“The Awakening Of a Giant” by J.E. Powell….Book Review

Guest Post: A.J. Raven

“The Awakening Of a Giant” by author J.E. Powell is an entertaining read. It tells the story of a man, Martin, a Volcanologist, who has made his job a priority for years. I really liked the way the author told his story. Martin wants his family back because he seems to have found some stability in his life. The kids still love him and so does his wife. The story focuses a lot on family and the love they have for each other. Add in an erupting volcano and you have yourself a story that’s full of thrills and some family drama.


There isn’t a lot of dialogue. However, the author skillfully conveyed the environment of the story and what the characters are doing. When I started to read it I felt it was a matter of time the family found themselves in danger. I connected with the family and wanted them to stay safe. Martin, as a protagonist, is a good example of a man who is willing to do whatever he can to ensure his family’s safety. His character was one of the best things in the story. He has his faults but he is trying to make up for them. I don’t enjoy reading about heroes that are completely good. They don’t feel human to me.

The story isn’t long and I found myself going through the pages with ease. Every character is different and reacts to the situations in their own way. Being a reader of the paranormal and mystery genre I didn’t get bored with the story. The action picked up pace during the end and I took in every word on the page wanting to know what happened next.

“The Awakening Of a Giant” gets 4.5 stars of 5 from me. It’s a very nice read which tells the story of a man’s struggle against a powerful force of nature in order to get his family back. Pick it up and we’ll talk about it.



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