Teen Wolf – Suffering from borderline Queerbaiting because of Sterek?

Post by: A. J. Raven

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now. I actually wanted to write it after 3A of Teen Wolf finished airing but decided to wait for any more news that Jeff or the Teen Wolf team might release. During that time two conventions took place. One of them was the Wolf’s Bane Con (If i remember correctly) and the most recent one was the NYC Con. A lot of information was released during that one and another thing happened as well which kind of made some Sterek shippers quite uncomfortable. I myself felt used because of it.


What We Know About Sterek in 3B

The good news is that Teen Wolf will be coming for a Season 4 which has 12 episodes and Jeff has said that he might come back to the 24 episode format for season 5. The theme of 3B is Psychological Thriller and the tagline is ‘Lose Your Mind’. A sneak peek was released showing Stiles in a dreamlike sequence writing something about not opening the door when it’s closed. Anyway, 3B does looks quite interesting.

Coming back to Sterek (You all know the characters I’m talking about), there’s news that some fans were allowed to reenact some scenes from the script. One of those scenes had Stiles/Lydia in which Stiles told her to close the door and Lydia told her to go back to bed and that it wasn’t open. Now, this could either mean they were sleeping together, or have slept together and Stiles lost his virgin status which lots of fans think is the status Jeff hinted at him losing. I’m not surprised if Stiles Stilinski lost his virginity because of Lydia. I might not be comfortable with the idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually happened.

Derek Hale will be coming back and it was implied by Dylan O’Brien and Linden (Sheriff Stilinski) that he will be naked when they first see him. So, that’s good news for Sterek shippers as well other fans.

Dylan also said that his character might be dealing with the whole ‘I am weak and a liability’ thinking. He compared himself to what Mary Jane from SM thinks. He said that Stiles could be used to get to Scott or Derek or those guys. Yes, he said Stiles might be used to get to Derek. I would stop you all from screaming in joy but it wouldn’t work.

Stiles will be having a romantic interest who is going to be kept secret. Many fans think that it’s going to be Deputy Parrish because if it’s Lydia then it isn’t really a secret. Dylan also said that Stiles is happy to love Lydia from a distance and wants to see her happy. He also doesn’t have time for romance because of things he’s dealing with. Yes, everyone, let out a sigh of relief about hopefully not having to deal with a typical love triangle.

However, Jeff compared Stiles and Lydia to Mulder and Scully from X-Files and having a ‘will they or won’t they’ dynamic. As far as I’m concerned there was never a will they or won’t they dynamic between them. I’m not against Stiles having a female love interest but as far as he and Lydia are concerned, they have a wonderful base that could lead into a very strong friendship. I don’t know why ‘love’ has to be sexual in order to be considered love on a TV show.

So, was there any Sterek talk going on. Apparently not. People who were at the NYC Con saw Jeff pushing Stydia a lot. According to some, there was even a groan from the crowd when he mentioned them being a thing to look forward to in 3B. There was some Sterek talk at Wolf’s Bane and Tyler Hoechlin even said he wanted a scene he and Dylan worked on to be a part of the show. Fans also gave him a Sterek Book which he signed and even took to show to Dylan and probably the rest of the cast.

Jeff and Dylan remembered the Sterek Book when they signed it themselves. It’s all nice and sweet but the question remains. Is Teen Wolf is dangling on borderline queerbaiting whether it’s intentional or accidental.


The Tumblr Post

Though fans didn’t get anything Sterek, what they did get was kind of implied or they thought of it themselves, the thing that Teen Wolf’s official Tumblr did was what caused them to feel uncomfortable especially after being served a large dose of Styida and other pairings except Sterek at the Con.

About a week ago the show’s official Tumblr made a post asking fans to vote for the show for the cover of TV Guide. Fans voted and even reblogged it etc. The post promised a gift if they won, like an outtake or anything the fans wanted to see. It was a general post addressed to the fans. So, what happened? It got noticed but not enough.

And then TW Tumblr directly asked the Sterek fans. They literally created a new post that had some gifs of Dylan and Tyler being drunk during the boat video they did last year. The promise was that the team might just give the footage to the fans if they voted and won. The post got more than 15k reblogs in a week. That’s a lot compared to the 1000+ the first post got. Fans were excited to know that there was still footage from the ship they could see.

However, some of the fans weren’t happy. They looked at it as a sort of a bribery. I mean, Sterek shippers actually created themselves and got themselves noticed. It was a fandom no one was expecting to be born. They kept shipping and got noticed by Jeff and the rest and they still have to deal with a lot of hate from anti-Sterek shippers or anyone who isn’t a fan of the pairing and think such fans are delusional. It makes sense that these fans felt ‘used’ after what the Tumblr post did. For them it was like: You can brush off Sterek questions at Cons or interviews, get hints and information about other relationships, keep Sterek under the rug and limited to fan-fiction but when it comes to winning stuff, the TW team directly appeals to them.

