Wrecking Ball Review…Miley Cyrus is a wreck?

I guess a lot of you have heard Miley Cyrus’s new song ‘Wrecking Ball’ from her fourth studio album titled “Bangerz”. If not then you must have seen the music video. It set a new record for the most views on YouTube in 24 hours. So, what are people talking about? As with anything Miley, the most recent trend is that people hate her or they love her. Especially since she started to sell her ‘sex appeal’. Am I a fan of Miley Cyrus? Well I got to know about her because of Hannah Montana and after that she went into a full singing career, which I didn’t really follow but I did know what songs she released even if I didn’t listen to them. The two songs which I have heard are ‘We Can’t Stop’ and now ‘Wrecking Ball’. I don’t want to say anything about ‘We Can’t Stop’. I really don’t. The one I want to talk about is Wrecking Ball and the music video….Lord, the music video!

The start is quite interesting. The way she sings the song and the video of her crying and being vulnerable was a treat after most recent twerking performance at the award show. But then things change. For worse or better? I don’t know. We see her in very less clothes with a hammer, surrounded by three walls and a wrecking ball that breaks down the walls as the video continues. With that, Miley’s clothes also disappear and don’t even get me started on the hammer. Damn! It’s like it’s her boyfriend or something…Objectophilia much?!

Anyway, she then gets on top of the wrecking ball while it swings around everywhere, with a naked Miley on top. Yup, that’s the video. Miley crying on screen, wearing little clothes, making out with a hammer and riding the wrecking ball in her birthday suit.

The video aside. I liked the song. Especially the start of it. Didn’t like the main lyrics though…’I came in like a wrecking ball’. The rest of the song is nice. It has angst and she’s talking about a relationship that was wrecking her and she had to leave and wreck him even though she still loved him, etc. I enjoyed the song even more when I imagined it being sung by Lana Del Rey.

I am still waiting for Miley to give me a ‘singing style’. You know, like the one that Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, Demi Lovato, Rihanna and other singers have. I still don’t know the kind of sings that are to be specifically linked to Miley, etc. I might be repeating what other critics have said that she needs to concentrate less on selling her sex appeal and make people talk more about her singing. Let’s see the next thing she does.


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2 Responses to Wrecking Ball Review…Miley Cyrus is a wreck?

  1. Kikka says:

    Hey did you watch the latest MTV awards from EU? Naturally dear Miley had to put on her little show, smoking a joint (what I’ve personally found hilarious is that she did that in Amsterdam ça va sans dire…too obvious! ;-P)…what’s next? burning a guitar on stage?? LOL

    Overall I simple find this strategy pathetic, seedy doesn’t equal sexy to me: of course she can do whatever she pleases with her life & career, besides I’ve never watched Hanna M. before hence I’m not biased,& didn’t particularly liked her old songs (even if the previous record sounded better than this 1 IMO), however it’s quite sad that to be a woman in the music business still means that you’ve to be a stripper to hold a modicum of attention, that’s so lame (& nothing against stripper per sé of course). I think she’s just dancing to this unwritten rule to step away from her old good teen girl image: all is already done before BTW (see Madonna), the wink to sex & blasphemy often sell well (e.g. I’m also thinking to Taylor from Pretty Reckless band, ex Jenny from Gossip Girl…).
    At least speaking of US I assume that this is still the way things go…there’s no business like show b. they say, right?!

    I know that look & attitude are important but I believe that style & charisma can help the artist def more on the long run: I agree with you that MC hasn’t found yet her proper dymension, I’d say that basically she’s a sort of Kelly Clarkson as genre now mixed with urban pop-rap (a bit like Jessie J) to seem more modern: she’s trying hard to transform herself into something else (a bit like Gaga tends to do, then the actual skill is another matter altogether, see Lindsey Stirling for inst.).
    Critics apart I agree that Lana del Rey succeeded more into creating a stage-persona (I like her too), she also is inspired by old Hollywood & whatnot but there’s also something personal about it that makes her *original*, which in the end it’s what we all look for I guess…

    Plus it’s a pity that a beautiful song like Wrecking Ball has been spoiled by that ridiculous video.
    Regarding this “Disney generation” I’ve to say that I’ve found Selena Gomez to be the smartest of the bunch, cute without going overboard, the songs are nice etc…it’s possible to stay classy even sporting a sexy look I believe, another ex. could be singer Shym, check her out, she’s French & cool. Bye

    • TempestRaven says:

      nope haven’t seen latest MTV appearance but heard the censored her smoking a joint or something?….she needs to find herself, and soon. Right now it appears she’s trying too hard to do something different. So, good luck to her 🙂

      will be checking out Shym

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