The Sims 3 Into The Future – Game Review

The Sims 3 franchise is back with the last installment in the third series. This time, it allows players to travel into the future and mess things up. You can make your Sims travel into the future, meet his or her descendants, and if you mess things up in present, you can see what happens in the future. There are a lot of new things for you to check out. However, the most fun comes from the Plumbots that can help you around the house. There are also new clothes, hairstyles, building options, and job opportunities. It seems Maxis wanted to go out with a bang before The Sims 4 is released in May, next year. Until then, you can check the latest installment and see what it holds for you. Read the whole review here


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I'm a contender in the weird game they call 'Life' and i am trying to find my way without getting into too much trouble....
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