A Pregnant Halle Berry and what it means for Storm in X-Men Days of Future Past

I guess a lot of you might have heard the news by now that the Oscar winning actress Halle Berry is pregnant and according to some reports, is expecting a boy with her fiancé Olivier Martinez. Now this news has polarized a lot of people, which is kind of normal when it comes to Halle Berry. There are fans that are happy for her and are wishing her a healthy pregnancy while there are some who are ranting about how old she is to have a child and why she didn’t wait until marriage. As far as I’m concerned, I am one of those who adore the actress and I’m happy that she is bringing another child to love. She is 46 and will be 47 this August and that’s why it’s quite a blessing for her to be able to become a mother again.


Yes, yes, there are a lot of people who think that the custody battle drama that went on with the father of her first child, Gabriel Aubry, will have lasting consequences on their daughter. As far as I can tell, the internet thrives on gossip and that’s what we all got during the drama. We don’t live with the people concerned and that’s why we don’t know what’s actually going on. We can rant in the comment section and stir up an argument but when it comes down to everything, a lot of actors and actresses don’t have time to spare towards what people argue about on comment forums. So, if you don’t like someone regarding how they live their life then ignore them. Taking out time to rant about them is kind of ironic because you are taking out time to voice your opinion about someone you don’t even like.

Anyway, moving on, during the promotional tour for her latest hit ‘The Call’ Halle Berry said that she won’t be taking time off from acting like she did some years ago when her first child was born. Now, this is good news for fans of the actress who had to wait years in order for her to properly come back. This also ends the rumors that were going on about her not being attached to the X-Men Days of Future Past film that’s expected to shoot the coming week.


According to a recent interview Berry said that she’s still attached to play Storm in the film however her character won’t be as badassed as it was supposed to be. She won’t be able to do any fighting or flying because of her pregnancy but she still believes that she’s an integral part of the story.

This has raised concern amongst the fan boys. If you look at what she said, you can tell that Storm was meant to have fight sequences in the film but now they will have to shoot around the bump and she won’t be able to do a lot of things. A lot of fans or maybe a few of them that are quite vocal want her to be recast because they want to see Storm done justice in the film or some of them don’t like Berry’s portrayal of her.

The weather controlling mutant in the film series isn’t something to be proud of. Compared to the one in the comics, she is just some chick that can summon a lightning bolt a bit way too late. So, whose fault it that? I blame the script writers who wrote that she will have to wait in order to bring down a single bolt of lightning, etc. Yes, Halle Berry’s portrayal isn’t the same as the one in the comics but films are supposed to be an alternate reality from the comics. If Wolverine can be six foot in the films, then Storm can be five foot tall and have powers that apparently suck. So, just deal with it.

When it comes to recasting of the character? That won’t happen. Believe it or not, Berry has a level of respect in the industry and she has been active for more than a decade. The producers at Fox know she has a strong fan base and that’s why they won’t recast her. They also need her for future sequels as well in the X-Men film series. That’s why it’s better that you make peace with her playing the role unless the whole series is rebooted which I don’t think will happen anytime soon.

A lot of things can happen for Storm in the film. With Berry being pregnant they might use a body double or they can simply make her shoot lightning bolts and what not from a distance. We all know that the white haired mutant can break all hell by just standing still as well. When the news of Days of Future Past came I wasn’t even sure if Berry would even be in the film. So, I’m glad that she will be in it. You need to remember that X-Men Days of Future Past is a sequel to X-Men First Class and that means that more time will be given to the cast of that film. Storm would probably be a lengthy cameo appearance and will do something important. Just be glad that the character is in the film. If you wanted her to be epic like in the comics. Then think again. When has she ever been epic in the films? And how can you expect that from her in a film that already has a huge amount of other characters? Just be happy she’s in it.

As far as her getting pregnant just as the shooting was about to start. Well, that’s something that the producers would probably know about. She was feeling funny since February and her contract was signed after that. She knew she was pregnant and so did the producers. They knew what was going on but they still wanted her in the film.

Just be happy for her that she’s pregnant. Life is too short to be angry at people for no legitimate reason. There’s no need to call someone ugly, etc. Let go of all that negative energy and try to live your own life to the fullest.

Do I want to see Storm kick some butt? Yes, I do but I also know that she won’t be able to do a lot in the film because her powers are wide ranging and will overshadow a lot of the other characters in the film. I’m just happy that my favorite character is in the film and will, supposedly to Halle, play an integral part in the film coming out next year.


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