Teen Wolf and Sterek: Should it become Canon or will remain a Shippers dream?

If you are familiar with Teen Wolf but you don’t know about Sterek then surely you must be living under a rock. When it comes to Teen Wolf and shipping, then Sterek is a massive ship that you just can’t ignore. It doesn’t matter if you ship it yourself or not, what matters is that it exists, sailing in the shipping sea.


I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time now. We all know about the shipping wars that seem to go on endlessly on various media platforms likes Tumblr and Twitter, etc. and I thought that it was time for me to add my own two cents into the mix as well. I read a post about two days ago in which the writer was looking at both sides of the coin and giving opinions on how Sterek can and can’t happen in the show. I think a lot of you might have read it. It was the one where Derek was described as being a ‘Lady’s man’. I don’t remember the title etc, feel free to leave a link so others can read it as well.

Here you will be able to read about what I think of this whole, Sterek being canon or not situation. My thoughts as well as the ones I got to know from various sources are mentioned in the article. So, if I fail to mention some of you, then I apologize.

Sterek Becoming Canon

In order for us to understand if this ship will ever become canon or why people ship it, let’s look at the characters involved.

One of the characters is Stiles Stilinski. Let’s go over what we know about Stiles, played by the talented Dylan O’Brien, focusing more on his sexuality which has been shown in the show.

1. He’s the best friend of the protagonist, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey)

2. His mother died when he was young and he lives with his father who’s also the town’s Sheriff.

3. He’s quite curious and helped Scott when it came to dealing with the werewolf transformation back in Season 1.

4. He has a crush on Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) and it has been assumed that it’s because she reminds him of her mother and that’s why he made those ‘specific’ references regarding death in Season 2 and Season 3.

5. He was quite interested to know whether or not he was attractive to gays and he even asked Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) in class. He also wasn’t pleased when Scott got a free drink in the Jungle and he also didn’t like that Danny was joking about having sex with him in Season 3.

6. He was able to befriend the drag queens in the club and even invited them over to Lydia’s party.

7. It has been stated that Dylan was serious when playing such scenes in which a hint of Stiles being bisexual can be found. Jeff is also not against the idea of deeming the character as bisexual.

8. He was ready to have sex with a childhood friend when she offered, in Season 3.

Now, let’s see what Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) has to offer when it comes to his sexuality on the show.

1. We know that he came back to Beacon Hills to look for his elder sister, years after the Hale fire. It hasn’t been mentioned whether or not he had a relationship with anyone during the time he was away.

2. He had a sexual relationship with Kate Argent, aunt of Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) and that she used him and he still feels guilty about it.

3. Erica (Gage Golightly) kissed him during a training session and he didn’t take kindly to it.

4. He also charmed or glamoured Erica to be a part of his pack as well as a woman in the Sheriff department.

4. He seems to have taken a liking to a new character named Jennifer Blake after saving her from Cora (Adelaide Kane) and Boyd (Sinqua Walls) in Season 3.

So, with Stiles we know that he can possibly be bisexual. Even when there were no comments made on the topic, a lot of viewers looked at him as being bisexual. As far as Derek is concerned, we only know of one relationship which he had with Kate and now we are seeing another one happen with Ms. Blake. As far as Sterek shippers go, these two relationships mean nothing and Derek can be bisexual and thus, fall for Stiles. However, people who are anti-Sterek or maybe those who are okay with the ship but aren’t ready for it to be canon consider him as being straight.


Now, there are a lot of reasons for that. For some people, any character that acts too ‘manly’ etc., is instantly thought of as straight. He might share some light moments with other male characters but at the end of the day he’s still straight. This is where Derek comes in. He has a manly air around him. Girls fantasize being with him and boys want to be like him. There is no option of thinking him as gay or bisexual because he has been introduced in a manner that sits well with the hetero normative character representation we see on other shows.

Due to the fact that Derek has taken a liking to Ms. Blake and is a potential (read confirmed) love interest for him in Season 3, many people have taken this as a huge bitch slap meant for the Sterek shippers. For them, it’s Jeff’s way of saying that Derek likes the ladies and there’s nothing you can do about it. There can be many reasons for Jeff Davis to introduce a new female love interest and the true reason, only he knows.

