I love this mystery book so much. The eBook is just $0.99!

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