Teen Titans GO! Opens Strong for Cartoon Network

Okay, I have to say that I was quite excited to hear that Cartoon Network has decided to bring back the Teen Titans which has been one of my favorite TV shows. However, once the news was released, we also came to know that the new series will be a comedic take on the team. Then we saw the arrival of the Teen Titans in the DC shorts. All of the characters were in their Chibi form and the main focus was on comedy. Because of the success of the shorts, CN decided to bring the team back as a comedy by the name Teen Titans GO!


A lot of fans were hoping for a proper series and even blamed the new series for the cancellation of Young Justice. I don’t know how animated shows work but I do know that YJ wasn’t getting as enough views as the network was hoping for. So, less popular shows are replaced by new ones. That’s just how it is in such an industry. Teen Titans GO! Premiered on the 23rd of April and I have to say that I quite enjoyed the show. I missed Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and yes, even Silky. That’s why I was happy to see them on my TV screen in any form possible. Yes, the show is a comedic take on what the team does while not on missions and it’s directed towards a younger audience. However, that didn’t stop the show from being seen by more than 2 million viewers and gaining impressive numbers in the demographics the show was aiming at.

The half hour show is split into two eleven minute segments. The segments of the first episode include ‘Legendary Sandwich’ and ‘Pie Bros’. In the first one, Raven sends the team off to find the ingredients of a legendary sandwich so that she can watch her favorite show in peace. The second one is about Beast Boy trying to come up with the perfect gift for his best friend Cyborg and it has one of the most addictive songs in it as well.

The animation is different and quite simple. However, what fans will appreciate are things that appear in the background. You can see stickers of the Justice League and Batman inspired cereal. Such things add to the fun of the show. Yes, some of the things might be over the top but that can be justified because it’s essentially a show for kids. The voice actors are the same from the previous series and in the interviews they have given, you can see that they are excited about the series as well. The take on the characters is also kind of the same. One of the best things about the series is how Cyborg delivers his lines. Even though they are one-liners, they are fun to hear. The show isn’t Young Justice or even the previous Teen Titans in which there were multi-episode story arcs. However, if you are fan of the series and want to see the characters in light-hearted situations, then you should give this show a try.

If you think you can’t stomach it, just watch the show as an animated take on Tiny Titans. That will help with things, like a lot. The next episode will air on the 30th of April and the fun thing about it is that Trigon will be making an appearance and you can be sure that it’s going to be hilarious.

Feel free to leave your thoughts regarding the series.


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