A lot of fans weren’t happy that they were being bribed with some seconds of footage from a video that was filmed a year ago. These fans would’ve been happy if the team offered them something better, something concrete. Maybe a confirmation that Stiles was indeed bisexual?

Jeff has hinted at it and that’s what I feel is wrong. It’s been three seasons now and all we’ve got are hints. You can hint at a lot of things but it doesn’t come close to things that have been actually confirmed. Shippers will take the hints and run with them: Stiles is bisexual, Jeff hinted at it, didn’t you see how he acts in the show around boys?

However, people who don’t ship Sterek or think otherwise don’t pay attention to hints: He’s been love with Lydia for years, he thinks Erica is hot, the question he asked Danny was for comedic effect, he kissed Lydia!

It not their fault they think like that. Nothing has been actually confirmed and these fans are saying what they’ve actually seen on the show. Yes, Sterek shippers get a lot of heat from such fans and they are still waiting for some kind of confirmation. Any kind of confirmation!

Teen Wolf might not want to be queerbaiting it’s fans but it’s been feeling like that for a long time. The cast accepts questions concerning Sterek and they even joke about it but when the show airs the only signs of Sterek are interactions between Stiles and Derek that non-shippers don’t pay attention to. What they do pay attention to is Derek sleeping with a woman and Stiles kissing his girl crush.

But when the TW team wants to win something, they bring out the Sterek flag. They will make fun videos starring Dylan and Tyler (the TV Guide boat video) and then offer a gift of outtakes if they won and then what? We all go back to shipping Sterek on Tumblr, fan fiction and hoping something…anything happens in the show. How long do you suppose they expect the fans to wait? If they are showing a slow-build Sterek (which a lot of fans think is happening on the show) don’t you feel that’s it’s high time the fans get a confirmation?!

Fans can get the whole ‘will they or won’t they’ speech when it’s talk about Stydia or some other ship but nothing of the sorts is said when it’s Sterek’s turn. Some fans say that Jeff will surprise fans by giving us Sterek at the end of the season. Okay, fine, I agree but why doesn’t he say anything like that? He can hint that Melissa and the Sheriff will take their relationship in a new direction. He can talk about love-triangles but he can’t say anything about Sterek? He did say they will be allies in 3A and we all saw that but there have been no more information for 3B especially not a romantic pairing kind.

Yes, a life of a shipper does mean that there’s no guarantee a ship will ever become canon. A lot of fans have accepted that. What they don’t like is being ‘used’ for promoting the show. Interviews on other websites will talk about how much fans are dying to ask the questions about when Stiles and Lydia will be together (I don’t know where they get their information from and who is actually dying) but why won’t they ask about Sterek? Why does the TW team have to directly appeal to the Sterek fandom if they want some help to win something? And what do the shippers get? A year old outtake from a video, if I remember correctly the team said didn’t even exist. So, where did the video magically come from?

What have you got to say about a show that uses a slash pairing in order to promote itself? Why does the show wave the Sterek flag whenever they want the fans to do something? Sterek shippers might help them because they love the characters and the actors but it’s not fair that they don’t get anything in return. The show can’t just keep giving M/F relationships every season and only give the M/M (Sterek) pairing for promotional purposes. I don’t know if it falls under the queerbaiting title but I feel that it’s related to it. Jeff and the show’s team might not want to be called as ‘queerbaiting’ the fandom but the antics that they have done, especially the Sterek outtake promise, does make it feel like such.

Yes, Jeff never promised Sterek to it’s fans but is it really a good thing to not give the fans anything, a simple confirmation about Derek’s or even Stiles bisexuality, if he or the team wants to use Sterek to promote itself?

I feel that the Sterek shippers should be more vocal if something like this happens again. They can’t continue to be used for promotional means and get nothing in return, a few Sterek scenes that can be perceived differently by a lot of people and hinting at things, doesn’t really count.

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25 Responses to Teen Wolf – Suffering from borderline Queerbaiting because of Sterek?

