“Missing in Somerville” Book Review…Finally a strong BiSexual teenager

Now, there aren’t a lot of books out there that have a strong teenaged gay or bisexual lead paired with a nice mystery. Or maybe there are and i don’t know about them. Anyway, i like to read books and i got to know about a little mystery titled “Missing in Somerville”

Now, the title is quite self-explanatory. You can tell that the story will take place in Somerville, is a mystery and it’s probably going to be about something that has gone missing. However, what it doesn’t tell is how much fun this book is. The official summary is quite easy and i’ve got it for you all over here:


When Jerry wants to write for the school newspaper, the editor decides to give him a chance to prove himself by writing something new and exciting to impress her. Jerry can think of nothing until a friend suggests checking out the missing person story that was recently in the news. Jerry searches through a stack of old newspapers and on the front page of one is a picture of a beautiful blonde haired blue eyed woman who went missing two months ago. She was young and recently married to a wealthy man, and so far the police have been unable to solve the mystery of her whereabouts. The rumors are rampant. Some say her husband murdered her, some say she died at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, and yet others claim that she ran away. One thing is certain – if Jerry can solve this mystery, the editor of the school newspaper will be more than impressed. In their perilous quest to solve the mystery, however, Jerry and his friends discover that some of the citizens of Somerville have gone to great lengths to ensure that this particular mystery is never solved.

Now, the fun part are the things that are experienced by the main character, Jerry Mathews. If you have been looking for a mystery title that has a strong gay lead, then this is one is for you. Jerry Mathews, is the kind of character who doesn’t take no for an answer when he decides to do something. Wanting to write for the school newspaper he stumbles upon a mystery that will put Jerry and his friends in life-threatening situations.

The dynamics between the friends is fun to read about. You have Ashley, Kate, Justin and Nick. All of them have very different personalities, however, that’s what makes them a strong group and each individual will do what he or she can in order to save their friends. Relationships are very important to the story, whether it’s friendship or the weirdness that Jerry experiences when he shares a kiss with his neighbor Kevin.

Being a Young Adult novel, you can be sure to find a lot of emotional and full of angst moments as well. After the kiss, Jerry’s and Kevin’s relationship changes and Jerry needs time to get over the whole thing. Of course, he has to solve the mystery and spending time on what the kiss actually meant seems like a waste of time to him.

One of the things that i liked about the book is that there’s no extra character in it. every character has their own personalities and has a job to do that adds to the whole story. Some of the characters aren’t what they seem to be and that’s the best thing about the book.

Jerry’s competence and bravery shines in the last chapter of the book when the real culprit is found and let me tell you, the fight sequence isn’t an easy one to digest. Even though Jerry is the lead, he doesn’t come out unscathed. He’s just a teenager who hasn’t been in a fight ever in his life.

Somerville Mysteries is a good read. Things start to gain speed quite soon and doesn’t slow down until the last page. Jerry Mathews is a character who is definitely someone readers will look up to. He isn’t a hero and neither a saint. He’s a teenager who is trying to figure out stuff happening in his life and he has a ‘mean-streak’ in him as well.

“Missing in Somerville” by A.J. Raven and published by Beau to Beau Books is available as an eBook and paperback from almost all over the internet. Give it a read if you want to experience something that’s fun and thrilling at the same time.

I’ve mentioned some of the links from where you can get this book,

Amazon (Kindle)

Amazon (Paperback)

B&N (Nook)

Feel free to give “Missing in Somerville” a look and let me know what you thought of it!!!

Other book written by the same author is Colville – The Secret check that out as well.


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