What we know from the Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer

Well i guess almost all of you must have seen the Teen Wolf Season 3 trailer by now. If you haven’t, well you can head on over to MTV Teen Wolf Tumblr and see it there. I watched it a few hours ago and i have to say that they weren’t joking around when they decided on the tag line ‘This Might Hurt’. Go through the trailer yourself and you can see that it will definitely hurt…and it will hurt a lot. The video we got is like two minute and something long. Which is quite a good length when it comes to giving us a feel about what the season is going to be like. So, i have taken it upon myself to write down the things i found out. I am telling you all right now, that i might have missed some things, so feel free to add in your own two cents.

First i will list the things i noticed

1. Stiles running. Stiles talking to Issac and Scott about what’s happening. A girl kissing Stiles.

2. Deucalion talking to Derek. Derek fighting the Alpha Pack. Derek fighting Boyd. Derek looking back at a woman’s hand that’s trying to comfort him.

3. Allison being badass with some new weapons. Allison sharing a look with Issac.

4. Lydia being interested in the twins. Lydia with bloody hands.

5. Hurt Danny.

6. Deucalion ripping Mama McCall’s throat. Deucalion with glasses and a cane.

7. Scott’s eyes turning red.

As far as i’m concerned, these are the things that peaked my interest. In general the trailer is great. It builds the tension, it shows some good fight sequences and it tells you that you better be ready for all the hurt that’s going to come your way. Breaking it down and reading what people have been saying on Twitter and Tumblr, i would like to share some theories regarding the third season of Teen Wolf.

Ethan will turn good

The fans kind of figured out when Jeff mentioned that the Alpha Twins would be interested in two of Scott’s friends. Some of the fans guessed that one of the twins will go after Danny. This was confirmed when Jeff himself said that Danny will be getting some action from Ethan. In the trailer we see Danny, injured, along with Ethan at his side. I have been saying this for a while and i will say it again. Ethan will fall in love with Danny and will turn good. His brother will also do the same.

Allison and Issac can happen

We all know by now, that the Alpha Pack can take away memories and put in new ones. That’s why i think Allison and Issac can happen this season. Issac will lose his memories early in the series and that can explain him being attracted to Allison. As far as i know, Scott and Allison are endgame in the show. However, there’s also need of some drama in TV shows and this love triangle can play out quite well.

Lydia will be Important

Many fans complained that Lydia didn’t have much to do in the previous seasons and she was used as a damsel in distress. Well i think this will change this season. I’m not going to say that it will change instantly, but it will. She is quite smart and now knows about the supernatural. I think at first she will keep away from the whole thing and be her normal awesome self but she will find herself working in order to save her friends. Don’t forget that she and Stiles will be pairing up in order to do some detective work.

Deucalion is Blind

I just think that this will be true. We saw him in glasses and in the scene where he slit or ripped Mama McCall’s throat, you can see that his eyes aren’t really normal. How a werewolf can get blind? well i don’t really know. Maybe it had to do with something in the past and we might find an answer in the flashback episode that they will do. Anyway, having a blind antagonist that can hold his own will be amazing to see. It would even make sense. It would explain why he would make the other Alphas do the fighting for him and the whole psychic ‘memory stealing’ power that the pack has.

A Lot of Fake Memory Play

This will be an important plot point in at least the first arc of the series. You can be sure to see a lot of things that will shock us but then we will find out that they were lies and were fake memories and stuff. The scene where they showed the death of Mama McCall, i guess, is one such scene. Showing that in the trailer is a huge giveaway if it happens in the series. As far as i know, Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski are two characters that won’t be seriously hurt. Jeff Davis knows that the fandom loves them and death isn’t something that the fans will appreciate. I also doubt that she will be turned into a werewolf by Scott at some point in order to have her life saved.

Scott’s Eyes Turning Red

The way they turned red was kind of weird. Scott is shown pushing against an invisible barrier of some sort and his eyes turn red. Will he become an Alpha? Is it possible to become an Alpha like that? Is there a rule in which a werewolf becomes an Alpha if he or she wants to save someone?

