“Seeking Dr. Magic” by Scott Spotson….Book Review

Guest Post: A.J. Raven

‘Seeking Dr. Magic’ by Scott Spotson is a fun read that combines mystery and the paranormal. I read it after the author’s ‘The Four Kings’. One thing I got in the end was that the wizards introduced in the stories were scary. The magical beings can easily summon anything they want. Coming back to ‘Seeking Dr. Magic’, if you like one person’s struggle to solve the mystery behind a powerful being, then this book is for you.


Tony Hetfield serves as the eyes and ears of the reader. After the events that occur during a murder case, he is released from the FBI and decides to start his ‘personal investigator’ profession. Things don’t go as planned because someone, named ‘Dr. Magic’ by Tony, decides to demonstrate his powers to the world. What follows is quite a gripping adventure as Tony tries to find the true identity of Dr. Magic. Tony comes across as quite an experienced detective. He also knows how the ‘system’ works and he’s able to cover his tracks. I enjoyed his character. He seems to be the person who wants to do things his own way.

As for Dr. Magic, the other main character, it was interesting to know more about him. The things that Tony discovers made Dr. Magic more ‘human’. In a sense, the magical being was just a kid, a kid who was born powerful and thus, different from the rest. As the story unfolds, we see that he is still a kid, trying to grow up without a human friend. It was surprising to know he had lived numerous lives, becoming someone else every time. But even with all the power, he couldn’t find one true friend. He’s able to conjure up beings for his amusement, but they aren’t ‘real’. Maybe that’s why he decides to let the world know he exists and have some fun. There are some limitations to his powers. He can’t seem to bring back people he had ‘moleculized’ and he can get hurt if not careful, just like any normal human.

You get to know from the beginning that Tony and Dr. Magic seem to share a special bond. A bond that makes Dr. Magic trust Tony and even give him enough for his true identity to be unraveled. The way Tony goes about in order to unmask Dr. Magic made sense. He did a lot of research and the author did a good job in explaining what went on in his head in order to ‘narrow down’ the suspects. The relationship between parents and their children was also touched in the story. I really liked reading about that. All the talk about parents being afraid of their child and not accepting him really enhanced the experience of the story.

I was expecting some more insight into the magical world. But in the end, I guess Dr. Magic was really the only ‘special’ one. I give ‘Seeking Dr. Magic’ by Scott Spotson 4.5 stars out of five. It’s a gripping tale about one man’s search for the truth, but leaves more to be desired when it comes to the magical world. Give it a read and we’ll talk about it.

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