  1. Alexander says:

    You say that the show is queerbaiting by appealing to the sterek fans when it wants to win something but never giving that ship anything concrete in return however you dont acknowledge the cannon gay characters Danny and Ethan or their relationship. Sterek is the largest portion of the fandom if they want to win something they are going to appeal to them but calling it queerbating when they dont give you the relationship that you want and ignoring the actual gay characters seems more like you fetishizing a gay relationship than complaining about the legitimate problem of queerbating

    • TempestRaven says:

      no fan is ignoring Danny and Ethan on the show…however that relationship hasn’t been treated quite well…just three scenes and they are making out like crazy…Danny/Ethan just feels that relationship is there to make up for LBGT representation in the show…truth be told, Ethan going for Danny didn’t even make sense in the first place, Danny was never that close to Scott, let alone Derek…no one went after Stiles who was actually a part of the main group

      • About Danny going after Ethan… did you see the pattern? Aiden went after Lydia and Ethan went after Danny both of whom were intimately connected with JACKSON. My head-canon says that either Jackson sold the Beacon Hills pack out to the Alphas before he moved to London… or they tortured it out of him and he’s in the same place as Erica and Boyd.

    • Amber says:

      Ah, there i is again, the quick way to silence and invalidate any concerns/complaints from Sterek shippers, alluding that they are just fetishizing a gay relationship.

      You know what would have been fetishizing a gay relationship? If Sterek shippers would have been content with Danny/Ethan as a replacement, nevermind that Ethan’s interest in Danny was suspicious at best, they don’t have any real chemistry or any of the other characteristics and interactions that people like about Sterek (besides the gay sex). It’s like saying: “You like Sterek, well we’re not gonna give you that, but here have our token gay couple fucking, now shut up.” Making it not about the characters and only about the fact that it’s a gay couple.

  2. TempestRaven says:

    @Vini I agree and yes the pattern did occur to me, but like you said, it’s head-canon (it was my head-canon too 🙂 …hasn’t been told in the show…a lot of things weren’t mentioned in 3A and Jeff did say we will get to know why Jackson came out the water in S2…so maybe 3B will address that…until then, Ethan after Danny when the Alpha Pack was after Scott and Derek (as mentioned in the show), doesn’t make sense

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  4. I didn’t know about any of this, but I agree with you and now I’m a little sad. =(

  5. Leelee wood says:

    I agree with everything you wrote and have felt this way since I started reading the reports of NYC Con. I’m of the belief that if Jeff loses the Sterek audience, he’ll lose Teen Wolf full stop and he’d deserve it. I stopped watching when Dennifer happened (didn’t start again ’til it was over) and I’d do the same with permanent Stydia (I actually like the idea of Stiles losing his V Card to Lydia but them not getting together afterwards). I know that no promises were given but I do feel that there was an awful lot implied and they’ve totally failed to follow through on most of it. I get sick of Dethan being thrown in my face, there’s been more than one straight relationship in the show, following the ‘you’ve got Dethan, shut up’ line of thinking, Scott and Alison should be the only straight relationship allowed, Lydia and Jackson shouldn’t have happened, nor should Lydia/Aiden, Scott’s Mum definitely shouldn’t consider dating ever and Dennifer, however brief, was also a huge no no. Curse us demanding Sterek fans for wanting another gay relationship. Argh, the queerbaiting just makes me so angry.

  6. Kikka says:

    Hi Tempest, thank you for having made the point of the situation clear (also for the news about NYC Con etc…I coudln’t attend living in Italy ;-), unfortunately I’ve to agree with your POV…WTH?! Is it that TPTB behind TW “lost their mind” (wink-wink)?! For the moment it looks much as a *borderline queerbaiting*, apparently for marketing purposes (as usual :-/).

    Overall the thing that saddens me the most is that once I’ve truly thought it to be different this time, instead we’re still here hanging on every miserable hint of Sterek for not totally losing hope & the mainstream tv wins it all. The same old same old with every other *slash ship* out there then (damn how much I even hate the word!) of the past tv shows (or even present, i.e. Destiel from Supernatural)…Ouch it just sucks, especially knowing that this was the perfect occasion to hit the mark instead (for several reasons y’know, MTV kind of network included), actually I feel fooled too.
    If the shit will go down the same way also for season 3B, I bet that at least a good half of those fans following mainly for Sterek (that if I’ve got it right are in the majority) will directly boycott the new eps to remain in fandom reading comfy fanfics instead…Who knows, maybe at that point Jeff & co will realize the “mistake” coming back on their steps?

    -If truly Jeff didn’t really have the tiniest intention of giving them a chance right from the start (especially if it’s true what a recent article revealed <> according to him), well he could have at least told it straight to the fandom instead of vaguely promising it, just like happened with the Hannibal series, where the fans asked & knew directly by the (polite) showrunner that he has no intention to make Will (if I’m not mistaken) & H. a romantic couple. Actually fans understood the point & ok, basically this wasn’t used for boosting the show’s popularity. Kudos for once (same happened with Elementary).

