“Colville – The Cold” Book Review (Arousing the Legacy): It isn’t easy to end a Curse!

Yes, people, I am back with another book review for you all. Currently I am quite into the Paranormal, Young Adult series ‘Colville’ written by the young author A.J. Raven. And that’s why I know you won’t be surprised that I will be reviewing Book 3 “Colville – The Cold” in the series “Arousing the Legacy: The Colville Mysteries“.


Even though the first two books in the series had their own respective stories, some of the things are left unanswered. I think that’s a very good tactic when it comes to writing a series. An author should end the ‘major’ part of the story and let other things be addressed as the series continues.

Here’s the official synopsis for “Colville – The Cold

When a group of friends come upon a car crashed into a tree, they are surprised to find that the woman inside is alive. She tells the group that she and her co-worker had been filming the abandoned Singleton residence for a news report when it grew cold inside the house. They left, and walked toward the swamp not far from the abandoned abode. The swamp was frozen, with thinner ice in places and frozen footprints emanating from the swamp and going into the forest…human footprints. Thinking that the prints were made by kids as a joke, the two reporters followed them and noticed what appeared to be an animal or a human zoom into the trees. Assuming that the creature was hiding, the man approached it, and the couple found themselves surrounded by bodies staring at them. The news duo turned and ran back to their car, where they found another creature preventing them from getting away. The creature grabbed the man’s neck as the woman screamed and watched helplessly as the creature dragged her co-worker into the forest… The group of friends are mesmerized by the woman’s story and they set out to solve the mystery.

Sounds interesting, right? We have the same group of highschool friends, Anya, Susan, Eric, Carl, Tabitha, Seth and Cassandra wondering why the weather is suddenly acting strange. The temperature has fallen quite low and it’s supposed to be the end of Summer. Thinking that it might have something to do with the swamp incident they all faced just about a week ago, they head out to figure out what’s wrong.

Now, this is where the good stuff begins to happen. ‘Colville – The Cold’ is full of thrills and chills. Something has come out of the frozen swamp and it wants revenge. The friends unexpectedly meet two reporters (a man and a woman), things don’t go well and the thing mentioned in the synopsis above happens. There’s a very well-written scene about Seth and Cassandra looking at some video footage that the reporters were able to get.

This time the threat is bigger. The supernatural creatures are moving from town to town and everybody seems to be frozen. Book 3 is quite fast paced, which I think works in it’s favor. Book 2 “Colville – The Swamp” had a lot of buildup leading to the climax. The action in this one, however, starts after a chapter or two and doesn’t end until the last page of the book.

As far as the characters are concerned, there are a lot of interactions. People we haven’t seen talk much interact and it makes for a very fun read. One of the best interactions are between Seth and Cassandra, who had always met as a group until now.

There’s a lot of character development for Anya in this book. We get to know more about how ‘special’ she is and why David might have been after her back in Book one ‘Colville – The Secret‘. One of my favorite chapters were the ones where the friends try to escape from a town full of the supernatural creatures and then the last chapter where a lot of things are dealt with and something about Anya is revealed which I know will come into play as the series continues. 

Colville – The Cold” is another amazing installment in the series and I hope that the writer keeps on writing. There are just so many things that can happen and I will be updating you all about it.

You can buy “Arousing the Legacy – The Colville Mysteries” from the various links mentioned or other sources that sell eBooks

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Feel free to leave a comment and do let me know about the books you’ve read.



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