Month of March Comic Book Review: Young Avengers, Uncanny X-Force and Uncanny X-Men

Yes, I am back with another monthly comic book review for you all. I guess it’s now certain that I will be doing such a review once a month. There might be more comic books that I review. However, they would need to be interesting for me in order to make this list. It’s not as if I only read the comics mentioned below. I read a lot but the ones I really like become part of the review. So, without further ado let’s start.

Uncanny X-Men 3


The last time we saw Cyclops’s new team, they were standing face to face with the Avengers after Magneto has told them where they were. This issue opens with a girl fangirling about Captain America and how she wants to represent her country, Australia. We then shift to the present time and we see the girl, Eva, standing with the X-Men and looking at Captain America right in front of her. Cap wants to arrest Cyclops and he even brought Hulk with him. Emma steps in and puts the blame on Tony who tries to act as if he had nothing to do with splitting the Phoenix Force. The X-Men’s leader turns to Magik and says that she needs to use her teleporting abilities if the American Patriot lifts his shield. Magik agrees but not before saying that she can take out the Avengers. I am in love with Magik now. I just love how her character is being portrayed.

Anyway, a conversation occurs, which we have all heard before and it’s all about Cyclops saying how no one is there to help the mutants and blah blah! Hawkeye isn’t having any of it and he raises his arrow. Before the much anticipated action occurs the Avengers are trapped by time by none other than Eva and I can’t believe how powerful she is. The X-Men retreat and try to figure out who the mole is. Magneto appears and says that it was him. He wanted the Avengers trust and now he will know what the opposing team is up to. Captain America and his team are still trapped in the time bubble which is very impressive. Cyclops wants to do something with the time they have and he decides to go to Wolverine’s school and now we will have to wait and see what happens. I don’t think Wolverine is going to be very happy about it.

Uncanny X-Force 3

I am enjoying this series because of Psylocke and Storm. There could be a lot of things that this new team can be a part of. Anyway, last issue gave us an appearance by Bishop who had gone loco. This issue starts with some information about Betsy before she became a mutant. We then shift to the present time and damn! The team had gotten their butt kicked by Bishop. The damage could have been more but Bishop went way when he realized that the little drug inducing girl, Ginny had ran away. Puck says that saving a little girl isn’t a part of the mission. However, Storm, Psylocke and Spiral aren’t hearing any of it and the team decides to go look for her. They teleport in a subway tunnel and Bishop is there as well. A fight ensues and Spiral takes Ginny and runs away. Psylocke gets angry and she puts a psychic blade into the big man’s head. She wakes up in Bishops mind and by the looks of things we can see that he’s crazy. A big bear appears and Psylocke needs to find a way to escape the twisted mind.

On a side note, we see that Fantomex and his female clone have been thinking a lot about Betsy and so they exit the plane they just hijacked and we get a view of their dark version as well. I really don’t know what will happen in the next issue. However, I like the direction the story has taken.

Young Avengers 3

Now this is a series which I know is awesome. The story is great and it feels like something out of a horror novel but has our superheroes thrown in the mix. Last issue we saw Billy, Teddy and Kid Loki standing in front of the ice giant. We also see Hemidall looking down at the incident and he seems mildly interested. Billy tells Teddy to take the little God of Mischief to Asgard but the giant isn’t having any of it and he catches Hulkling. Wiccan tries to cast a spell but it’s too much for him but then Miss America appears and smashes into Laufey. Now, Miss America has a sexy body and that outfit is amazing. The kid’s conversation is interrupted by the appearance of Miss America’s moms. Kid Loki casts a spell and the kids are teleported to a club where they sit down and talk. Kate or Hawkgirl is texting Billy about Skrulls and boys and I know it’s only a matter of time she drops in. Kid Loki says that he was interrupting Wiccan’s spell and things went crazy. He just wants a bit of Billy’s power so he can set things right and even I know that it won’t happen. You just can’t trust Loki. We also get a nice scene were Teddy seems to be jealous about how much interest America is showing in Billy. The parents arrive, a fight starts and the kids lose. In the end we find out that Teddy’s mom wants to feed off their souls and everything will be just right. Chills!

We have come to the end of this month’s comic book review. I didn’t do Astonishing X-Men but it seems that the X-Termination arc is going on and I’m not interested in it. Teen Titans have grown too boring. The only thing interest I could find in issue 18 was the appearance of Trigon. So, here’s to hoping that things become interesting in the next issue.


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