    Looking the big picture I’m also hurt cos I thought it was important even more for Jeff to adress this sensitive LGBT issue with the right attitude, being himself gay (or maybe he doesn’t want to make his show *too gay*, Glee style, for this very same reason who knows?!): but in the end we’ve only had a minor couple (Dethel), not even portrayed that well (even Danny is merely wallflower, despite all the gay talk behind his supposed important role)…besides for being a so called open-minded series it needs to correct its modus operandi also with women (too often evil & easily killed off), same speech about non-white dudes, I sincerely hope for a better s3B in this sense too, it’s just tv sure but all is important regardless in society.
    I respect of course the final right of the writers to do whatever they want with their baby, it’s just a matter of respect (for both parts involved, particularly nowadays that the 4th wall is down): forgetting for a moment the great supporting work done by the fandom, I agree that as a viewer, at a certain point of the story you’ve to aknowledge something clear ON SCREEN (in S. case I hope at least a real scene to establish S. as canon in next s3B to pave the way, or I’ll assume that most likely it’s simply not the direction TPTB are taking).

    -It doesn’t bother me about Stiles with a girl but like you said, not with Lydia for a proper romance, it’d be the usual relationship (a la Seth/Summer from old OC): it’d be even lame since it seems that 2 of the opposite sex can’t be friends…bad message. Moreover I don’t think that the supposed mysterious romantic focus will be the new deputy, being him a boy is difficult probability…Plus this costant reference of Jeff to the Mulder/Scully dynamic, also when he initially said that he fears that the audience will get bored soon if get its wish, makes me thinking that, EVEN IF Sterek will ever happen, it’ll be very late in the story. (I only hope that it won’t be too little too late, like in the finale’s open ending y’know, oh my! but if the mysterious luv is Derek himself came back to Stiles’ rescue I’ll take back everything I’ve said about troll Jeff LOL! ;-P).

    PS_1 last thing, when I’ve watched TW for the 1st time I’ve never heard of S., but it was 1 of the 1st thing that I’d noticed as well (& I’m not much into slash fandom in general): I guess thank to the 2 actors’ amazing natural chemestry, BUT also cos Jeff hinted to them quite heavily from the start (e.g. not that much with Derek/Scott, that would have been more logical)…I’ve never assumed it was ONLY for a the sake of a good laughing joke about the “odd duo”, this would explain why so many fans gathered for them.
    If I’m right Jeff will make them canon in the end, if it’s just a fortunate casuality it’s a pity, it could have brought good fresh things to TW IMO (& all in all, since S. aren’t the core heroes of the series, he could have played freely with them).

    Sorry for having been so long! Ciao xo

  7. Hayes42 says:

    I am unsure if the TV Guide vote stunt qualifies as ‘queerbaiting,’ mostly because it is difficult to parse the gay to straight female Sterek fandom ratio. Still, I find myself in agreement with your central complaint of bribery. That is what it was. On it’s face. The tumblr post offered a payout in exchange for votes. The reason that it wrankles my nose is the same as for you. They exploited the Sterek fandom. Whether they needed to or not is unclear from where I sit, but I am inclined to believe, given the sheer size of the fandom, it probably propelled them over the finish line. This would be fine if there existed a canon Sterek or solid indications of Sterek in the future. Neither are true. So, it feels like an exploitation. And I am not happy about it.

    You suggest being more vocal. I think you are right. Why wait? Flex our muscle by organizing a “Sit Out.” Select an air date and ask the Sterek fandom to sit out that Moday’s episode, with a promise to watch it collectively when put up on the Teen Wolf website. Shouldn’t be too difficult to organize with the scope of social media today. Tumblr, Ao3, Livejournal, Twitter, Facebook.

    If that is too far, then consider an online petition to express our grievance and link it through Teen Wolf’s tumblr.

    Exploitation is not OK and bad behavior seldom corrects itself.

