Inkbok to provide a new experience for Authors and Readers

Guest post: A.J. Raven

Inkbok is a book reading service that will launch on 28 March, 2014. What’s so amazing about it? Well, it boasts a myriad of titles from 50 genres on the site. Readers will be able to read unlimited titles for free for only $4.95 a month!


But why would I pay for reading titles? It’s because of the breakdown of the royalties the creators of the site have made public. That’s the thing that caught my attention. Where more publishers and similar services hide where the money is going, Inkbok doesn’t. You know where every cent is going. This is there official release:

“Each month, Inkbok takes the total gross revenue generated from the site and splits it three ways: 60% to authors/publishers based on how many times their work was read, 30% to Inkbok, and 10% to a charity that the community votes on.”

The thing that Inkbok will be giving back to charity is truly amazing. So, when you read a book and you enjoy it, you will have the satisfaction of giving something back not only to the author but also charity. Who knows the charity aspect of the site might urge more people to start reading and give back to people in need.

Yes, there are a lot of indie authors out there and sometimes people don’t have money to buy every title out there no matter how interesting. With a subscription that’s only $4.95 a month, readers can easily browse through all the titles present on the site and discover their next read. Give it a shot! It’s an amazing and original initiative by the Inkbok team.

You can also find my ya, mystery novel ‘Missing in Somerville‘ on the website. It has gotten rave reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and I know you will enjoy it along with the other titles you’ll find on the site.


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