April Comic Review: Uncanny X-Men, Young Avengers, Teen Titans

I am back again with another review of the comics I read. So, let’s start and see what progress the tiles have made. However, there are a few things which I need to tell you. The next issue of Uncanny X-Force wasn’t released this month and has been postponed until May. Yes, I know it’s sad. I was looking forward to reading it. Most of you might know that I didn’t review the previous issue of the Teen Titans because it found it boring but the new issue caught my interest. So, let’s start.

Uncanny X-Men 4

The last time we saw Cyclops and his team, they were at the Jean Grey School in order to recruit students for their own school and it sounds weird because it’s like you are trying to steal students. Anyway, they are met by Wolverine and the gang and Scott talks about how everyone has to atone for their sins, etc. The fun part is the mental conversation that occurs between Emma and the Stepford sisters. We know that Emma’s powers aren’t working and the three sisters try to find out what she has been going through and they see Scott taking away her power while in Phoenix mode. The four of them come to an understanding and they have a little talk about Jean Grey who still has to develop her powers. Scott, Emma, Magik and Magneto return and see that their new students accidently activated the Danger Room and they free them. Just then something wrong happens with Magik’s powers and you know it’s not going to be good. Tempus and the Chameleon boy have a talk about trust issues regarding Cyclops and new students from Wolverine’s school transfer, which means we have added the Stepford sisters and young Angel to the rooster. The issue ends with Magik’s power getting out of control again.

Uncanny X-Men 5

Marvel seems to have released two issues of the series and I’m not complaining. The issue starts with S.H.I.E.L.D talking about how Cyclops defeated the Avengers and how the team doesn’t feel like talking about it. Talk about cry babies. Miss Hill isn’t having any of it and says that she’ll probably do something bad to the mutant team.

Magik’s powers have gone loco and we see her telling Scott about how she was forced into Limbo by the demon Dormammu. The demon tells her that her powers are broken and it’s affecting the magical realm. He tries to kill her but Magik’s dark side is released and she goes berserk. The rest of the lower demons run away and we come back to the present time where Emma is talking to the triplets about what’s happening. There’s a fun panel of the healer dude thinking dirty thoughts about the Stepford sisters and they make him forget his name and threaten him. Angel has a talk with Magneto as well. Scott returns with Magik and Eva, the time girl, is all ‘He’s so handsome’ and Emma’s like ‘Angel? Yes, I know’ and Eva’s like ‘No, I mean Cyclops’ and cue sulky face for Emma. Cyclops decides to take Magik to Dr. Strange but her powers get out of control and everyone is transported to Limbo. I am enjoying Magik as a character and this series is quite fun to read.

Young Avengers 4

I guess you all have heard a lot about how much I love this series. I don’t know why Marvel hasn’t gone ahead and created a cartoon series. The characters are amazing and the stories are awesome. The issue starts with Marvel Boy and Kate arriving at the scene to save the day. We get to know from Kate that Billy has the habit of replying to texts in a matter of seconds and Marvel Boy, Noh-Varr breaks into the building and rescues everyone. The panel is quite fun to read and it’s something different. He’s like ‘Come with me if you want to be awesome’ and I have to say that he isn’t a bad-looking character. The teenagers escape and are pursued by Noh-Varr’s parents as well. There’s a funny panel showing Captain America trying to make conversation with Thor because he can’t sleep and both are oblivious to the Young Avengers running away from infected people and parents in the background.

Marvel Boy’s dad breaks into the ship and flies off with Billy. Teddy wants to save him but Miss America intervenes. This is where I begin to hate Loki. He talk about how Teddy is in love with a reality changer and how Billy could’ve made him gay and fall in love with him and how he could just be a lovely daydream. Well, Marvel, you don’t breakup one of the best couples in the universe and I know there’s going to be drama in the next issues. The Young Avengers make their stand in Central Park and Loki persuades Billy to give him his powers for ten minutes and then he teleports. Even I know he will be back and to save them all. The issue ends with Miss America wanting to say something but can’t because the issue is rated PG-13. I can’t wait for the next issue to be released.

Teen Titans 19

The only reason I decided to review the issue is because Trigon appears along with Raven, who’s one of my favorite comic characters. The issue starts with Cassie trying to make Robin talk about why the team went against the Suicide Squad and as Robin as attitude problems he doesn’t want to answer to anything. The team dynamics are off and I don’t like a crazy Robin even if he just encountered Joker a few days ago or something. Wonder Girl feels Trigon’s presence and she’s off to face him. We also see a boy who can kill people with his thoughts and his name is Psimon which sounds like a Pokemon to me. Trigon wants Psimon to take control of his power and become great but Cassie punches Trigon and a fight ensues. Even with the combined powers of the Teen Titans, Trigon is way too powerful. Robin is contemplating the situation while his friends are getting beaten to pulps.

We see Raven bringing Beast Boy back to consciousness and she’s surprised to know that her father is here because he still has to raise an army. She takes Gar and teleports to where the fight is happening. Beast Boy turns into half an octopus and grabs hold of the teenagers because Raven is controlling him and doesn’t want anyone laying a hand on her father. Solstice tries to calm Psimon but he kills a lot of people and then he aims for Beat Boy and the red teenager crushes his bones. They both faint and Raven and Trigon teleport away along with Beast Boy and Psimon. The Teen Titans are left to see a lot of people dead on the street and Robin wonders what the demon is really after. Overall, an improvement but still not an amazing issue.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about the series and if there are any other comics you want me to review for you all.


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