  8. Romina Korte says:

    I did not know this, but right now I am extremely angry, especially at Jeff… I never believed he would use his fans like that, I’ve always been so proud of him and saw him as the perfect show leader, since he always seemed to care about the fans and their wishes; of course he can not make every wish come true, but he always gave them a chance and never simply says : “No I won’t do that.” He’s open for new things and lets the fans influence the show. Which is very rare, the most show runners are just like: We will do it our way and we just want your money, but don’t care about your opinion. Jeff did never occur to me like that. I love Teen Wolf so much, because of the way I feel included into the show when watching it, like I am a part of it. Only when I watch TW I feel like that, no other show gives me that feeling and no other show I care so much for.
    And since Jeff did never say “no” to Sterek, I did believe him that he was taking it into consideration. If he never wanted to do that, he should have said so right at the beginning and no one would have ever believed it could indeed happen and then no one would be so deep into it now. But now, there’s no way back anymore. Every Sterek shipper’s hope is up too high anyway, after his words and “hints”.
    Since Jeff is gay himself, I loved him even more, cause that was another plausible reason to believe Sterek could happen, but if all those little touches and dialogues between Derek and Stiles are just for the same purpose as this promise for the “Behind the scenes” video or whatever, to make TW look good and give a shit to their fans, I am deeply disappointed and had a really wrong image of Jeff.
    But the thing is, I don’t believe he is that bad person. It was wrong to never talk about Sterek and act like it wasn’t there, but when it came to something important and they did not get enough voices, they appeal to the Sterek shippers. It was really selfish, to only give us something in return and the other fandoms get their piece of information when they ask for it.
    BUT always keep in mind, we don’t know what THEY have in mind. I dunno why, but I have this weird feeling, that Sterek indeed can become true, and that he indeed is building up towards it. I also believe if we’re lucky, we can get what we want at the end of the season, if we’re not, he’s handling it like he said, putting it at the very end of the series 😐 But this feeling might just be cause I love Jeff a little too much and think of his ways maybe a little too high.
    To me, it would at least make perfectly sense, that he never talks about Sterek, because he is planing to make them canon, and wants it to be a surprise. What I can totally understand. I would do it in exactly the same way, would let everyone think it is hopeless and then BOOM, giving it to you right in your face when you least expect it. Any information about it would ruin this special effect and if he plans to do so, I beg him to make me believe Sterek can never happen, just to scream and cry even harder, when I will be watching another episode of Teen Wolf and then all of a sudden, there is Sterek *-*
    If he would not take it serious, he would talk about it more freely, I guess.
    So please Jeff, show me that you indeed are that great person I think you are, and show us that you do care about the opinion of the majority of the fandom.

    • Kikka says:

      …BTW how ironic is now to remember that *JEFF IS A GIFT!* enthusiastic statement?! Oh dear, whatever! I’m just as much disappointed as you are, I feel cheated by this as a whole, especially for the reasons we’ve already talked about.
      If we’ve to be realistic up to this point our addiction to Sterek has been used mostly for funclubs’ matter, for its cross popularity (i.e. Tumblir media) etc, but ON SCREEN there’s been only the SMOKING HOT actors’ chemestry to keep it alive IMO, mixed with a smart wink-wink to that hardcore part of fans in the audience capable to get the memo so to speak when Jeff managed to aknowledge the real power of their fame (somehow like the Sherlock series’ intentional queerbating uh?)…But what about the general public?
      Well that’s a different story, they know only about a straight (& utterly unlucky!) Derek dating women, & a clumsy boy in Stiles, who even if he jokes about going out with gays basically it’s super conventional in his obsession with Lydia (& in fact we’ve already seen how they’ll become even closer in this upcoming season, sob :’/). Frankly I can’t blame them if they don’t understand this Sterek gospel…

      In other words Stiles is portayed as a sort of new version of Peter Parker getting the beautiful childhood crush if he’s patient, & Derek the brooding lonely guy whose purpose is to help the heroe Scott, not much else in the end I’m afraid (like a sort of sexier shirtless Gandalf wizard uh?! LOL). This is still the reality at this point, even if initially this seemed to be an avant-garde show, but probably this was a fans’ assumption & publicity on TPTB part.
      Is it of course possible that Jeff throws a finale big surprise but honestly I won’t wait with bated breath…I’ve deluded myself long enough thinking that this time it would have been different, ESPECIALLY after hearing that the boss was gay, but at this point I’m more under the impression that he wants be particularly appreciated in the dear old het zone instead (maybe to potentially gain more top notch mainstream projects who knows, y’know business is business & time will tell!), therefore in a nutshell he doesn’t want to change FOR REAL the situation, bringing to the forefront Sterek couple romantically, even if he sometimes (after too many remarks from the fans) had to admit how cool their chemestry was, probably it wasn’t enough nonetheless to have the greenlight. E.g. see how he treated the official gay character of his plot & his dubious ex villain patner: not what I would call a great healthy example of a LGBT representation, again no matter what his claims were, who cares by now…it’s been just another token & nothing more (few banters don’t change anything in my book; plus as I’ve already said before, maybe also MTV doesn’t want to push the envelope further *Glee style*, so it’s pretty good if it stays this way, just an hint for showing off how “open-minded” they are).

