Book Review: “Dragons in Pieces” Maze Beset Trilogy #1 by Lee French

Guest Post: A.J. Raven

First thing’s first, I love a book that brings something new and Lee French’s ‘Dragons in Pieces’ falls under the category. I always take notes when I begin reviewing a book, and with this one I had to take a lot. Not in a bad way, but because there were things the reader has to remember when reading. Especially the number of characters that appear. I’m going to break the story down and give you all an idea regarding why I couldn’t stop once I started reading.


The main character is Bobby, real name, Robert Mitchel. He’s the first character we are introduced to. The author does a good job in explaining the life the young boy is leading. I really loved the relationship he shares with his mother. They both seem to look out for each other. Bobby life isn’t going anywhere. However, all of that changes when the Government accuses him of being a terrorist. I enjoyed the opening chapters of the book. I was confused as much as Bobby was. The things the government did to Bobby and the others gave me the chills. Do things like these really happen? *shivers*. This is also where we get introduced to the concept of superpowers. There are a lot of books out there that give kids different powers. What I liked about ‘Dragons in Pieces’ was the imagination that went into giving each individual their powers and how that affected their personalities.

Bobby, Jayce, Ai, and Alice breakout from the experimental facility and they come up with a plan: To try and save the other people the government is after, all of them having the same kind of eyes. It reminded me a bit about the book turned movie ‘I am number 4’ and the X-Men franchise. But the story was an amazing treat on its own. Especially Bobby’s powers: A body turning into tiny mechanical dragons with a hive mind…something I’ve never read about before!

I also liked the struggle with humanity the characters faced in the story. The only thing that is preventing them from going full out and killing every threat is their own link to humanity. We see Bobby trying to find himself. To other super powered individuals he looks like a hero, but inside he is wondering if he is even human anymore.

There’s also a lot of action in the book, especially in the last chapters. The super powered kids make use of their powers to stand against the government officials. I liked that these individuals still believed in their country. They were just confused because of everything happening to them. The truth about their ‘origin’ was touched upon in the story and I know it will be developed further as the series progresses. There were some instances in which the dialogue ran too long. But you know what? That’s just how these characters interacted. I liked that some of them kept talking while some didn’t speak much because that’s how they were as people.

My personal favorite characters were Bobby, Alice, and Elizabeth. I really liked Lizzie’s personality and kudos to the author for being able to make every individual different from one another. However, I was surprised that the author would do what she did to the wonderful character of Jasmine…she better not be hurt!

So, if you are looking for a good read, that has fast-paced action sequences and young adults that have been thrown into a situation they are trying to comprehend, Dragons in Pieces is for you!

Author twitter handle: @AuthorLeeFrench

Amazon (Kindle) (Paperback)

B&N (Nook)

Let me know if you read this story and we’ll talk about it!


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