“Arousing the Legacy – The Colville Mysteries” by A. J. Raven : Book Review

Yes, everyone it seems that I am back! And I guess to nobody’s surprise the book that I will be reviewing today is actually the 4th story arc in the novel ‘Arousing the Legacy – The Colville Mysteries by young mystery and paranormal writer A. J. Raven. I have already reviewed the rest of the arcs way before the book was released as a compilation. You can check out those reviews at the end of this post. Until then, let’s dig into the newest offering from the writer. I will try and not post spoilers, but no promises, you know…reasons.


The story arc is titled ‘Colville – The Moon’ and if you have been keeping up with my reviews, I think you know that when it comes to the supernatural, the moon relates to werewolves. We know that Eric and Carl were turned into werewolves by the vampire the young friends encountered. It was their very first paranormal experience and though the group managed to stay alive, Eric and Carl retained some of the werewolf powers. These powers came in handy when they were trying to end of the curse of the swamp. However, the new story arc builds on that and we get to see that there is something wrong. Eric has fallen ill and Anya and her friends try to find the reason. Two new mysterious characters are introduced in the story and we get to know that Eric and Carl are the targets. I really enjoyed the story. It was fast-paced and every character played a role. The writer fleshed out the werewolf mythology in his fictional world and that was interesting. I really enjoyed the scene in which Anya and her friends decide to break into David’s house. I have a feeling that there are still a lot of things that need to be explored in the boy’s house and I think the writer will revisit that later on. The mirror in the bedroom caught my interest, especially after how Tabitha reacted after seeing it.

As far as the individual characters are concerned, Anya seems to be having trouble remembering what happened during the final moments when they were at the swamp. She knows it’s something important. She’s also worried about Eric and wants to help him. There’s an amazing dream sequence (or I think it is a dream sequence) that features Anya going into Eric’s house and I enjoyed that a lot. Seth didn’t play a major role in this one. I think if compared to the rest of the characters, he comes under ‘secondary characters’. However, he does what he can to ensure his friends are safe and even puts his own life on the line to save Anya and the others. He’s a normal human being and that’s why I think standing up against the supernatural without hesitation shows how strong he is.

Susan proved again that she has the ‘brains’ and is a useful asset to the group. She is a teenager, and that’s why I understood the scenes when she was scared. However, she steps up when the time comes and helps save her friends. Cassandra and Tabitha played the role of ‘researchers’. They went through a lot of old books to figure out what’s wrong with Eric. Both girls had different perspectives of things and that was interesting to read.

As I said before, this arc was more about Carl and Eric. Both were related to why the two mysterious characters came to town. We get to know a lot about how protective Carl is about his friends and that was fun to read. Eric doesn’t like to be helped. However, he accepts the help from his friends in the end and opens up to them. I was afraid that Eric would die but thank goodness that didn’t happen. The two new characters were very interesting as well. Whenever A. J. Raven introduces new characters, you can be sure they will play some role in the story or will be fleshed out properly. The mysterious man and his female partner were a force to be reckoned with. I didn’t even know how the friends would be able to defeat them. They were two strong and sinister. If you ever read this book, I know you will enjoy these new antagonists and I hope to read more about them soon.

I really enjoyed the latest offering by the author and recommenced it to anyone who likes to read a good, fast-paced YA, mystery, paranormal story. ‘Arousing the Legacy – The Colville Mysteries’ is available from the links below as well as other sites that sell eBooks. So, give it a read people and we’ll talk about it!

Barnes and Noble (Nook)

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback




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