      PS_If nothing CLEAR IN CANON SOMEHOW happens this 3b too, I won’t lose my time to vote for TW ever again, I’m tired of waiting: besides personally I don’t want a last minute Sterek hookup at all, at that point better to leave it at our imagination & fanfics it’d be more honest, in the sense that it’d be too little too late, the point once had been to have them LIVING ON SCREEN their own story, simply like any other in this series has had the occasion to do, not just a final convenient shot.
      Sterek could have been remembered as epic innovative tv but right now I guess they’ll be perhaps like the 2 men of the “Some like it Hot” movie…TOTAL WASTE!

      (Besides if it’s true what I’ve heard Jeff might even leave the show before its end, there were rumours also involving Derek’s actor potentially leaving for bigger roles on telly or cinema, therefore it’ll be even more remote the possibility of watching on screen Sterek happening…thanks god we’ve still our fantasy, what can I say!
      However sorry for being a downer, I won’t watch Jeff’s next projects if this is the case, not trusting him anymore :-().
      Sorry for my long rant, keep the faith if you can! Ciao bella xo

    • Kikka says:

      PPS_Actually I meant the finale of Some like it Hot film you know, when there’s that famous banter between 1 of the protagonist & the man that wants to flirt with him at every cost: well something similar might easily become a sort of final line joke for our heroes too, but in this case it won’t be so funny for me…xoxo

      • Romina Korte says:

        You are very right when you say that a last minute Sterek hookup isn’t what we want. We want to see their story like we see of the other pairings. So yeah, if there is not enough time for their relationship, they can just screw it.
        And you’re also right when you say that we’ve waited long enough, but I don’t want Sterek to happen immediately in the next episode, since it has to make sense, the development of their relationship has to be shown.
        And yes, if this second half of the season nothing would have happened regarding Sterek, I would have also lost my hope, but since now it is canon that Stiles is bi, it was a huge step towards Sterek for me. They cannot just let Stiles get together with Derek when he was always in love with Lydia, but when they show how he gets involved with boys, before actually putting him together with Derek, it will all make sense.
        I had this sense something would happen at the end of this season and I wasn’t that wrong. In my opinion, it was the first step to make Sterek canon and we just have to keep hoping and fighting for it and it can totally happen.
        Our long waiting gets honored and it would have been very hard to bring on Sterek earlier in the show without screwing the storyline up and making it out of character.
        We Sterek shipper just have to stick together and believe in Jeff, I think he’s doing his best to satisfy our wishes 🙂

    • Kikka says:

      Thanks Romina, I know about those kind of bad taste-finale!! Gee fingers crossed that it won’t end like that or I’d be quite pissed… -_-
      Sure it would be out of character for Sterek to jump each other’s bones the very next ep, I could envision a weird kind of funny sweet realization moment about their romance, but not ASAP, if TPTB will land there, it needa some time to adress them romantically too, UST & chemestry/friendship apart clearly. Like you I only wish to witness the beginning of this road in canon in this current season, afterall can’t be that difficult, a little scene with a moment when at least 1 of the 2 realizes on screen that he has developed some feelings for the other person…
      My my I didn’t know about bi-Stiles until recently & I’m SO HAPPY, I honestly didn’t count on it much at all (afraid that it might have been just a joke), thus I’m quite fan-girling in my corner at the moment, yeah! Now bring it on with the rest as well. ❤

      All in all I agree with you, & seeing how supportive fans are no matter what, we can have a real chance of making it right; plus I want at some point to see a bit of light in Derek darkness (even vice versa at the moment with Stiles' demons!), it'll work for them to be the weird couple so entertaining to follow interacting.
      I know that the show isn't perfectly balanced as characters' development but Jeff did a good work with them so it'd run smoothly I think to look forward on this same direction.
      I only fear that, as previously told, he is scared to go deep into this because of that old Scully/Mulder example (thinking fans won't be so attracted if he gives in to their wish in the long run, preferring the anticipation), I mean especially since it's become a phenomenon not just because it'd be conidered *fanservice* (in fact he already did this somehow for other TW things) & genuinely doesn't want to go all in because he thinks it'd be better that it stays in the fanfiction-world.

      Well actually there are other tv examples (X-Files apart!) where fans were even more thrilled after their heroes got closer & didn't leave the boat in the aftermath, so I won't worry much if this is the case, plus obviously Teen Wolf isn't only made of Sterek therefore I guss that Jeff is free to proceed on this road if he wants it too (& as I've written below for Keith, I suspect he likes them quite a bit too; a match made in heaven then LOL ;-P). Ciao cara!

