“When Cithians Attack” by Wyatt Jaymes….Book Review

Guest Post: A.J. Raven

“When Cithians Attack” by author Wyatt Jaymes seems to be the first in ‘The Cithian Chronicles’. It’s a story about a young boy, Skyrid Crop, who discovers he’s a Cithian: Beings that are able to shoot beams out of their hands and use them for different results. The first book sets up the basis for what’s to come next. It’s a story about a boy’s journey in which he has to accept his destiny. The main basis is the battle between good and evil.


Skyrid Crop is a likeable character. I take it he’s twelve years old when the story starts. I also liked the fact he had doubts about being the chosen one. When he first malfunctions, he is scared, which is quite relatable. He also worries about the person he attacked. I liked this aspect. The boy comes across as quite caring. This care is later shown when he tries to protect his friends and the rest of the people in the castle. There’s kind of a Harry Potter feeling in the book. Because of his powers, Skyrid is sent to Gailems, a school. There he learns how to control his powers and more secrets are revealed. The story progresses and more characters are introduced. This was a problem I had with the story. There were just too many characters, for me. The fact that the names were difficult, added to the confusion. However, the author did a good job telling us the experience of other characters when their powers awakened.

The fights and the training sessions were fun to read about. A lot of creativity must have gone into how the beams were used and what could be done with them. The beams could be used to create elements and even allow a person to transform. The power could also corrupt or even possess the person, turning him evil. I also liked the way other character stepped up to help in the war and it was not just Skyrid who did everything. In the end, because of Mitchell, I think Cithians will be able to live a better life.

“When Cithians Attack” by Wyatt Jaymes gets 3 out of 5 stars: It has potential but with too much dialogue I wanted there to me more description regarding the castle and everything the characters were experiencing. In this regards it asks much from the reader, to imagine the surrounding themselves. It’s quite fast-paced and that’s why there’s never a dull moment in the book. The names might be confusing to some readers and all the character that pop up. It’s recommended for readers who like superpowers, battles and magic. Give it a read and we’ll talk about it.




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