June Comic Book Review: Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force, Young Avengers and more

So, it’s that time of the month again! The time where i review the comic book titles that i enjoy reading. If you want to read about last month’s review, then simply click here. Let’s start!

Uncanny X-Men 7

The last time we saw Scott Summer’s team, they were in big trouble in Limbo. The issue starts with Magik telling Dr.Strange about what happened. The X-Men were made confident by the Step ford Cuckoos and were fighting the Mindless ones, however, things weren’t going too well. Magik took control and she absorbed the whole realm of Limbo inside of her. We see the X-Men being tossed back to Earth and the new kids not taking the experience well. The new mutant that has chameleon powers or something seems to be dead and the new healer helps in reviving him. Fabio, the mutant that releases gold balls, isn’t having none of it. Emma Frost tries to reason with him but he wants to go home. Angel isn’t feeling comfortable either and Cyclops knows that he has to figure out how his powers now work. All in all, the X-Men are alright. The important thing shown in the issue is the conversation between Magik and Dr.Strange. She seems to have contacted him in the pas because he doesn’t know who she is and he isn’t an Avenger yet. The doctor agrees to help her with the burden she’s carrying and it seems that she killed Dormammu. All in all, it was a good issue and i’m interested to see where the whole Magik and Dr.Strange thing goes.

Uncanny X-Force 6

Before Psylocke and Storm could end their hacking of Bishop’s mind, Cluster kidnapped Psylocke. Wolverine has a psychic talk with Betsy and she recalls the events to him. We find out that she rejected Cluster’s plea to help Fantomex and she didn’t kill Spiral. We get to know that Logan was hoping for her to kill Spiral and that angers Betsy. They are about to fight when the Demon bear from last issue shows up and Psylocke kicks out Wolverine from her mind. Spiral disappears and Psylocke regroups with the team. Bishop still hasn’t recovered and she agrees to go with Cluster to save Fantomex. 

Uncanny X-Force 7

This issue is all about Psylocke and her history with Fantomex and i have to say that it’s quite an interesting read. We first get to know about the time Elizabeth spend with Fantomex and Cluster in Paris and when they stole a rare diamond. In the present, the girls make their way to a club in Madripoor where Weapon XIII seems to have taken Fantomex. A fight ensues and the girls get caught by Weapon XIII who seems to have gotten the ‘Misdirection’ powers of Fantomex. Basically, the clones are in love with Psylocke as well and want to show which one of them loves her the most.

Young Avengers 6

I was very excited about this issue because it was bringing back Speed. The issue starts with some panels featuring Prodigy or David, a de-powered mutant. Even though his powers don’t work anymore he stills knows everything about the X-Men. Things like Beast’s knowledge, Psychic warfare and even Wolverine’s fighting skills. It’s funny to see him trying to help a ninja caller who wants to know how to fight Elektra. Then we get to see Speed, Tommy, who is Billy or Wiccan’s brother. His job is to put gadgets together and even though to a normal person it looks as if he can do it in five minutes, from his perspective, the work takes weeks. The two become friends and talk about what they want to do. A robbery occurs where they work and Speed thinks that the robber is Patriot. The two heroes wait for the robber to come and that’s when the issue took a turn and i was left with no idea what happened. We see Speed confronting the criminal and then he gets scared and tries to run away. The person, who ever he is, touches him and he disappears. Prodigy confronts him and a very confusing conversation occurs and then the criminal disappears as well. I am really enjoying this book!

Teen Titans 21

I just wait for this issue to get batter month after month and i keep getting disappointed. However, this issue was a huge improvement. We see Raven’s three brothers confronting the young heroes. Red Robin tells the team to go into formation six which means that two Titans will take down on of the brothers. Bunker and WonderGirl pair up, Solstice and Kid Flash and Robin and Superboy. The fighting is good but i couldn’t help but feel that Trigon’s kids aren’t really that powerful. Bunker and WonderGirl are able to take down their opponent, as well as Solstice and Kid Flash. The only one who’s proving a threat is the one fighting Dick and Superboy. They are nearly beaten and Raven, urged by BeastBoy, comes in and pulls out her brothers heart. Then Trigon appears and he seems to have the Teen Titans in chains except Raven and Red Robin. It was a good read, however, i have no idea where the Justice League was when all of this destruction was going down.

This marks the end of the review for this month. I will be posting book reviews of the ‘Colville’ series soon. You can check the books in the links provided. See you all next month with another review.








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