“Dragons In Chains” by Lee French….Book Review

Guest Post: A.J. Raven

I was waiting for ‘Dragons in Chains’ by Lee French, the second in her Maze Beset trilogy. While ‘Dragons in Pieces’ had its fun moments, seeing the youngsters running and recruiting, the second book brings a more serious tone and lots of changes for Bobby, the main character.


I was surprised to see Bobby and Stephan away from the group. I knew they wouldn’t wait around in order to save the rest of the ‘blue eyed’ superheroes, but seeing them working alone and not confiding in the rest was weird to me. But the change was quite pleasant as the author was able to focus on those two characters. Bobby and Stephan have, what can be considered as ‘feral’ powers: Stephan is a vampire (not a good sign) and Bobby turns into little mechanical dragons that seem to have a mind of their own. It turned into your classic story of gaining the trust of the enemy in order to save your friends (Jasmine, and the rest that are missing).

One of the best things was the government recruiting super powered youngsters too. I guess that goes to show you need to fight fire with fire. We also get to read about those new characters and why they are siding with the government. Reading about Bobby struggling with his humanity added to the reading experience. I like it when authors give a clear picture about what the character is mentally going through. As the story progressed even I began to have doubts whether or not Bobby and the rest are even human. All the talk about wormholes, space and time, made me think maybe aliens were involved somehow or creatures from another dimension. It’s mentioned that they all have the same parent. That brought on the question: Then why such a variety in their powers? Did scientists tamper with the DNA and that’s why the powers are different? I guess we will find that out as the story unfolds.

As far as character development goes, I enjoyed reading about Bobby coming to terms with ‘killing’. I also liked the use of new characters, especially Sam. I was expecting the story to go back to Alice, Ai, and Jayce. So, it was nice to see the powers of other characters and how they worked as a team. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Mike. I was disappointed because Lizzie, one of my favorite characters, didn’t have anything to do. I was also surprised to see that the group’s security at the ‘farm’ was close to non-existent.

“Dragons in Chains” gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from me. It’s fast-paced, brings new characters into the game, but the more serious tone kind of threw me off for a bit. Give it a read and we’ll talk about it.

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