Teen Wolf Season 3B and Season 4 Spoilers?

Teen Wolf Season 3B is almost coming to an end with only three episodes left. As expected the internet is full of possible spoilers and predictions regarding the finale of 3B and what to expect from season 4. I have been going through a lot of these posts and one caught my attention. This set of spoilers was released in Russian and then translated into English. Why did they catch my eye? Well, because they are the ones that make the most sense to me when linked to the rest of the confirmed information out there. So, without further ado I will be listing the spoilers below and adding my own two cents along with links. For those of you who don’t want season 3B and 4 to be possibly spoiled for them please don’t proceed any further. You have been warned!


Season 4 will be similar to Season 1 and 2

It seems the show will be going back to its roots: The fight between the hunters and the werewolves. The Spanish hunter family that will show up at the end of 3B will play a big part regarding what happens next season. This does sound possible because we’ve already seen the said Spanish family appear in 3B.

Scott McCall will be in South America

The Spanish hunter family will target the werewolves in Beacon Hills and they take Scott hostage. He will be imprisoned in South America. Possibly the same place they kept Peter and Derek Hale at the start of 3B. He will be there for more than three episodes. A move to South America is likely considering all the shoot pics.

Braeden will be returning

Braeden will be back judging by this picture. She will play a role in saving Scott, the same way she saved Derek and Peter on Deucalion’s orders. Not sure if Deucalion will be the one to send her after Scott too or if she will be working for someone else. Her scar can be seen in the picture so you know it’s a Teen Wolf shoot.

The Twins move away

The arrival of the Spanish hunter family will force the twins to move out of Beacon Hills. That’s good news for fans that don’t like them and I know some were even hoping for the twins to die. It seems Jeff wants to keep the door open for their return. All I can think of is poor Danny. He just can’t seem to keep a stable guy in his life. The move seems likely because the Carver twins have a HBO show to be a part of.

The beta dies

Will Stiles die? I don’t think so because Isaac’s death seemed to be foreshadowed in The Fox and the Wolf, in the scene where the Sheriff, Mr. Argent, Allison, and Derek look at the chessboard Stiles left. If Isaac dies and he is the ‘main character’ death Jeff has been teasing since the start of 3B then Jeff is just one big troll. Don’t know about the rest of you but Isaac was never a main character for me. Just goes to show it is better not to listen to Jeff when he talks about what’s going to happen. He just likes to get the fans riled up.

The Argents and a werewolf

Mr. Argent, Allison, and Derek will be travelling to South America in order to rescue Scott. This also seems likely because the Argents would know how to handle the new hunter family. I feel Allison will have to make a choice and changing the code doesn’t go well with the new hunters. As the female leader had a talk about that with Chris in Letharia Vulpina.

Staying in Beacon Hills

Stiles, Sheriff, and Lydia will stay in Beacon Hills in order to search for Scott. Don’t know how that will work if he’s already in South America. Lydia developing her powers is a given considering how they have evolved over the seasons. We will definitely be seeing them in use when she and Scott team up in De-Void. Agent McCall will probably be staying in Beacon Hills too considering a new cop will come to town. So, hurray for the fans of his character! Who’s excited? Anyone? No?

Father and Daughter

Peter and Malia’s relationship will develop in Season 4. I still can’t understand how were-coyote genes were able to dominate the Hale family lineage.

The Kitsune

Kira will have a storyline in season 4 but it will not be integral. Her story will lay the basis for a possible spin-off. Don’t know if fans are excited to see a show revolving around her character. I would prefer getting a Hale family spin-off where everyone is still alive and we get young Derek back.

So, what do you think of these possible spoilers? 3B might end with almost every main character facing a near death situation and thus, a cliffhanger. But I think once the dust settles down and the show returns for season 4 we will see these spoilers being played out on our screens.

What do you think about Jeff teasing a main character death if Isaac’s the one who die? Who’s excited for a Kira spin-off? Please share!


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2 Responses to Teen Wolf Season 3B and Season 4 Spoilers?

  1. irving says:

    With alisson dead, isacc leaving the show, I think its loosing the main point of the show, a whole new people entering the show, that pretty much sucks, I hope jeff makes something up with all this crap happening

  2. They could reconsider bring back to the serie, to Deucalion, a very charismatic character, with a traumatic past history but that can retake the way. or at least.. let his fans see him from time to time..
    We miss know his origins,
    and more about him and his powers.
    Its a very lovely and powerful alpha werewolf to be loose,
    we`ll miss him.

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