According to Jeff, he came to know about Sterek after the writing for the first two seasons was complete. Which means that the famous ‘push towards the wall’ and ‘staying in the pool for two hours’, along with ‘falling on one another’ and other scenes were in Jeff’s mind way before he knew about the ship. Now, he could have put these scenes for only comedy purposes or there was another ‘agenda’ in place because we all could see those ‘glances’ in Season 1 and 2.

During the hiatus we knew that Jeff was familiar with the ship and he described Stiles and Derek’s relationship for Season 3 as ‘allies’, which caused a stir in the fandom. We also came to know that there weren’t any Sterek related scenes at least in the first half of the season. However, we aren’t sure what the creators and actors mean by such scenes because when Season 3 started we got a lot of ‘Sterek’ scenes in the episodes we got to see. The relationship has definitely changed. Stiles can grab Derek’s wrist without him looking surprised and Derek can touch him as well. There are also a lot of glances shared between those two. So, yes, everything is fine with Jeff knowing about ship. But then, where did this ‘Jennifer’ come from. Who is she? And why has Derek taken a liking to her which many fans are saying is out of character for him.

Let’s look at why Jennifer was introduced and what she will do for the show and the characters. Is she really a threat to Sterek?

As far as we know, Jennifer Blake character was publicized as a potential love interest for Derek. Other than that we know nothing about her, except that she’s a new teacher and likes to stay at school late and arrive early. She must be up for the ‘Teacher of the Year Award’. In episode 4 of Season 3 we got to see some similarity between her and Stiles. When Derek asked about how she was, a lot of fans noticed that the answer she gave was quite similar to what Stiles would have said.

What’s Jeff’s angle? We all knew that he would be playing around with some ships and that he likes conflict. So, of course, a female love interest for Derek was going to cause a stir and create conflict, especially for the Sterek shippers. Ask yourselves. Do you really think that a character that has been defined as a love interest is going to last? Aren’t lasting love interests supposed to be main characters or even secondary ones? For example Scott and Allison or Jackson and Lydia in the previous season.

If you think that Ms. Blake is just an innocent teacher who Derek takes a liking to while the Alpha Pack incident is happening, then you have another thing coming. We know that Jeff likes to put in a lot of twists and no character comes and goes without adding something to the story. As far as Sterek shippers are concerned, Jennifer will play a very important role in Derek’s life. She can help him come to terms with the loss or anger he feels because of Kate. Both Stiles and Derek have a lot emotional baggage right now and they need to mature in order to be ready for each other. A lot of fans think that she will either die or break Derek’s heart. Whatever may be the case, I believe that Jennifer Blake is a character that won’t stay long.

But then what? Will Sterek happen after her? Or will the loop start again and Derek will find some other female?

Only time will tell. The bottom line is that currently the way Derek and Jennifer relationship has been portrayed is very cliche. Just because it’s a man and woman, the show wants to tell us that there is something between them and the ship is meant to be.

Yes, I know that it when it comes to shipping, there are a lot of instances of the ship never becoming canon. A TV show, when it comes down to it, is all about getting a bigger viewership. If a few shipping teases are thrown into the show and they lead to more views, then of course you will get to see more of them. That’s why a lot of people, even some that ship Sterek, are saying that we will see nods towards the ship in an episode or two. We will get to see some funny scenes, etc. but making it ‘canon’ will not happen because no matter how much we want it not to be, the current face of TV is still geared towards the straight viewers. They can be happy with a side character being homosexual, like Danny and Ethan this season, but not a main character.

Jeff has said that he likes to go against stereotypes and that’s why a lot of Sterek shippers feel that this ship will actually be able to make television history. Showing an actual love blossoming between two male characters, that haven’t been depicted as gay, will have more of an impact and show that love is love and that sexuality is something that’s fluid. You don’t decide who you fall in love with and that’s what Sterek will tell the viewers if it ever happens. We will get to see a relationship between two characters who just happen to love each other and their sexuality is something that comes afterwards.

