Month of February Comic Book Review: Young Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force, Teen Titans and more

Okay, so here I am thinking that writing a monthly comic review post seems like a good idea. I don’t read every comic book that’s released. However, there are a lot that I read. So, I have decided to give reviewing some of these comic books a chance. I am thinking of doing a review every month. My reviews might not be the best out there but they will be honest and not complicated to understand. Which I think counts a lot. Here you will get to read about the reviews from Marvel as well as DC. So, let’s start;

Astonishing X-Men 59

I am going to start with Astonishing X-Men #59. So, the whole ‘Northstar and Kyle’ wedding’s done and the couple is trying to make it work. The previous arc dealt with Warbird and it was quite an interesting read. We also got to know about her as a character and a little bit of history relating to her people. In this issue we see Northstar talking to the She-hulk about being illegally present in the country and his wedding not being recognized by the state. So, yes, we are going to see some marriage problems. I loved the way Kyle told Northstar to fly him up on a tree branch.

Other than that we see the alternate version of Nightcrawler going around searching for his ‘love’, a woman by the name Linda and Wolverine seems to hot on his trail along with the rest of the team. The whole issue then shows the team trying to find the blue mutant and Wolverine tells them to stop him if he tries to kill Nightcrawler. The issue ends with Kurt (can I call him Kurt?) being sad that Linda is with someone else and then we see a dark figure coming out of a dimensional rift of some kind.

The next issue will see the start of the ‘X-Termination’ arc which even sounds interesting and it includes the Age of Apocalypse and X-Treme X-Men series as well.

Uncanny X-Men 2

This issue starts with Emma bitching about how her powers aren’t what they used to be. I love her character, however, this is the first time I’ve felt any sympathy for her. It’s as if she’s getting a taste of her own medicine. While she is projecting her thoughts (without her knowing), Cyclops comes to her and then they have a talk about her staying her and doing what Charles Xavier would do, etc. And then Magik appears. I love that demon girl. Her powers have reached a new level but knowing X-Men, there will be a price for them. We are then introduced to the new recruits or students and they all decide to go to Australia to meet Eva’s parents. But ‘red flag’, Magneto decides to stay back and from the previous issue we know that he’s the mole. The issue ends with the Avengers meeting up with the X-Men and I am guessing there’s going to be an awesome fight in the next issue. All I am interested in seeing is how Magik will handle all of the Avengers with her new powers.

Uncanny X-Force 2


Now this is a series I am very interested in. We have got Storm and Psylocke leading a new team and from what has been promised, there’s going to be a lot of fighting.  The previous issue showed Storm and Psylocke, each having problems to deal with, teaming up with Puck and finding Spiral doing some kind of a ‘hive mind’ hypnosis thing with people at a club. Psylocke confronts Spiral while Storm and Puck open a vault to find a little girl and yes, Bishop also makes an appearance.

This issue picks up from where it left off. Psylocke is still fighting a bunch of people and she tweaks some of them to fight for her. Spiral shows up in front of Storm and Puck and then she teleports with the girl named Ginny to the roof and Puck goes along for the ride. A fight ensues and Puck is thrown from the roof only to be helped by Storm. I love it when characters refer to Storm as the weather witch, etc. and that’s exactly what Spiral does. Puck attacks but misses and the many armed alien (?) flees with Ginny. Our purple haired psychic ninja joins back with the team and they search for the little girl whose astral form a shiny angel. They find her and Spiral says that the girl doesn’t need their help and then a huge explosion!

Bishop appears and Psylocke and Betsy are quite happy to see their friend who isn’t their friend anymore and the issue ends with a huge demonic bear coming out of Bishop. In other news Fantomex is still with his female clone and gives her a set of toothbrushes that have been used by presidents. The lady Fantomex says that she and the dark clone are missing Betsy and they should go get her for her own protection. I am very excited to see where the story goes.

Young Avengers 2


Now this is a comic book series that makes me way too excited than what’s good for me. After the whole Children’s Crusade arc and the death of Stature, we see the team disbanding and trying to get their lives back to normal. The last issue saw Billy trying to be a good boyfriend and bringing Teddy’s mother back. Which we all knew from the start was going to end badly. This issue isn’t any different. It’s fast paced and the whole world seems to have gone crazy. I got chills when Teddy’s mother interacted with the boys in the kitchen and then I was like, ‘What the hell?’ when the Avengers handed the boys back to the deranged ‘World’s best mom’. Everything seemed like something out of a horror film where an alien takes control of everyone you know.

Kid Loki (I am enjoying the character) saves Billy and Teddy from prison and explains to Wiccan that he has brought an interdimensional parasite that loves to feed off powerhouses like him. How strong is Wiccan actually? Anyway, Hulkling and Wiccan take Kid Loki to Asgardia and they are met by the God of mischief’s father, Laufey the Ice giant and we all know it’s not going to end very well.

I am really enjoying this series. Everything seems modern and it’s very fast paced. Now, all I need is an animated series and everything will be put right in this world.

Teen Titans 17


I was very interested to see how this comic book was going to be handled in DC The New 52. Yes, the team rooster has been changed and become more versatile. However, I don’t really feel anything for the new characters. I am a major Raven fan and I want her back. So, after the ‘Death of The Family’ arc we see Red Robin back with his team and we all know the Joker’s influence isn’t going to leave him too soon.

Issue 17 starts with a boy being treated on by a scientist and then we see an old figure being way too happy about some new world he will take super powered kids to. Then the scene skips to a limo and we see that the team has some issues to resolve. Red Robin changes their headquarters to a ship and everyone’s happy. A little bit of Bunker’s or Miguel’s background is touched upon and I have a feeling we will know more in the coming issues. Red Robin is flirting with Kiran and then Wonder Girl and Dark Raven seems to be listening to the conversation. We get to know that Lord Trigon is also planning something which I know won’t be good.

My suspicion about Red Robin going loco are confirmed when we see him smiling very Joker like while he’s alone in the war room. This issue wasn’t too good and I guess its purpose is to setup the direction the story is to progress in the coming issues.

This is the end of my reviewing and I hope you all liked my thoughts regarding the comic books above. Let’s see if I will do another one but as always, no promises. Feel free to leave your own thoughts about what you thought of these new issues.


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