  9. Jordon Sampson says:

    Look I get where you guys are coming from and i get that the majority of the fans want this gay relationship to happen, yeah its wrong for them to use the fans in this way does it really matter if they get together I mean the shows awesome regardless of the relationships yeah it makes up part of the story but you shouldnt worry about it if it happens it happens. Personally I like the relationship they have now

  10. click says:

    dethan? what? they’re nice characters separately but together makes no sense to me (like most of the pairings on the show). We just get thrown with random, pointless sex and makeout scenes, you can’t empathize with characters who have never even been shown having chemistry to begin with. I’d prefer if there was no making out, no sex, no shirtless people on this show. All the pairings frustrate me coz it seems to just be random. Some actual believable and heartfelt romance that takes seasons to develop would be nicer to see. I can empathize with stiles’ feelings for lydia but.. all the guys he had to see her go off with, how he’s satisfied just seeing her happy, something about that just seems sweet the way it is, I think them pairing up would change their personalities too much for my liking. I think sterek has potential and a fresh slate, they both seem to be getting their hearts broken all the time too. It would be nice to see a couple that aren’t oversexualized or defined by their sexuality. I want to see a couple that are heroes and friends first that have been built up well and loved by the audience, and then they slowly get together. Them being together should be treated as an arbitrary, natural and secondary thing. I think it would be a revolutionary thing to see on tv.

  11. Shala says:

    I agree with you. While I am not a hardcore shipper of sterek and could happily life with a f/m ship, it gets to me that Stiles is basically regarded as the damsel in distress. If it wasn’t for Dylan portraying the character, I think he would be like a girl in a Shojo manga, because he has no superpower, his intellectual mind is stomped in the background by Lydia and he only ever loved one girl (We will not speak about Heather, because there could have been so much more between them.) I really like Danny and Ethan, but they aren’t shown enough and chemistry wasn’t really built between them. But really, the chemistry in this show… Scott falls in love at first glance, two times (!) and Jennifer and Derek seem as if they are just making out, because they can. The only pairings I ever understood in this series were Lydia/the hot boys (aka Jackson and Aiden) and Allison/Isaac. .

  12. Keith says:

    What a well-written piece and follow-up responses. I must admit that I am rather late in the game of watching “Teen Wolf.” A few months ago a young female friend of mine recommended the series to me and at first I thought to myself – “Are you nuts? I’m not going to watch a series entitled ‘Teen Wolf.'” But, I finally relented and I was immediately hooked. Here was a program that was sexy, smart, funny and, yes, scary (and, unlike a lot of programs which cater to a younger audience, the actors were all quite good). I found myself rooting for the characters and wondering how it was all going to turn out. Thanks to DVDs I have been able to get caught up with the entire series. I had never heard of “shipping” until I started reading the thoughts of others. At first I was a bit puzzled by the whole “Sterek” phenomenon. Yes, the two characters had great chemistry together, but it didn’t appear that that was where the story was headed so I didn’t give it much thought. But, the more I read and the more I watched I realized that there was indeed something there. And, more importantly, the creators kept dropping hints that Stiles might be bisexual, or, at the very least, curious. I, like so many others, began to hope that perhaps television had changed – that the idea of someone struggling to come to terms with his sexuality might actually be portrayed in a realistic and thoughtful manner (and not with a secondary character rarely seen and whose presence doesn’t add to the dynamic of the show). But, the more I watch the less I am beginning to believe that something like this will actually happen.

    Why? One of the main reasons I believe this won’t happen (and something about which no one seems to have written) is the fact that Dylan O’Brien has become (thanks to this audience) a very popular actor. What happens with popular actors? Suddenly they are in demand and get offers for movies and other television programs. And, even if the actor himself is okay with playing a gay (or bisexual) character, you can bet that there are agents and other powers that be which will persuade him otherwise. Yes, there have been other straight actors who have portrayed gay characters on television and film (fewer than you might think), but those have usually been established actors and, even then, they are faced with the inevitable idiotic question “What was it like kissing a guy?” A kiss is just a kiss unless it’s on celluloid and then it’s forever. In a perfect world an actor would jump at the chance to play a character with deep emotional content – after all it is Stiles who is the “Everyman” of the series (even more so than Scott). Stiles is the goofy best friend, the person who stumbles, but who remains loyal to those around him. And, yes, Stiles has the crush on the “unattainable girl.” All of these attributes are those to which any of us can relate. But, this is not a perfect world and the creators seem to be content to allow the story to follow a predictable path – one that has been done many times and is never that interesting. Stile’s sexuality is played primarily as a joke as when he asks Scott – “Do you want to make out?” or when he questions Danny as to whether he finds him attractive or not. These can indeed be funny (especially the way Dylan O’Brien plays them), but at a certain point a joke is no longer funny. As the proverbial saying goes – Either put up or shut up.