I need to get one thing straight with you all. As far as I am concerned, the term Sterek originated because of the amazing chemistry the characters, Stiles and Derek have with each other, played by Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin, . Yes, the scenes were in the script, but the way the actors delivered the scenes is what caused the ship to sail in the first place. So, for me, Sterek is canon because in a sense the ship represents the chemistry that these two characters have. It’s up to Jeff Davis if he wants to mold this relationship into something romantic or not, because let’s face it, we know that the ground-work is already there.

I would like to say thanks to the wonderful Sterek shippers and the posts they write and reblog on their Tumblr: Cole The Wolf and the Alpha Princess Qhuinn. Their insight regarding anything Teen Wolf is always a joy to read.

And yes, the whole ‘Stiles and Derek is canon’ debate has been done time and time again. Saying that you want something canon right now isn’t the way to go. Trust me when i say that Sterek shippers want development and I think Jeff knows that as well. The pairing needs to make sense and only then will it have an impact that it has the potential to have.

In the end, I would like to say that I’m not into ‘Deniffer’. For me, the ship should be ‘Jenerek’ which rhymes with generic which means too generalized, too hetero normative and too fake. However, you are free to ship anyone you want or even anything (all of us remember Ashard!).

The point is that you can ship whatever boat, canoe or piece of plank, you want. What’s important is that you respect each other because in the end, the call of making Sterek or any ship canon is totally Jeff’s and we should respect that as well.

Feel free to leave a comment!

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13 Responses to Teen Wolf and Sterek: Should it become Canon or will remain a Shippers dream?

  1. Jacob says:

    Good post! Would love to see Sterek become canon. Would be absolutely groundbreaking, breaking stereotypes and giving gay watchers a REAL romance to sink our teeth into.

  2. Neil says:

    Oh my goodness, I could no agree anymore then what you have posted here! I absolutely love this and how you broke down each character individually!
    To me, this Jenerek ship has totally sunken my hopes for Sterek. I know she’s a good character, with a good heart, but so far it seems like she’s only there as a love interest for Derek. AND WHAT REALLY REALLY IRKS ME IS THAT THERE WAS NO CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THEM THAT DEVELOPED TO EVEN MAKE SENSE. I don’t get how finding her in the basement and rescuing her and then all of a sudden he comes to her dying in this new episode? It would have made more sense if he came to Stiles. Stiles, who he trusts a hell of a lot more than her. I don’t understand the Jenerek ship. There’s no chemistry. It’s not cute. It’s rushed. And most of all, I feel like it’s a way to tell us Sterek shippers to give up. But, I understand that she probably has some serious back story and ulterior motives going on with her so far. Maybe she’s a druid or a puppet. I mean, look at Ms. Morrison and how she’s been coerced into helping the alpha pack. There is still so much betrayals and angst in this show. So, we can’t really label exactly what’s going on because Jeff likes to keep us on our toes. I just want to say, though, that I am really disappointed and upset over this Jenerek ship, which is really making my hopes for Sterek lessen. Someone give me a response here? It would be great, thanks!

    • TempestRaven says:

      When you ship something, i guess you need to be ready to understand that it might never become canon ever. However, with Sterek the case was a bit different because the cast teased it a lot. So, of course people were going to be upset about Jenerek. Even if you don’t ship Sterek it’s easy to see that Ms Blake/Derek is too cliche. Anyway, it’s Jeff that we are talking about. It has only been five episodes and we don’t know much about Jennifer. As far as i know, a character that has been introduced as solely a ‘love interest’ isn’t really that important (yet). We still have a lot of episodes left for the first arc and anything can happen. Jeff loves conflict and that’s exactly what Jenerek gave Sterek shippers and other views.

  3. riversprite77 says:

    Great point of view! I’m more of a Sterek fan than I am a Teen Wolf fan! It would be amazing if it became cannon, but it would not be a huge surprise if it doesn’t. I have all the amazing fanfiction to get my Sterek fix. (I actually find a lot of the fanfiction out there better than the show!)

