“Colville – The Swamp” Book Review (Arousing the Legacy) : Zombies, Curses and a group of Teenagers!

Another mystery and paranormal book which I want to bring to your attention is titled “Colville – The Swamp” in the “Arousing the Legacy: The Colville Mysteries” series by A. J. Raven. You might be wondering, ‘Colville, sounds familiar?’ Well you are right it does sound familiar because some time back I reviewed the first book in the series titled “Colville – The Secret” which had vampires, werewolves and a lot of chills and thrills in it. Anyway, moving on. The story picks up a few weeks after the incidents that occurred in the first book and Anya and her friends are going back to high school after their summer break. There might be some spoilers in the review so I am cautioning you now.


Here’s the official overview for the title:

A trip to a swamp believed to be haunted is intriguing to Anya and her friends, but when they arrive at their campsite they sneak away from the group to check out the swamp before the others. What they find is disturbing, to say the least. The pale, yellow green water looks sickening and there are bodies in the swamp. After this discovery, along with moans in the night, the rumors of a haunted swamp and the zombies within it are a little more believable.

Where the first book was fast paced, this one spends most of the time building up to the incident which you know is going to happen. Anya is trying to get her life back to normal but things don’t look so good because the high school is going on a trip to a swamp, which is rumored to be haunted. Judging by the genera of this book, you can be sure that those rumors aren’t just mere lies. Anya isn’t interested in all of the supernatural talk but her friends are and who can blame them after what they all went through just a few weeks back.

One of the best things I liked about this book is the fact that we get to see Susan shine. She didn’t get much development in ‘Colville – The Secret’ but in this one we get to see that when she makes up her mind to do something, she does it. Eric was the go-to boy when it came to research, but this time around we get to see that Susan can take that place as well. She gathers a lot of information about the swamp the trip is going to and we get to see that she’s capable of a lot of things in the group.

A lot of new characters are introduced in this book. We get to know about the rest of the teenagers present in the high school as well as some teachers. Some characters are there for comedic effect which is nice as it helps ease the tension. However, the two main characters is a new boy, Anya takes a fancy to and a girl that the teenagers already know named Cassandra. There are moments in the story where we get scenes only about her and you can tell right away that there’s something more going on with her and I know we will get to know more as the series continues.

This time around the main mystery is about the swamp and why it’s said to be cursed. The swamp is near a small deserted farm and when the friends search the place, during the trip, they get to know that the residents practiced dark magic. Long story short, this time around the teenagers face off against swamp zombies and they have to save their class fellows as well.

This book felt like a setup for a bigger story. I don’t think the swamp mystery has been completely solved yet and there are still a lot of questions about Cassandra and why the zombies would even come out attack humans after every fifty years. I think we will get to know more about the story in the coming books in the series. However, “Colville – The Swamp” is still a very nice read if you prefer an exciting buildup to a finale and like mysteries.

“Arousing the Legacy – The Colville Mysteries” is available from the links below;

Barnes & Nobles (Nook):


Amazon (Kindle)


Amazon (Paperback)




It’s also available from various other websites that sell eBooks. You can read a huge free sample by searching for it on Google Books, if you prefer.

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Let me know your thoughts about the book and what you think of the series!


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