August Comic Book Review: Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force, Young Avengers and More

Yes! It’s time for another roundup of what happened in the comic book world this month. Let’s start!

Uncanny X-Men 11

Nothing much happened in the previous issues from 8-10. We see Allison Blair getting recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D and Magneto not being in their good books anymore. The mutant named Gold Balls doesn’t really produce real gold balls so that sucks for him. In this issue Cyclops takes his team to address the mutants and the humans still siding with him and a new sentinel attacks. This was a major fight issue and the new sentinel has ‘adaptive’ capabilities. The X-Men try to fight but to no avail. The new team-member ‘Hijack’ shows us his powers and they are cool. Magneto appears and saves the day. The Sentinel is called back to where it came from and we get to see a new villain which i think might be connected to the ‘Battle of the Atom’ Arc starting next month.

Uncanny X-Force 10

The whole Psylocke and Fantomex thing has ended and in the end she got none of the three. This issue Betsy returns to L.A and the focus shifts to Bishop’s story. The Revenant Queen has come to our world and she is out for Bishop’s head. The Team tries to think of what to do with him when they are attacked. They all try to save Bishop but fail. The revenants make Storm, Psylocke and Puck drink something and we get to see in their minds. Psylocke always wants blood, Puck doesn’t like it that he’s very short and not a big superhero and Storm could’ve been a Goddess! Take it from me Ororo, you will always be a Goddess no matter what you do. Near the end we get to see the revenants of the X-Men and they look bad ass. Bishop escapes and I think we’ll get to see him save the team.

Young Avengers 9

The last time we saw the Young Avengers, they were still running across dimensions trying to save Wiccan’s brother, Speed. In the previous issue, Hulkling and Prodigy get separated from the team and they share a kiss…Gasp!

It turns out that David is bisexual and it dawned upon him when his powers allowed him to take in everything from others. He wanted a slice of ‘Wiccan and Hulkling’s’ relationship because they are perfect. Teddy, on the other hand still thinks Billy might be reality-warping his love for him. We get to know more about Kid Loki’s ‘ex’? named Leah of Hell. The team leaves and Kid Loki has a plan. Mother finds Hulkling and Prodigy but their friends arrive along with all the evil things from other dimensions in order to distract the parasite. It works and Miss America takes them all home. They meet the Patriot rip-off and David says that he was just playing with the team. The teenagers return to some ‘Noodle’ place where we get to know about Wiccan being a multidimensional Messiah and he seems important to Miss America as well. I love her!

Teddy and Billy decide to take a break because Teddy is unsure if their love is true…cue painful tears and we see him talking to Leah…Double Gasp!

Teen Titans 23

Well things did get better in this issue. Trigon is gone and we all know that Raven isn’t what she’s acting to be. The Titans save Kid Flash from being kidnapped by a portal and we get a hint about his past. Miguel, Bunker, gets a message that makes hi very happy. Wonder Girl and Superboy work out their issues with a kiss. Kid Flash works out his issues through Solstice’s help through a kiss as well. We see Red Robin teaching Raven about everything the Teen Titans do and for him she’ll be the second in command. Miguel asks everyone for a meeting and we get to know that Gabriel, his love, is awake from a comma and is asking for him. So, he leaves with Beastboy. I have no idea why Beast Boy would be going along with him.

This ends my August Comic Book review. You can also check out the review from last month. I might start reviewing the amazing ‘X-Men’ series that has an all female cast as well. Share your thoughts about the comics you like!



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