What we know about Teen Wolf Season 3 till Now

So, if you don’t know that Teen Wolf is back and has aired two amazing episodes, then you are probably living under a rock. Season 3 of Teen Wolf opened to strong views and as the story is going, you can be sure that the rest of the season will keep on getting better. One of the best things about this show are the theories that come along with it. We know Jeff Davis is a big tease and it makes the whole things more epic. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that came up during the first two episodes of the show.

The Alpha Pack is Badass

We all knew that the Alpha Pack was going to be a force to be reckoned with. However, i wasn’t expecting all of them to be such bad asses. I know that they are the antagonists in the show but i seem to be loving them as well, unlike Gerard. Kali is amazing and i want her to have an epic showdown with the Allison or the whole of team Human. Ennis is huge, which is always a good thing on a show like this. Aidan and Ethan fuse together to form a into one big alpha. Yes, it has a scar from the top to the, well you know where, if you keep going down the middle. And the leader of the pack, Deucalion, is one hot looking evil dude. Gideon Emery is good-looking, but he took that a step further in his portrayal of the blind alpha leader. So, yes, kudos to Jeff for giving us an amazing pack of antagonists this season.

Something Else is Out there

I think a lot of us already knew that there’s going to be another threat other than the alpha pack. In episode one, we keep hearing Issac (Daniel Sherman) saying ‘They are here’, in episode two we saw Heather being attacked by flying wine bottles and then getting kidnapped. And if you go back to season two, Jackson was also possessed by something when Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) was trying to talk to him. So, yes, there is definitely something else out there and even Jeff said that the second arc of the season will be different and will end with a cliffhanger.

Issac’s Protector and Cora

I have to admit that i fell in love with Issac’s protector as soon as she appeared on screen. It was amazing how she took down the Alpha Twins. What i didn’t get was why she was took the whole Alpha pack head on and alone. Jeff said that she might not be dead because we didn’t see a body. So, yes, i am looking forward to seeing her again on the show.

Then we also got to see Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) little werewolf sister who was presumed dead.  As far as Cora is concerned, i still don’t know what to think of her. The show likes to put in twists and stuff and that’s why i wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out evil at the end, etc. However, a thing that came out of this is that we will be able to see a softer side of Derek, which i have been looking forward to.


If there’s a beef that i have with Jeff Davis is that we were told that there won’t be any Sterek in the first half of the season. I don’t know what MTV and the others meant by that but when the season aired, we were served a does of Sterek in both episodes. We all saw the eye glances and Derek similing. What we weren’t ready for was Stiles winking at Derek, in his old house, during the Scott’s (Tyler Posey) tattoo scene and Derek placing his hand on Stiles chest to make him stay. Then there were a lot of reference to ‘fisting’ in the second episode. And praise Jeff for giving us the whole scene where Derek makes a fist for Stiles and how Stiles was ready to go with him to rescue Boyd and Erica. Someone in the fandom rightly said that ‘This is life with Jeff knowing about Sterek!’ and we love it.

So, were they all teasing us or does Jeff really doesn’t think of these scenes as Sterek ones because they aren’t alone. Whatever the case, i think we should take what we can get because i have a feeling that there won’t be much Derek and Stiles interaction once things heat up more and the people separate.

Who or What is Lydia

Many of us have been wondering about Lydia Martin (Holland Roden). Why is she immune to an Alpha’s bite? And even the Kanima’s poison? Is she immune to everything supernatural? And then we get to see her screaming in the new promo.

I read a very interesting post about her on Tumblr. Some of the fandom thinks that she’s a Banshee. Meaning, that she’s a supernatural creature that screams when death occurs, etc. She appears beautiful, is a wreck inside and has a cold heart because it was broken. If you look at this, Lydia fits the bill perfectly. We got a whole scene of her applying makeup and readying herself during the parent teacher conference and appearing confident. We know that her heart as been broken and then we saw her screaming at the end of episode two of this season, for no apparent reason. So, yes, i really think that she could be a banshee.

I guess, this is all that we know after the first two episodes of Teen Wolf Season 3 and as things are going, you can be sure that we will be seeing a lot of other theories popping up as more episodes air. There has to be a reason, ‘This Might Hurt’ is the tagline for the new season.




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