How is “The Game Master of Somerville” by A. J. Raven doing?

Post by A. J. Raven I have to admit that I had a lot of fun writing the sequel to “Missing in Somerville” and I was very happy that it got published in September, 2014. So, how is it doing?


It had almost been an year since I wrote and published a new book. University work and other things in life do get in the way. “The Game Master of Somerville” is my 6th book (I thank my publisher for coming up with the name), while it’s the 2nd in the Somerville mystery series. It’s always fun to revisit characters I created for my stories and see how they can develop in the new installment. So, my new book is available from a lot of websites that sell ebooks and paperbacks. You just have to search the name of the title in the Google search engine and voila! They will appear! As most sales are supposedly made through Amazon, seeing my titles in it’s “Bestseller’s list” always puts a smile on my face. All of my books, three in total (The four Colville stories being sold as one as Arousing the Legacy) have entered the Amazon bestseller’s list. However, as far as I know, The Game Master of Somerville is the only one of the three that has made it into the 60,000 digit ranking on Amazon. Who knows, it could’ve been higher when I wasn’t checking because the rankings seem to be updated hourly.

Is it a good thing? I don’t know. I guess it is good because Amazon has millions of books and it’s tough to break into the ‘tween’ crowd with your work. A lot of readers listen to commotion and you need that if you want your book to be heard. I don’t think waiting for someone to discover it is going to do you any good. As far as promotion goes, Twitter seems to help a lot (more on that in the future). As The Game Master of Somerville was published in September, 2014, on the 24th to be exact, on Amazon, I’m really excited about the sales numbers I’ll be receiving in a few weeks. Am I concerned about making money? No. But I am concerned about having as many readers as possible for the books I write. All the ebooks I wrote are priced at $0.99. The Game Master of Somerville has received amazing 5 star reviews on Barnes & Noble. The same as all my other works. So, that’s a good thing! I will be posting the sales number from Amazon over here and I think it will open my eyes when it comes to a book breaking the 60,000 ranking and the sales it equals to.


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