    I totally agree with you that Jenerek is generic, it also came out of nowhere. They meet once and then they meet again and have sex. I kind of found some of the Sterek fan’s reaction to the last episode hilarious. Just because they had sex doesn’t mean they are going to get married and have a bunch of werewolf babies together. Plus most TV relationships don’t last long.

    I also think most people forget that Stiles is underage. Even if Derek was interested, he cannot tap that until Stiles turns 18. Kate was an older woman who seduced an underage Derek and then killed his family…I think that would give Derek strong feelings about seducing an underage Stiles.

    • TempestRaven says:

      Totally agree…sometimes the fan fic makes more sense and is more fun than the show itself ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes, the way Jenerek is being shown on TV, it’s too fast and I do believe that Jeff has a bigger plan that we will have to wait and see. And yes, the reaction some fans had because of Derek and Jeniffer sleeping together was quite dramatic. Sterek’s a ship people, of course it will see some troubling waters. All we can do now is see where the season takes the characters and keep shipping with heads held high !!

  4. Dermi says:

    I love the Jennifer/Derek storyline. I think part of the reason we don’t know a lot about her is so we can see her through Dererk’s eyes. He knows so little about her, but has managed to fall in love with her already. She feels the same. Sometimes you just fall in love (at first sight, as it were), As did Scott & Allison. What happens in the final three episodes of Season 3A is anyone’s guess. In an interview with Haley Webb, after episode 9, she gave some information. She had to be careful about what she said:

    Q: Is Jennifer really the Darach?
    A: That remains to be seen. Is she fully the Darach or are their two of them within her like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide. She will say that the Darach isn’t killing for random reasons. In many cultures sacrifices were made for battle.

    My opinion: I think we will find out that the Jane Doe was really the emissary to Ennis’s pack. When Ennis went on the rampage because of his pack friends murder, his emissary tries to calm him down. He attacks are and then leave her for dead. She was badly marred. I think we may find out that Jennifer was the emissary OR a relative of Jane Doe. A druid herself, she began plotting the revenge and eventual downfall of the entire Alpha pack. Her level of hatred and revenge caused her to go the dark path. Jennifer is still in there and is the same person she always was: kind, caring, and healing. I think the catalyst for her change was when Derek found her in the supply cage. He found Jennifer. This time a wolf held out his hand instead of his claws.

    Q: Is Jennifer really Paige?
    A: The Derek/Paige storyline will come into play during the remaining episodes.

    My opinion: Jennifer’s feelings for Derek won’t change. On the outside Derek’s will have changed for Jennifer because she is the Darach, but a part of him knows that she is Jennifer too and it’s the Jennifer part of her he loves. I think something will happen and she will die and Derek will find himself holding the only other woman that he has loved while she lay dying in his arms. Due to her pain she will ask Derek to do something. And he be confronted with the same situation as he was with Paige. She’s going to die anyway so should he end her suffering?

    They are being very closed mouth on whether Haley Webb’s contract called for 12 or 24 episodes. MTV hasn’t picked it up for a 4th season and Jeff Davis isn’t sure he wants to keep writing for it, even if it is. So if 3B is the final series season, who knows. Maybe the Darach will go away somehow leaving Jennifer just Jennifer and her and Derek will live HEA,

    Q: Did the Darach single out Derek for part of her plan?
    A: Though Derek is part of the final battle, she didn’t seek him to gain what she could from him?

    Q: So does that mean that her feelings for him are real?
    A: Yes very very real. She loves him deeply and though he’s not admitted it (yet), Derek in love with here as equally.

    My opinion: Something will happen that will make Derek see that the Darach and Jennifer are two different personages…both trapped in Jennifer’s body. Remember except for Lydia, the Darach was doing the killing, not Jennifer. Perhaps the only way to free Jennifer from the Darach is to kill her? Everyone is all hating Jennifer right now, but what about Jackson? People were quick to forgive him and he was randomly murdering people for no other reason that revenge. Right or Wrong – what Jennifer is doing is being done a for a reason. For the greater good. At least that’s how she sees it. So if we can forgive Jackson…why not Jennifer?

