Gay Wolverine and Hercules? What is Marvel Thinking?


By now, those of you who’ve read my previous post would have an idea that i am an avid comic book reader and i am not ashamed of it. Truth be told, i am quite proud of the fact that i have read a lot of comic books. I like staying familiar with the characters i have been reading about for years. A death of a character does have an impact on me if i happen to like him or her. So, you can imagine my surprise when a friend of mine mentioned that Wolverine was gay.

My first reaction to the news was that he was joking. There was no way Marvel had the guts to turn one of the major characters gay. Don’t get me wrong. I am open to the concept of gay characters in comic books, etc. However, let’s face it, it would be a very major move if Marvel decides to depict Wolverine, one of the main characters of the X-Men and even the Marvel Universe as gay.

Then my friend went on to say that not only is Wolverine gay, he’s also in a relationship with Hercules. I immediately asked for the comic book. I’ve reading a lot of X-Men books for years and there’s no indication in the current series regarding any sexual relationship between the clawed monster and a demi God. All of my curiosity was put to rest when i found about the comic book series. It was ‘X-Treme X-Men’. A comic book series that tells the story of characters we are quite familiar with, but the catch is that they all are ‘alternate’ versions.

So, yes, Wolverine is gay and getting it on with Hercules, but this one goes by the name James Howlett and he’s an alternate version of the one depicted by Hugh Jackman in the film series.

A hint of his sexuality was given in issue 3 of ‘X-Treme X-Men’ and everything was put in the open in issue 8 when the two characters meet each other. I’ve read through issues 7 to 9 and i must say, seeing a beloved character in a new light does make things a bit interesting. However, the realization that it’s not the ‘real’ Wolverine from ‘our’ timeline is always there. He can be a little cat with three claws in an alternate universe or even a God. It doesn’t change the thing that the ‘main’ Wolverine is straight. As far as i know.

Coming to Hercules being gay wasn’t a surprise. I mean he’s Hercules. He would have sex with anybody if given the chance. When it comes to the real ‘canon’, way back in 2010, it was hinted that he and Northstar had a sexual encounter. After that, there has been no mention of him getting it on with another male character.

The point is that when it comes to the ‘main’ Marvel universe, the only gay characters i am familiar with are Northstar (who got married to Kyle), Anole (an X-Men in training) and my favorite gay couple Wiccan and Hulkling (Young Avengers). Wolverine’s own son, Daken, has been described as being bisexual.

Writers can do whatever they want as far as the ‘alternate’ universes are concerned. Comic book series like X-Treme X-Men provide a nice way to change things up for readers. It’s kind of like the whole different reality being shown in the Earth-2 series by DC where the Green Lantern is gay.

Moves like these does kind of show that comic book publishers are still hesitant when it comes to depicting major characters as homosexuals or even bisexuals. I am not saying that there aren’t LBGT characters. Batwoman has her own on-going series and she even proposed marriage to her girlfriend. What publishers won’t do is change how major characters are being shown for years and the fans love.

The whole move of making Wolverine and Hercules gay gives something more to the readers to know about but Marvel won’t be getting a huge backlash from various fans because it all happens in an alternate universe, with alternate characters. So, the ‘main’ Wolverine is still a ladies man.

No doubt, the X-Treme X-Men series will give curious readers a good time. I mean, come on, Wolverine is a kind of a ‘gay icon’ and has been way before Hugh Jackman brought his shirtlessness into the scene. For some comic book readers, little, six-clawed mutants can do the trick.

So, have fun reading the series. It’s sad that it will end with issue 13 this April (if i remember right). However, reading the conversation between these two characters is fun and a bit ‘Spartacus’ like.

In the end, i will say that Marvel played it ‘safe’ by doing this in an alternate universe setting. However, it’s still fun and comic book readers who want to read about a gay Wolverine now know about the series they can refer to.

What are your thoughts regarding all of this?




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18 Responses to Gay Wolverine and Hercules? What is Marvel Thinking?

  1. Chuck says:

    Wolverine diddling a dude doesn’t surprise me. He’s so macho that conquering Hercules is a logical move.