I really don’t know. However, i will say that the way his eyes turned red wasn’t normal and the context is quite different than the whole ‘He will turn into an Alpha’ this season. We do see Deaton telling Scott to lead them. Lead who? the Alpha twins? That makes him into an Alpha?

Hurt Derek and Female Love Interest

Now this is something that most of the fandom is talking about. Whose hand is it that’s trying to comfort Derek. Why is Deucalion telling Derek to kill someone in his pack? We all know from the start that Derek will be playing a huge part in this season’s story and that the Alpha Pack in in town for him. We see Derek fighting Boyd. However, i think that he has to fight him because Boyd is angry about Erica’s death etc. and his out of control. Will Derek kill one of his pack? I don’t think so. Derek is not a killer and he will never do that.

The scene where they show Derek’s injured back and then a woman’s hand has excited or angered Sterek shippers (take it any way you want). Is she the character of the teacher that Haley Webb will play? I think it is. We also see him coming up to her car quite bloody and then we see her telling the kids to run when birds break into the classroom. There’s a high possibility that it’s her. However, that would mean she knows about the whole werewolf thing.

There’s a theory going around that Jeff likes to give Derek pain and his new love interest will leave him, die or be a spy, etc. Well, this is possible. We don’t know much about her character and Teen Wolf has shady characters. Being a Sterek shipper, i am hoping that the woman is actually evil and will hurt Derek in the end. But who knows what Jeff has in mind and how the whole love interest thing plays out. If you look at the scene you can see a cut on Derek’s neck which is also how the new pack gives and takes away memories. So, the whole Derek and the new woman situation is still anybody’s guess.

Stiles, Stiles and more Stiles

Yes, i am still waiting for Stiles to do something incredibly heroic and accept that he is a hero. He did save Derek’s life for two hours and didn’t let go even when it meant drowning. But i file that under ‘Sterek’ rather that being doing something heroic that will leave it’s mark on the whole storyline.

We know that Stiles will do the detective work this season and a bit of it was shown in the trailer. I don’t think he will be in the front lines but i do believe that he will be the first to discover what the Alpha Pack has been up to with regards to stealing and putting in fake memories, etc. I also think that he and Lydia will figure out a way to defeat the Alphas and what they find will tell them about the new thing that will be the focus in the second arc of the show. I don’t think that the Alpha’s are the only bad thing. Something else is already happening since the start of the season and Stiles and Lydia (i do hope Peter as well) will figure it out and the second arc will begin.

As for the girl who kisses Stiles. She is supposed to be his childhood friend. Why haven’t we heard a mention of her before? Why did she invite Stiles to her birthday party and why is she suddenly into him?

There’s something definitely fishy when it comes to the blonde girl. If you look at her expression, you can tell that she looks a bit weird. I also think that she’s the girl whose dead body Stiles will find. There’s a theory going around that the girl is actually a spirit and when Stiles finds her body, he will know what the new pack has been doing. It does makes sense. Maybe the spirit comes to Stiles for help? or maybe she’s just an illusion? The point is that i don’t think that the girl will survive and it will have an impact on Stiles.

No Stiles love interest and no Derek interest does mean Sterek can happen. But we need to remember that it’s Jeff show and it’s his vision that he allowed us all to enjoy.

Peter, Chris and Cora

We didn’t see Peter and Chris. However, some say that Cora is present in the trailer. I didn’t see her though. Not having them in the trailer doesn’t mean that they aren’t important to the series. There’s only much that can be shown in two minutes. We know that Miss. Morel and Cora will have something to do with the story and not seeing them doesn’t mean they won’t be there.

So, yes, you can be sure that Teen Wolf Season 3 will play with your heartstrings and it will make the fandom quite active when it comes to all the feels. It premiers on 3rd June on MTV and i can’t wait to see it!!!






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2 Responses to What we know from the Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer

  1. The girl who kisses stiles is a werewolf I think an alpha that’s what I heard people saying!!!!

    • TempestRaven says:

      There r a lot of theories going around 🙂 bt it was said that there will be a girl who will die n Stiles will find her body..so many r thinkin tat the girl who kisses Stiles is the one who dies…she is supposed to be a childhood friend..bt we never heard of her in two seasons n all of a sudden she invites Stiles to her b.Day n kisses him..so something is definitely fishy 🙂

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