    Q: What about this whole Sterek thing?
    A: It’s not happening. Stiles and Derek are the straight man and the funny man who are (or will be) close, like other teams: Andy & Barney, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Laurel & Hardy.

    Q: Why isn’t Cora healing?
    A: Wouldn’t say. Though it’s interesting to note that only druids can heal…not dark druids. So if she healed Derek, then there must be a part of her that is still just druid. That’s why she can heal Cora – her love for Derek.

    Q: What’s the whole Deaton/Morrell about?
    A: We now know that Deaton is a druid. Morrell claims to be, but she’s Ducalion’s emissary. I think if she’s not already a dark druid, she is well on her way.

    • TempestRaven says:

      The Jen/Derek thing does make a lot of sense when you put it like that. You are right, a lot can happen in the last 3 eps and then there’s also 3B…so who knows what can happen and i have heard Haley mention that her character loves Derek and he loves her the same etc…and i have heard talks about her being controlled or something similar…

      Do leave a link Haley Webb’s interview if you can or if anyone else has it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Nicole says:

    I really like your post. It’s exactly what I think. No matter how hard we (sterek fans) want them to be canon right now – yesterday was late – it needs to make sense. I always enjoyed the most those stories, where they’re building their relationship with time, by baby steps, because (let’s make it clear) both of them, Derek and Stiles have some issues when it comes to love (and maybe kind of doubt about themselves too…). First, they need to start being more comfortable around each other (which is already happening!), to trust each other, realized how similiar they are and that they are perfect match. Because probably only Stiles can understant Derek at least a little bit, how is it – this hollow feeling of loosing someone. They are both broken, but even if it seems that Derek is the stronger here, I think that this is exactly what Stiles’ power is – he is incredibly strong inside. And where Derek feels betrayed, Stiles (at least I see it that way) might feel to be sometimes left behind by Scott. Because he’s not werewolf, doesn’t have superpowers (but I already mention that he has his own, right? Stiles has plenty of his secret powers inside…). I just want it to happen, but I’d prefer to take it slow, through all and whole the show and someday, that day will come. I don’t need Jeff to throw me some “yay, we love each other, let’s have crazy sex and be happy ever after!” I think everybody feels, that in case your boyfriend is a werewolf (let’s ask Allison or Lydia ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), your life will probably never be calm, happy, rainbows and unicorns. I don’t need them to. I just want them to know, they have each other. Someone who will never, ever, betrayed them.

  6. Morgana says:

    2thumbs up Tempest!*_* We share a similar POV then, however I’d be curious to know how you consider the Stydia’s development now at the end of s3-A…y’know, since all the buzz previously was about Jennerek instead (BTW I’ve giggled so much at hearing the nickname, quite appropriate it’s true ;-P): I’ve to say I wasn’t truly worried for this new female guest star coming into the game, since I had kinda imagined this outcome because Jeff himself openly stated that she was a love interest, considering that TPTB are very careful regarding the spoilers to be given away I agree that it was just intentional bomb to make fans talk, essentially…but not a real threat for Sterek.

    1 thing I def wasn’t expecting was the “mirroring scenes” with older stuff: i.e. Jennifer’s situations linking to previous Stiles’ behaviour, if we wanna be positive we might take it as a good sign for a slow building up of a future Sterek deep bond…or simply that these writers have zero imagination? LOL! (& besides it seems people is in agreement to consider them getting closer now, in an emotional way. Sure yep, they’re always themselves regardless, like we love to see them as so very different guys, but at the same time they are able to understand & support each other on a deeper level than before this season, all the messy rest apart. E.g. I was rethinking to the famous s2 pool scene & Sterek confrontation: if it had happened now, D. would have totally trusted S. without second guesses, that’s also why I’m in luv with this dynamic duo ;-*).

    Jeff will always have the final word & control over his baby, but like many others I’m still hopeful for a good Sterek development cos I think he’s the right man to create this, but also cos it’d be so refreshing to see, especially for this genre of shows (like yes, Buffy featured some odd pairings or LGBT roles, but ultimately they were also doomed, therefore it’d be nice for once to watch a positive turn of events).

