Halle Berry TV Lead for Spielbergs ‘Extant’. Taking over in 2014?

The Oscar winner Halle Berry has been offered TV roles for years now. Shows such as Homeland and Hostages. However, this time Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi series by the name ‘Extant’ seems to have caught her eye. It has been officially announced that Berry will be starring in the initial 13-episode thriller series for CBS. She will be playing an astronaut who returns home after a year and has trouble reconnecting with her husband and child and the events leads to incidents that change the course of human history.

CBS is very happy that they got the Oscar winner on board as well as Steven Spielberg who went on to say that there’s only one Halle Berry in the world and he feels honored that she chose them to expand her illustrious career.

Halle Berry has said that she was attracted to the script because she will be playing a vulnerable and intelligent woman and that the whole thing has a mystery to it. She’s looking forward to playing the character for five months a year and the rest of the time she will be looking for movie scripts that can move her the way this opportunity has.

A lot of actors have shifted to television and channels are trying to get more on board. This can be a very good thing for Berry if the show is a success. She just came off her latest hit “The Call” that made 50+ million dollars in the U.S alone on a budget of $13 million and it’s doing well in foreign countries too. She will next be seen in the latest installment of of the X-Men series “X-Men Days of Future Past” and her movie “Frankie and Alice” will be getting a nationwide release in April 2014. Both the films and “Extant” in the summer of 2014 means that we will be seeing a lot of Halle Berry next year and more if the series turns out to be a huge hit.

She is already planning on producing a comedy by the name “Mother” for a tentative release date of 2015 and pairing that with a possible second season of “Extant”, it’s safe to say that Berry is doing quite good career wise. Some might argue that there are good roles for black actresses in Hollywood but the point remains that Halle is now 47 years old and in all the films she’s starred in, she’s one of the leads. So, saying that she should go for roles in films only even if they aren’t leading roles isn’t a strong argument for someone like Berry. She has done well in her career and she hasn’t left doing films either. Doing this TV series will help her connect to a bigger audience at home and even around the world.

Steven Spielberg has good ideas but not all of them stick when it comes to TV. A lot of his projects have been cancelled such as Terra Nova, The River, Lucky 7, etc. Falling Skies and Under the Dome are doing well and that’s why there’s a chance that Extant might do well if it’s executed properly.

All in all, Halle Berry seems to be on the right track considering she’s a leading African American Oscar winner who is 47 years old. She’s a working actress with a second child on the way and as she said herself, she needs the money to provide for her children. If Extant does well, it will help her have a stable role and find the time to look for other film opportunities.  


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