Resident Evil Game Series: Reboot or Not?

By now, many of you might have heard about the new development related to the Resident Evil game series. In my previous post, I talked about the evolution of the R.E game series and how it has shifted from the horror-survival genera towards a more action oriented one. I also ended my post stating that time will tell whether or not this evolution would serve as a dead end to the series or will help to improve it.

Owing to the statement made by the game developers at Capcom, there’s a chance that the R.E game series will see a reboot. We all know that R.E 6 didn’t make as much money as the developers were hoping for. They tried to make it a good game. Their efforts are seen in the facts that Resident Evil 6 boasted the biggest development team of the series, the story allowed players to move around the globe and different campaigns allowed for some differences in gameplay. However, their efforts weren’t met with the expected results. For a lot of fans, the story made no sense. The introduction of new characters felt forced and the action-adventure feel of the game wasn’t what a lot of fans were hoping for, after waiting years for the new installment. So, the company was meant with one major question: Should they move forward with a Resident Evil 7 or should they return back to the roots and give the game series a reboot?

Like, almost every topic up for discussion, the fandom is split as well. A lot of them want a reboot, which will ensure the survival-horror gameplay they want, while others want the developers to go back to the roots, fix issues and continue with a R.E 7. I understand both opinions. The R.E series has been around for seventeen years and the stories for the characters haven’t been properly concluded either. Doing a reboot might show that the developers had no idea what to do with the current story and they are starting from scratch. Let’s take a look at both sides and then try to come to a conclusion.

Resident Evil Needs a Reboot

People who are interested in a reboot of the series are saying that this will help introduce the game to a newer generation of players, who aren’t familiar with the horror-survival gameplay of the past installments and quite enjoyed the action oriented R.E 7. For them, a complete reboot won’t matter much and they might even enjoy playing the game again, but this time, in a horror-survival setting.

A lot of loyal fans of the series are also interested in a reboot. For them, the story of R.E has a lot of plot holes and the introduction of new characters in every installment takes the fun out of the game. A reboot would mean that the whole fandom will be given a clean slate and they will again get to enjoy the gameplay that was featured in the beginning of the series. Going forward with R.E 7 will only mean that the series will become more intolerable and will get more backlash from the fans and critics as well. 17 years is a lot of time and it’s tough to come up with a coherent story that’s able to make sense and attract the attention of fans and newer players.

Resident Evil doesn’t need a Reboot

Now, let’s see what the fans have to say when it comes to their belief that the game series doesn’t need a reboot. For them, the game series has already introduced amazing characters like Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Ada Wong. The game series still has a lot of potential and the characters still haven’t received a proper conclusion to their stories. As far as everybody knows, they all are still out there, fighting B.O.W’s or Bio-organic weapons. Capcom needs to understand that a lot of fans won’t be onboard with their plans for a reboot unless they offer a proper conclusion to all of the main characters that have been introduced in the series and are a part of gaming history.

There’s still time for the developers to do some good with the series. Time isn’t lost and that’s why they can still go back to the roots in R.E 7. They can still make it feel like horror-survival if they sit down and brainstorm. They can also look into what fans have to say about where the story can go in the next installment.

However, there’s also a point that the developers made regarding whether or not they can bring the old characters back to the series to make it what fans want. All of the characters in the series, Leon, Chris, Claire and Jill have become, what some can call ‘Bad asses’. I have a feeling that all of the experience they have gained over the years allows them not to be afraid of anything that comes in their way. Given the situation, they can take out the enemy with their bare hands if they can.

The previous installments introduced these characters in the R.E world and they weren’t ready to cope with it. That’s where the ‘horror’ element came in. They had to survive the situation and everything was fast-paced. It’s difficult to mimic all of this once the characters have gone through such experiences.

Resident Evil: Reboot or Not?

After going through everything there is to know regarding the reboot of the Resident Evil game series, it’s time to come with a conclusion that might help people make peace when Capcom comes to a decision regarding a seventeen year old game series.

Both sides of the argument have some strong points regarding the whole issue. A reboot will allow the developers to take the series in a better direction. The developers have said they know that fans want to play a game with Chris and Jill. They know that they love the characters, etc. So, a reboot won’t mean that they will get rid of the characters. The recent Devil May Cry (DMC) reboot didn’t make Dante disappear and neither did the new take of Tomb Raider.

However, fans won’t appreciate it if they have to wait another seventeen years for another R.E 6 and the developers again want a clean slate. That isn’t how long running series are supposed to go. They are supposed to provide players with a good story and provide a satisfying conclusion to the story. The developers can go for a reboot if they give a good conclusion to the already confusing story prevalent in the series.

I’m all in for anything that makes the R.E game series better than it already is. I don’t really care if it’s a reboot or a next installment in the series. I want it to become as good as it can be and yes, I do feel that the horror-survival aspect needs to make a comeback. It was the thing that made us fall in love with the games and that’s what we are all waiting for.

Time will tell what Capcom decides and how it fares for the future of the series.


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