    I like TW mythology, particularly that the showrunner didn’t choose the corny Twilight-way in vogue nowdays but more an ironical spooky angle, like thriller B movies tend to do. I’ve appreciated also the girls on the show (I still hope Cora’s role will have some more substance if we’ll ever see her again), but even if I’ve fun with Lydia’s attitude I hope that this time Stydia won’t become endgame (it’d be too comics’ Spiderman with his *lifetime crush* for me all over again), I’d prefer to watch something unusual, & if it happens to be gay it’s ok obviously, I aim for good storytelling, even better if it holds a double social meaning too, doesn’t it? Plus having already had Scott/Allison couple as typical…I’d not care much for a Seth/Summer reloaded (OC). Last thing, the fact that Lydia subconsciously reminds S. of his poor mum well…doesn’t exactly stands as big romance, so I vote for their friendship.

    I know that Americans pay more attention to (even if fictional) details like Stiles being too young to be involved with “older sourwolf”, but apparently also Angel was hundred years older than Buffy, & also the guys from Vampire Diaries uh? However it is, even if the network is worried of this specific theme, it’s quite easy to handle, suffice is to make them kiss for the time being, & the rest maybe in the end when S. will be of the proper age…It’ll be a bumpy ride if Sterek become canon, to be taken patiently, but it’s worth it IMO (let’s only hope it won’t happen only at the epilogue, lame choice otherwise), in the meantime let’s enjoy the journey (+the good fanfics out there, even if watching these great actors play it would be all the better)! Cheers by Morgana*

    • TempestRaven says:

      I love your thoughts :)….knowing Teen Wolf, no character is introduced without a reason, especially if he/she survives the episode, so i knew something was up with Jennifer the moment she came on screen…an innocent English teacher? if we weren’t able to catch her from the start then we haven’t been watching TW

      Yes, love the fact that Jeff takes TW to a spooky side of things and it’s not all ‘lovey dovey’ etc…don’t think ‘age’ matter as far as Sterek is concerned…characters have had relationships with vampires and demons older than a hundred years…i know, perverts ๐Ÿ˜‰

      as for the Stydia moment? i don’t know…if Stydia was to be endgame i think their ‘first’ kiss would’ve been something ‘romantic’ and not shot the way it was and then leading to them going to Morell’s office…Jeff has an amazing storyline if Lydia and Stiles remain friends, regardless of Sterek happening or not…it would show that a boy and girl can remain friends without ever being ‘ex’es

      The scene after Boyd’s death and the Sterek scenes in the hospital (the looks etc) really show that there might be something between them, if Jeff decides to pursue it, all of the blocks have been set.

      I know Jeff likes to create drama and that’s why he would never give anything without creating drama…Scott/Allison and going to have to deal with Issac…Sterek dealt with Jenerek and i think Stydia will have to deal with Lydia/Aiden, Lyden? As for Stydia being endgame, like i said, i don’t know, we already have a romeo/Juliet thing with Scallison…i don’t need another one….always saw Lydia being with ‘tough/bad boys’ like Jackson or Aiden who love her…won’t show it much but still love her…..two smart, sarcastic, clever people being in a romantic relationship (Stydia), it doesn’t work for me.

      Jeff saying that he wants to see Stiles see Lydia as a person and developing it into ‘adult love’ would be amazing for me if it’s ‘adult love’ like mature adult friendship love (regardless of Sterek happeing or not).

