“Purple (The Dragons of Unison Book 1)” by M.J. Porter….Book Review

Guest Post: A.J. Raven

“Purple” by author M.J. Porter is the first book in her ‘The Dragons of Unison’ series. For me, it felt like an enjoyable puzzle. It might come off as confusing to some readers at first, but as the chapter’s progress everything falls neatly into place.


The whole story seems to shift from Sereh to Erann to Greeneyes (going back and forth, etc.) to convey what is happening to the characters. I felt it would’ve been better if the character perspectives were shown in different chapters, especially at the start when the story is told by the human protagonists. One of the enjoyable characters was Sereh’s female wolf, Arrow. I liked how the author described the animal and her loyalty to Sereh. Another enjoyable chapter was when Greeneyes took flight and tried to see how high he could fly.

There isn’t much dialogue in the story. However, the author makes up for that through amazing description of the environment. I could feel the cold air as I read the characters trying to survive their frozen surroundings. The whole story has a systematic feel to it and that’s why all the pieces (no matter which character is prominent in it) stick together to give the reader an entertaining fantasy read. The same events are told through the perspectives of the three characters and that’s what helps in completing the whole story and tell the readers ‘exactly’ what happened. There are some abrupt page breaks in some chapters and the scenes tend to change from one character to the other or even from the past to the present. But it’s nothing that’s too confusing.

As it’s the first in the series, this book mostly focused on introducing the three main characters: The two humans and a dragon. There’s still a lot that can happen in the series and that’s why there’s a lot of room for further character development and the unraveling of mysteries, new and old.

“Purple (The Dragons of Unison #1)” gets four of five stars from me. It might not be for all fantasy lovers: No dwarves, fairies, elves, etc. in this one. But it’s still a very enjoyable read. If you want a story that has amazing description in it, then this one is for you. Pick it up and we’ll talk about it.




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