Powers that are Awesome and can Tell about You!!!

Hey there, i am back again, trying my hand with this whole blogging thing. So, why did i decide to write this post? Well, there are two answers to this ‘very legitimate’ question. The first is that i wanted to write something that would tell my readers who i was as a person and the other answer is that i didn’t have anything to do today and decided to write this while i was washing dishes. But we aren’t going into that. The important thing is that i wanted to write something and share it with you all. Isn’t that what matters? Anyway, let’s move on.

It won’t be an understatement to say that my childhood’s been greatly influenced by fictional characters like the ones you read about in comics and see in cartoons and movies. I got to know about the X-Men in the 90’s. I was surfing through the channels and saw the amazing X-Men the animated series and i was hooked. I had just watched one episode and i was instantly attracted to an African-American white haired chick (and you all know who that is). Yes, people, the weather Goddess was the first character that made me enter the immense world of the X-Men. It wasn’t until in, i guess, 2006, that i was able to watch the whole series on my DVD player. My love for Storm was further increased when i saw the amazing Halle Berry portray her in the X-Men films. It’s true that she didn’t have much to do in the films, but that’s a whole other matter.

My curiosity for the X-Men led me into the games and i always had Storm in my team. Other than that, i started to do in-depth research into her powers and history. I wanted to beat anyone who claimed that they liked a better character for example, Magneto and Spider-Man, who my little brother loves.

My journey into the world of Marvel as well as DC comics allowed me to be introduced to a myriad of different characters. Some i liked, some i hated and other had no influence on me. I know there seems to be some sort of a rivalry between the Marvel and DC universes. As far as i see it, it’s okay to like/love characters from either universes. It’s a ‘free’ world people! We can like any fictional character we want!

Am i rambling on too much? Trust me, you will find the ‘sense’ in this post soon enough or i hope so. Either way, as far as my experiences go, the kinds of characters that people like often shed light on who they are as individuals. Now, there’s a difference between ‘liking’ a character, ‘wanting their powers’ and having a ‘crush’ on a character.

For example, you might like Superman as a character, but you want to have the powers of Spider-Man and have a crush on Batman. You see the difference?

The Powers i want

When it comes to the characters and the powers i like or want, the top of the list are taken by two very awesome characters. The weird thing is that they both belong to different comic universes. I am talking about Storm and Raven.

For those of you who might not know (and have been living under a rock), Raven in the child of the demon Trigon and is a major part of the Teen Titans that belong to the DC universe. I was introduced to Raven when i started to watch the Teen Titans animated series. I had no idea who that purple haired girl in the hood was, but i was instantly drawn to her. My love for Raven and her powers grew as the series progressed and i got to know about her history etc. This led her to be right there at the top for me, with Storm.

I guess you can say that i am attracted to powers that can be considered as ‘versatile’, which means that they can be used in various ways. When i comes to Storm, we all know that her powers can be used as an offense as well as defense. The same goes for Raven as well.

Next in my list of powers that i want is Sue Storm or the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four. I watched the very old animated series first, then came the film series and then the games. For me, she was the most powerful of the four and could kick major butt.

Compare my list of three characters (there are more) with the ones that my younger brother has, you can see for yourself that i am quite different from him. His list contains Superman, Spider-Man and Goku, from the Dragon Ball series. My younger brother has always been into the ‘powerfully offensive’ characters and that’s probably why he pumps iron in the gym and plays a lot of football in the field.

Another character that i look up to is Batman. That dude has an awesome brain and i want one just like him. He’s a true example of ‘brain vs. brawn’. No matter what the threat, you know that Batman will come up with a solution.

I also like the Green Lantern’s power as well. I think it’s because i am an artist and i know i can create a lot of amazing thing with that power ring.

So, there you have it, the list of powers i want: Storm, Raven, Invisible Woman and the Green Lantern.

Characters i like

When it comes to the characters i like, it doesn’t necessarily mean that i want their powers as well. These are the characters i like reading about in the comics or like seeing animated series, film series or playing with in games.

There are a lot of characters i like, however, i won’t be listing all of them (did some of you just say ‘phew!’?) *glare*

The characters i like are: Storm, Wiccan, Hulkling, Catwoman, Batman, Raven, almost all of the X-Men, etc, etc.

You see? The list is quite lengthy. As far as the characters that i have a crush on? Truth be told, i don’t have any. I just don’t like crushing on characters that only appear in comics, games or animated series. So, the ‘crush’ thing is out. Though it’s completely normal to have crush on various game or comic characters, etc.

So, take a moment and look at the characters that you like or want the powers of. Make a list and you will see that these powers and characters will enable you to know more of yourself. Asking a friend of yours can also tell you about him or her. Are you or your friend ‘defensive’ or ‘offensive’ or they like manipulating people’s minds to get what they want? Do they like villains or heroes?

All of these questions can serve as an inlet to your personality as well as the personality for another. Not only that, you will also have fun figuring out who you are as a person by looking at the characters you can see yourself as.

That’s all for me at this time. It’s not like i can’t write long, i just don’t want to bore some or all of you and i might be too late already. But there’s still hope and i am grateful for the ones of you who read through the whole thing.

Until next time, and have fun with this whole thing and see who you are as a person.


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I'm a contender in the weird game they call 'Life' and i am trying to find my way without getting into too much trouble....
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