July Comic Book Review: Uncanny X-Men, Uncannny X-Force, Young Avengers and More

Well i guess it’s that time of the month already! I apologize for not being here lately, I had some stuff to take care of in the real world. But now I am back, at least for the reviewing stuff. So, let’s begin!

Uncanny X-Men 8

I guess it’s the same arc that’s going on. The boy that produces golden balls (If they are made of actual gold, that boy is going to become rich!) doesn’t like the pressure that comes with being an X-Men, fighting demons and stuff and so, he decides to go home. Emma Frost and Scott Summers take the boy, Fabio, home and then tell him to use his powers for good. Back at the mutant base Magneto and Cyclops have a talk about helping each other fix themselves. We then see the new mutant, the one who seems to control cars, David, using his powers in the parking lot. The police arrives, things don’t go too well and they shoot. The X-Men intervene and save him. Back at Fabio’s place his parents seem to think he became a mutant because they didn’t go to church, Fabio loses control and gold balls kind of destroy his house. A S.H.I.E.L.D agent appears asking about where Cyclops is and it’s Allison Blaire, also known as Dazzler.

Uncanny X-Force 8

This issue opens with Psylocke and Cluster and I think they just did ‘it’ or kept doing it for three days and Fantomex isn’t happy about it. In the present we see the ladies captured by Weapon XIII who wants to prove that he loves Betsy the most. They go on a date and kind of go around the world because of Dark Fantomex’s misdirection powers. He talks about how he loves her, etc. In the past we see that Psylocke was betrayed by Fantomex. In the present we see Betsy asking Weapon XIII to kill Fantomex for her. This was more of a filler issue for me and the good stuff will probably happen in the next issue.

Young Avengers 7

This issue beings the next arc. The kids have decided to stay away from their parents in order to defeat the parasitic Mother. Three months have passed and the issue starts with the Young Avengers chasing Skrulls that end up being Sniff-Somethings. There’s a funny page which has been done ‘Instagram’ style and recaps what the teenagers went through in the months that passed. They end up going to a dinner where they meet Prodigy who tells them about what happened to Wicaan’s brother, Speed. They go back to the crime scene, Loki does his magic and discovers an inter-dimensional trail. Miss America creates a star that is actually a portal that takes them to the Patriot looking kidnapper. There’s a panel where Hulkling and Noh-Varr have a bro talk about whether Billy could be using his powers to make Teddy fall in love with him and you know drama is going to ensue.

Young Avengers 8

This is the issue that had a lot of spoilers in it and caused a lot of people to ‘lose it’ in the end. I had to read the issue thrice in order to make some sense of what might have happened but I’m still not sure. Anyway we get to know that the teenagers have been traveling from dimension to dimension for five weeks and the things they have seen aren’t pretty unless you count the diner where Loki and Miss America first met back in issue 1. They find a fresh trail and walk into a dimension that has been conquered by Marvel Boy. Headless dominatrix type women attack and Miss America shows that her powers have no regards for physics (who is she?). They go into a dimension that has fluffy creatures that keep saying ‘Demiurge’. Kid Loki tries to make Wiccan not see the sky, but he fails, and Billy sees a constellation that looks like him. I think we will learn more about that. They again follow the kidnapper and realize they have entered a new dimension which is The Mother’s home world. They try to escape but Hulking and Prodigy are left behind. Billy tells the others to go back but they have other things to worry about, Leah! I think she’s from Journey into Mystery. Prodigy scares The Mother by faking doing magic and he runs away with Teddy and then they kiss! Yes, make what you want of that!

Teen Titans 22

This issue was okay. Trigon took control of Kid Flash, Superboy, Bunker and Wonder Girl. Beast Boy, Red Robin and Raven try to fight them. Raven splits her soul self and Red Robin attacks Trigon. The whole fight is stupid. It just is. How can Red Robin go against Trigon? Anyway the demon goes away and the Teen Titans are all right. They realize that the dozens of soldiers that died were just illusions. Raven sticks around. It is revealed that they all were under Trigon’s control from the start when they got on their ship. Remember Red Robin acting creepy? That was courtesy of Raven’s father. The last panel shows Raven being accepted by the team, talking to her father that his plan worked and Kid Flash being taken into some portal. I am still waiting for the series to give me something better.

So, this marks the end of another comic book review month. You can catch up with what happened last month as well. Feel free to comment and I will see you all next month with another review!



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