  7. Morgana says:

    Luv u back! ;-)) Exactly, I’ve also thought that TW in this regard works more like a thriller movie than a soap opera, therefore you can imagine if a sweetie innocuous new entry like Jennifer was merely a love interest for Mr Gloom & Doom #1 Derek?!? No way! it was obvious, especially since I’ve noticed how the show cares about the families involved as essential part of their mythology (that’s another thing I like, less “moster of the week” & more grounded SLs), & Jennifer came out of the blue, apparently no ties & even too close in time to those killings…

    Yep I also guess that age isn’t the 1st reason it’s not been done yet. Regarding Stydia I agree 100% with you: I think it’s even more important than Sterek the fact that a boy/girl’s friendship can be kept this way, without pushing by force the sexual button. I know Jeff has already done it for other couples of “just friends” in this series, so I’d appreciate that he mantains this trajectory, because characters should have their own strength in themselves before that in others.
    Plus as you said, the whole kiss scene was quite awkard to be taken as totally romantic anyway (also the banter of Stiles after it, & his expression, as he was relieved more than really ecstatic that the crush of his life finally gave him the highfive, uh?!), a bit like other random kisses in TW that didn’t land anywhere afterwards.
    Also the heavy touch of the typical music that you’d expect in a different sort of “shipping scene” instead made me thinking…& if the showrunner is using this Styida ship as a sort of *red herring* for something else that we still don’t know? Whatever plot he’s in mind I don’t know: maybe for the 2 roles to come to understand where they exactly stand about each other within that crazy TW context, since as Sterek also Stydia holds a sort of changing dynamic compared to the start of this story (not like Stiles/Scott for example).

    Sure! about your Sterek most recent examples, I believe that it’s evident for all viewers to notice how their acquaintance is not so “casual” anymore, as it once used to seem probably: therefore Jeff has created a good foundation for more to come, whenever he would choose to go that route. Then if you add other motivations, like S. not being the main protagonists (which could have been problematic, who knows), that Jeff is gay, & that Dethan have been well received, well why not? (Regardless, even if, it’d be a uber angsty *almost impossible* road to walk into, we already know that, oops! it’ll hurt but it’ll be also just awesome! ;-P).

    Like you I wouldn’t jump of joy at Lydia as endgame or super-couple for the reasons we’ve already talked about; especially for the kind of too similar personalities they have, also for me it’d look like a comic book’s kind of clichรฉ-pairing, quite boring in the end…but also because if it’s true that these 2 characters have to mature, I don’t think that Lydia, after all that she’s been through, can honestly fall in love ASAP with Stiles: shouldn’t an adult in similar circumstances (even only to truly metabolize her deep past love with Jackson) give himself some sort of living space & thinking all by himself (& then maybe with the help of some good friends too), before jumping head over feet into another relationship?! (I mean, since we already know this wasn’t an instant love like Scott+Allison.. :-/).

    In any case Jeff could also definitely explore romantically Stydia despite better judgment, even if it’s only for a phase & it’s ok of course (maybe he wants to make a gift to Stydia fandom as well, wink-wink?! ;-*), but given that this kind of shows don’t dwell that much upon romances (& this s3 is even more focused on an action-ambitious new arc & brand new roles), frankly I’ve my doubts (particularly I’d rule out endgame here, since it wouldn’t feel like a *journey*, as the most important e. usually are all about, Stydia has already come to a meeting point, end of the story??).
    In addition, since Jeff also other times has been a troll for joke (when he said e.g. that 1 main chracter would have died by the end of s2 & didn’t happen! But also Tyler suggesting for Derek a *good girl* to happen for this season, LOL!), I’d take what he says with a grain of salt. The fact that he’s openly underlined Stydia, just as Jenerek, makes me think that that’s where we want to lead us…before surprising us again! Bottom line, whatever he will do I hope that he doesn’t shy away from what has made TW such a special little show (I’m not referring only to S.), that’s always important on the bigger scale. ^_^

    Bye bye baby xxx

  8. Morgana says:

    PS_Sorry for having been so chatty! I was forgetting last point: not for wanting to read too much into it, but what if Stiles’ virginity, among others that have done different choices, means something else as well? Jokes apart during TW eps the thing has been mentioned also linked to the “black magic”, druids & whatnot…again, this could be just a simple coincidence, or otherwise be used to something meaningful instead, I’m curious to see!
    But sex apart I think Stiles will remain human during the series (maybe something else only by the finale? ;-), it makes him “extra-special” to stay afloat within a supernatural world in this situation, & he also represents all of us with just inner human force.

  9. Sam says:

    who is Ashard? That was the one comment that threw me off XD

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