May Comic Book Review: Uncanny X-Men, Young Avengers, Uncanny X-Force and more

Yes, people it’s that time of the month again and i am back with another review of the comic books i’ve read this month. If you want to know what i thought of the titles last month, then you can simply click on the April comic book review and enjoy !

Uncanny X-Men 6

The last time we saw Cyclops X-Men team they were all enjoying a little walk in Limbo. Well, if you call being forced to stay in Limbo by the demon Dormammu who is also controlling Magik, then yes, it’s a walk in the park. So, nothing interesting happens except for the fact that Magik has no control over herself and Dormammu makes her watch as he calls his demons to kill the team. Emma Frost tells the cuckoos to make the team into barbarians because they have never been in the field. I think that was a good call on her part because the kids would’ve have died otherwise. So, the issue just shows the team fighting demons while trapped in Limbo.

We also see Maria Hill trying to find a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who is also a mutant and can keep on eye on Scott because he’s getting too close to Magneto. In the end we see that Dazzler has offered to take the job. We also get a look at a new mutant, in his thirties, who seems to be some sort of a technopath.

Uncanny X-Force 4

Finally we got to have two issues of the Uncanny X-Force. In issue 4, we see that Psylocke is still in Bishops head, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. We also get to see a giant demon bear and a weird looking owl. Spiral is still running away from the time traveler with Ginny. She is exhausted and tells Ginny to run while she confronts the man. A fight ensues but Ginny tries to mind-control Bishop but nothing happens. We see a giant psychic bird grab Ginny and disappear. Storm, Puck and Betsy arrive at the scene and Storm shoots a thunderbolt at Bishop. This seems to have awakened him from the control but Puck makes him unconscious by punching him. Meanwhile, Betty goes to Spiral for a fight but she’s too depressed and won’t partake. Storm reasons with Betsy and they hug it out. We also see Fantomex along with his female clone watching Psylocke. Dark Fantomex appears and fights the while Fantomex while the female clone, Cluster, looks on. The issue ends with Wolverine reading a headline about what happened and Storm and Betty realizing that Puck is a part of the team now.

Uncanny X-Force 5

Storm and Psylocke enter Bishop’s mind for a psychic rescue. We see a lot of memories and how Lucas happened to have died and then brought back to life by The Order and how he saved a girl. I was surprised to see that Storm was able to use her powers while inside someones mind and i have to admit it that it was cool. She destroys Bishop’s memory where he went berserk in order to kill hope. We see that an Owl Lady possessed Lucas and ordered him to kill the team and capture Ginny. Betsy makes the giant demon bear to reveal itself and she figured out that she needs to pull out a lance from the back of its neck and calm it.

Back in the physical world, Puck and Spiral get distracted and in the distraction, Fantomex’s female clone, Cluster, kidnaps Psylocke and drives off with her with Bishop and Storm still in the mental world.

Young Avengers 5

I am in love with this series. Last issue Kid Loki took some of Wiccan’s power and disappeared. This issue we see the team still fighting off the infected and Billy wondering what he could’ve done to make a difference. He goes back to Marvel Boy’s ship and aims a gun at himself. Then we see Kid Loki’s conscious telling us that there’s still good in the little God. I think this means that we will get two Loki’s now. Anyway he has a change of heart and hits the blaster before Billy can pull the trigger. He then gives a counter-spell to the team and they are ordered to take out Marvel Boy’s and America’s parents first. The team then runs off. The bottom line is that the ‘Mother’ is still out there and they all need to keep away from the places where their parents die. So, now they are officially the Young Avengers again. Next issue we will see the return of Wiccan’s brother, Speedy.

The first arc was amazing. The relationship between Billy and Hulkling was amazing. It had drama but i’m glad everything worked out fine in the end. Kate, Hawkeye also stays in the team along with Marvel Boy, Miss America and Kid Loki. The most amazing this about this issue? Wiccan’s new costume!!

So, that’s an end to the monthly review. I would’ve reviewed Teen Titans but again it was a bit boring. DC needs to up their game with the title. We see Raven explaining things to Robin, Cassie (Wonder Girl), Bunker, Solstice and Superboy. Kid Flash has a fight with the new boy in the previous issue and Beastboy is alive. The issue ends with Trigon being unhappy about Raven and sending his three sons to fight the team.


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