    Well, this has definitely gone on too long (sorry about that). Let me just finish by saying that I have no problem with Stiles becoming involved with Lydia, but I would also love to see him come to the realization that he is also attracted to Derek and have him struggle with that new-found knowledge (just as the other characters have had to struggle with becoming a werewolf and all that entails, or, as in the case with Allison, discovering that not everything is as it appears to be in terms of her family ). The creators have given us this (albeit in comedic fashion) so showing this side of Stiles would not be out of the norm. It would also be true to today where so many people are questioning their own sexuality and experimenting with life. It is a shame that Jeff Davis would rather tease (his word) than to create something that is unique to a genre. Well, as I said, in a perfect world.

    • Kikka says:

      Wow Keith kudos for the beautiful speech man! ^_^
      Besides don’t be embarassed the title of this show is extremely silly & misleading I know well (like all the naked boys’ torsos on display too ;-P), but there’s more at its core than the façade & it’s the true reason for people enjoying it in the end (a bit like the case of Arrow on CW, both teens & adults like it).
      Like you I’d have never thought of watching it but quite late in the game myself 1 night while zapping on my telly I discovered it, frankly thinking it was a thriller movie, then after I knew it was a series I’ve returned for some more eps becoming hooked…who knew?! I like supernatural but e.g. the famous Buffy (told to be in the same league) didn’t really convinced me at the time, but this other had something promising that intrigued me (& about the title I simply think it was due to copyright reasons, as a sort of “reboot-idea” of that old cheesy film that I’ve never saw). Plus in the aftermath I’ve read some of this awesome fandom stuff & I’ve to say that American fans are so vocal & inventive that it’s been a joy to become involved in this “ships” & more cuz the guys rock! ❤

      What struck me the most of *Sterek* initially was this unspoken chemestry before I even knew about all the fuzz (so I wasn't biased by this internet fame or knowing before hand that Jeff was gay, & I'm not even 1 to care much for double meaning or subtext): if you think from that very first meeting scene, when is Stiles to lecture Scott about Derek & it almost seems that he's more a protagonist of that encounter than vice versa.
      This is just me but I really think that Jeff wrote a sort of subtext for them even when officially declaring that he didn't have a clue about them together before the end of series 2 (1 example for all, what he said about the ep where they were paralyzed with even that villain's infamous line, comical foreplay much?!): if you look at lots of their scenes at the time I had a different impression than a casual thing only sprung from these actors' chemestry.

      That said clearly let's hope that, generally speaking, the boss & his team decide to move on a more experimental ride than the usual stuff: it'd be so rewarding not going predictable since this plot has potential, & like you said it'd be also useful for wievers to have a rich variety of folks' different relationships (since having side characters like Danny is definetly not enough…or even random roles like those hated twins LOL. Besides I'm still wondering why the bisex thing is never explored more, it'd bring in so many possibilities to the plot, but usually it only happens that someone discovers to be gay, that's another reason why Sterek can be interesting, & how it'll be handled regarding Stydia's relationship.
      Naturally let's also hope that the raising popularity of some actors won't play against it (or even major mainstream tv network's issues y'know), it'd be such a pity because apparently this is just light hearted fun fiction but at the same time deep down it's not: for some kid to have a good LGBT representation as MCs could do all the difference for once, this would be an important step (particularly knowing how US series are sold abroad everywhere, & knowing how things still are for some societies as in Russia nowadays, this would be an ideal step 1 that Jeff could be proud of, like with interracial relationships…

      But even forgetting this moralistic debate for a moment, it could simply make sense for telling a good story. Bye bye

  13. ingrid says:

    honestly…. jeff never promised you anything. You all got it stuck in your heads about sterek (which was fan-made btw) and expect the writers to change the show. GET OVER IT!!!!! Almost all the sterek fan fic I’ve read changes the character’s persona and make them sound needy and childish. I love the show as is and don’t mind gay couples, but complaining about the show being marketing savvy using sterek incentives to win proves how gullable most fans are. I can’t even call some of you fans if you threaten to stop watching the show if you don’t get sterek, then stop watching. I’m pro- Jeff (the creator), not crazed people. The show is called Teen Wolf about Scott, not the Sterek Show about a delusional gay FANtasy. If you want to hate someone, blame the one who started Sterek.

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  15. It’s actually a cool and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us.

    Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  16. dd says:

    I think if someone wanted to watch a bunch of gays kissing the can go to philly, keep it out of teenwolf. Sick of seeing it. It keeps up on the show and im going to stop watching it. Makes me sick in the stomach watching trash.

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