“Crud…Another Journal” by LaRae Parry….Book Review

Guest Post: A.J Raven

“Crud…Another Journal” by author LaRae Parry is another addition to her addictive ‘Journal of a Crazy Lady’ series. Just like the first one, I enjoyed her writing style and the fact the journal entries are based on true events makes everything more enjoyable.


I praise the author for her writing style. It’s quick and witty. She doesn’t talk about unnecessary things or drags out the scenes. Every entry is short and to the point. Not only that, the things are still well-described and you really get to see what goes on in her mind. It’s like she’s talking directly to her readers. I found this one less dark than her previous journal but still much as fun. I greatly enjoyed the scenes about ‘Peeping Tom’, the avocado, the shake weight, and the one about the water filter. In her stories you can see a reflection of some of the things we experience. For example, the story about the shake weight talks about false advertising that a lot of people unfortunately get attracted to.

If you want a light and funny read then ‘Crud…Another Journal’ is for you. It’s quite entertaining and that’s why it gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. You’re depriving yourself of an amazing humorous book with links to reality if you don’t pick this up. Go check it out we’ll talk about it.




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