Sterek, Klaine, Wincest! What’s With all the Shipping?


“And i Will Go Down With This Ship”

Haha, this post was sure to come up at some time. I just couldn’t help it. I mean, how could I? Whenever i log into my Twitter account or even Tumblr, i am bombarded with content depicting, what is commonly known as ‘Slash’ pairings.

So, before i get started, i will briefly touch upon the topic of ‘shipping’ and what it stands for. Many of you might already know. However, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this term and it’s quite surprising that some of you are, you all have come to right place or ‘post’ (whatever makes you happy).

Have you ever watched a TV show and wished that two are more characters were together in a romantic kind of way, even though it’s not depicted in the show itself? Well, if you have such kind of wishes, then you, my friend, ship that particular pairing. The same can happen in cartoon shows, comics or even video games. If there’s a pairing that you want to turn canon or they keep popping up in your mind whenever you discuss the show, etc. then you are a shipper of that said pairing. It’s really quite simple.

There are a lot of ships out there and yes, some of them are more famous than others. Even though i knew about shipping, it wasn’t until i started to watch Teen Wolf, that i jumped on the bandwagon. It’s known for a fact that when it comes to Teen Wolf, the largest ship of them all is Sterek which comprises of two male characters, Stiles and Derek. Keep in mind, that both these characters have only four or five minutes of screen time alone in the whole two seasons that have aired. However, the fans have taken those mere minutes to heart and have created a huge monster of a ship!

Stiles and Derek are both portrayed as straight men in the series (though it has been hinted that Stiles might be bisexual). However, the point remains that both these characters aren’t even, what one can define as, traditional friends in the series. This hasn’t stopped the shippers and the whole Sterek ship has been made known to the Teen Wolf series creator, Jeff Davis as well.

Sterek shippers, hope against hope, that one day their ship will become canon and everything will be put right in the world. You can simply search for Sterek on Tumblr or in fan fiction sites and you will get the idea of what i am talking about.

As it’s famously said, Sterek is a ship that sails on it’s own.

Another pairing that’s quite huge, and perhaps even bigger than Sterek itself is Destiel, which was created when the TV show SuperNatural was introduced to the world. There was no stopping this pairing considering the interactions between the characters of Castiel and Dean. I haven’t watched a lot of this show so i apologize in advance for any mistakes i might make.

Where Stiles and Derek aren’t even shown as friends, Castiel and Dean are a different story as they both sometimes work together in order to save the world and are quite good friends. I am a fan of this paring as well. I might not passionately ship it myself but i respect it and if it becomes canon, you won’t find me complaining about it.

Another huge ship, from the same series, goes by the name ‘Wincest’ and it’s a ship i really don’t understand. It’s a pairing between Sam and Dean. This might seem normal for a lot of people. However, the ‘crazy’ thing happens when you realize that this pairing is between two brothers and they aren’t ‘adopted’ brothers either. I won’t be divulging deeper into this because i might end up offending some of the people. As far as i am concerned, ‘To each his own’.

There are pairings that are shipped by people that are quite ‘canon’. This means that these ships have been acknowledged in the series or cartoons, etc. One such ship is by the name Klaine which is between two characters from the hit TV series Glee. The pairing of Kurt and Blaine has been made official in the series. However, they have also been shown to have broken up in the series. The point remains that this pairing has been acknowledged in the series which can’t be said for other ships like ‘Wincest’, ‘Destiel’ and even ‘Sterek’ (my heart aches at the realization).

Not only that, fans have also been known to ‘ship’ real people. This doesn’t seem surprising as the word fan has been derived from ‘fanatic’. One of the real people ships i am quite familiar with is Hobrien which is between Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O’Brien. The funny thing is that both actors portray Derek and Stiles, respectively in the Teen Wolf series.

Tumblr is a ‘treasure box’ when it comes to shipping and you can easily find numerous slash pairings once you start looking.

Shipping Canon Pairing?

Many people can’t understand why fans would ship pairings that are already ‘official’ in a TV show, cartoon or a game. They might say that pairing something in hopes that it becomes canon makes more sense, doesn’t it? So, why waste energy on something that’s already there?

Examples of such ships are ‘Klaine’ and the one between the Resident Evil game characters, Leon and Ada (Leda?). Before you start yelling, let me just say that the Leon and Ada pairing is quite official. I mean have you played Resident Evil 6? Did you see what happened when Leon saved her from that ‘monstrosity’ near the end? Ada and Leon are together. No questions asked! Deal with it!

Why Even Ship?

The question that arises is that ‘Why do people ship?’, ‘Why do people like to ship characters that aren’t even together?’, ‘Why put all your energy behind same-sex pairings?’

Maybe the answer to these questions lie in the whole ‘Girls like boys who like other boys’ and the whole ‘Boys like girls who like other girls’. There has to be something deep inside our own psyche’s that nudge us to make a pairing, same-sex or not, and then invest time in writing fan fiction about it.

The whole Sterek ship actually did get out of hand during the wait for Teen Wolf Season 3. Jeff Davis was bombarded with requests to make the pairing canon and trust me when i say that some of those requests were very rude. However, there’s also a good side to the shipping story as well. It shows the creators that fans are passionate about two characters and the Sterek Campaign has been able to raise a lot of money for wolves.

The point remains that the phenomenon of shipping will always be there. Some ships will even reach gargantuan proportions and some of the shippers will become rude. It’s only natural that fans have their own ‘ideas’ regarding the pairings they want to see. Whether it’s a TV show or even comic books or manga. Seriously, don’t get me started with the whole Naruto and Sakura or Naruto and Hinata and even Naruto and Sasuke pairings because it will take a lot of time.

So, what to Do?

The answer is quite simple actually. Nobody is asking you stop shipping or from writing fan fiction regarding you favorite pairings. However, what you can do is stay calm. Telling the creators of a show, etc. about the pairings you like is acceptable but becoming rude isn’t. Just enjoy the show and feel happy when a scene between your OTP occurs and who knows, if the creators find it ‘right’ they might even make the whole thing canon.

What do you all ship and why?


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