  2. Atanvarno says:

    What would be awsome is that to put him as bisexual in earth 616 wouldn’t fuck up anything, just acknowledge part of his sexual nature, but meh, marvel playing it safe has always been a thing, I always like to think that alternate versions with these kind of distinct traits are just parts of main version characters that got to develop in other universes and that maybe we haven’t had the chance to see.

    • Kyle says:

      No this is wrong wolverine has been with way to many women it’s just wouldn’t make sense and how is wolverine a gay icon

      • Atanvarno says:

        what does that even mean? being with more women fucks his chances on falling in love with men? like those are not mutually exclusive you asshole, bisexuals can lean in to have more relationships with women or with more men, doesn’t cancel their bisexuality, it just fucking makes them able to love more than one gender… fucking learn about bisexuality before talking about it, there’s a whole goddamn library of the internet for you to do that… smh

    • Valone says:

      wow Atasnvarno your are a fucking dick. you totally went for Kyles throat. there is not everyone is bi or gay and there is nothing wrong with being heterosexual..

  3. Adriana says:

    actually he’s bisexual. good try though.

  4. joey says:

    Wolverine is literally the straitest character ever this doesn’t make sense

    • Maxwell says:

      Define straight? Do you mean straight acting or straight because he’s loved women? Because I can tell you right now, some of my best boyfriends were “straight acting” and had long sexual histories with women. Plus, as we get older, many of us find we’re a lot more flexible. And the idea of two immortals exaggerating that notion to the point of no longer relying on specific genitals, but rather ideal companionship and chemistry makes a lot of sense.

  5. Wolverine is an animal.let’s face it. It would not surprise me that he is Bisexual also I would like to point out that the origins comic did reveal his real name as James Howlett as canon 616 the movies are actually considered by many as an alternate timeline thus not interrupting or interfering with the canon 616 story line. With that pointed out since your original post even the Days of Future Past movie makes reference to his real name when the Boss’s daughter calls him Jimmy. Xtreme X-men was in fact 616 so it is canon.

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    • Valone says:

      this guy is awesome

    • Last i checked they weren’t your fuckin comics so they can do whatever the fuck they want with them. You don’t like it go read some other bullshit comic and hop the fuck off of the marvel comics.

    • Alix McBaird says:

      You’re disgusting and your homophobia and racism are both totally antithetical to the original spirit of comic books as a concept. The X-Men? A metaphor for racism and the harmful effects of racism and the idea of “racial purity.” (Really? Honestly, though? You like the X-Men and you’re a racist? Missing the point, much?) The story is about a group of marginalized people struggling in a world that doesn’t accept them. You probably think that just includes white, male nerds, but it is so much more than that. Please think about your ignorant opinions before you post them in a public place. Honestly.

  8. Ardani says:

    Eh… big deal. Marvel always love shipping characters, no matter how crack they are. LGBT isn’t something new in Marvel universe anyway. I’m not that surprised when I see Howlett kissing another guy. Heck, considering he lives for hundreds of years, I won’t be surprised if he fucked a guy once in a lifetime.
    People who hates a character based on what they believe, race/nationality, or sexual preference are assholes anyway

  9. Alix McBaird says:

    To be honest, my thoughts are that it wouldn’t be some kind of trespass to make a main character lgbt+ in some way. Most of the queer marvel fan base already reads Wolverine as bisexual in the main X-Men universe, myself included. He flirts with enough people that it isn’t exactly a stretch. If comic book fans get upset because he has a canonic relationship with a man, that’s purely a function of homophobia or biphobia, and I think, deep down, those fans know that. The world is moving forward. Representation isn’t a slight against straight readers, it’s an attempt at inclusion. Comic books have a huge queer fan base, that’s a simple fact. Like you said, Wolverine is an icon. (More accurately, a bi icon.) We shouldn’t have to beg for AU scraps, in my opinion. It hurts no one for Wolverine to be bi. He could still be a ladies man, even. So my question is, why would you title something about a perfectly harmless AU “What was Marvel Thinking?”

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