Dream Journal 26th May 2014

I’m in a room, a library that’s very similar to the one seen in Downton Abbey TV series. Tom Branson is already there and looking through some notes on a desk that’s near the door. I walk towards him, knowing that we aren’t supposed to read what’s on the little pieces of paper. Tom seems to have found something unusual on one of the notes. I look and see a straight line on the left side near the top. Tom had shaded it with a pencil in order to make it clearer. I feel as if the maids are going to enter the room and I close the door. However, the door wouldn’t fully close and there’s at least an inch of a gap. We hurry towards one of huge sofas in the room. Tom jumps behind it and lies face down. I climb up the sofa, feel a bit hesitant but make my way behind it as well. Our chests are touching the floor and we are looking at each other. We don’t speak and hear for any voices that might indicate a maid entering the room. Tom decides to crawl to my place and I make way for him. A maid enters the room and sees us. Not letting her get away I go after her. She’s in the main room when I walk towards her and zap her with my telepathic powers. She falls to the ground. A man shows up as well, along with another maid. I make them think that I’m not there, using the power of my mind, and walk back into the library. There I see a pregnant woman, looking like Sarah Paulson, sitting behind the sofa. Her legs straight on the floor while her back rests on the wall. She seems to have entered through the backdoor with a fat woman. She seems to be a nanny. I place my hand on the pregnant woman’s belly. She’s wearing a red dress. I could sense the life force inside of her. The nanny takes out the soul of one of the babies. I mention something about Allah and the woman mentions God to the nanny. The nanny replies, “Jesus told me to.” and her eyes fully turn black. The baby’s eyes turn black too. She puts the soul back into the woman’s belly and takes out the other child and does the same thing to him.


About TempestRaven

I'm a contender in the weird game they call 'Life' and i am trying to find my way without getting into too much trouble....
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